12 Most Expensive Mirrors In The World ( 2 Minutes Read )

Mirrors are widely used to see the appearance of people. They have enchanting powers to reflect light and show appearance very clearly, incredibly, and precisely.
However, nowadays, mirrors are also being used as one of the most significant decorative materials because of their unique decoration. Almost all of the houses have at least one mirror. In fact, a room without mirrors is not perfect, and a mirror adds so much to a room when it comes to decoration.
There are different kinds of mirrors that have different shapes, purposes, and sizes such as small or oversized, round or rectangular, modern or classical style, golden or silver color. And, the most expensive mirrors contain some special and unique materials, design, and craftsmanship.
The creation or manufacturing of a mirror requires a lot of time and effort depending on its materials, techniques, and shape. And all these matters are considered when fixing the price of a mirror. While some mirrors in the market are very handy for ordinary people, others are beyond their reach.
Well, today we are going to talk about some most expensive mirrors that many of the mirror lovers dream to have to decorate their home.

Most Expensive Mirrors In The World 

12 Petal Mirror £1,637
11 Stone Painted Mirror £1,825
10 Mosaic Octagonal Mirror £1,930
9 Orlando Mirror £2,130
8 Plissage Mirror £2,362
7 Camilla Mirror £2,405
6 Quadrant Mirror £2,425
5 Jensen Mirror: price £2,810
4 Vogue Floor Mirror £3,600
3 Migration Mirror Set £5,185
2 Sycamore Round Mirror £7,190
1 VENICE MIRROR £16,311.50

Petal Mirror

 price- £1,637
Petal Mirror
This is a wonderful, expensive, and truly beautiful home mirror. The shape is opulently oval, and the frame is hand-crafted petals. The petals are carved individually with solid hardwood, and each piece of the petal is prestigious with an artisanal allure. This mirror brings a fashionable feel anywhere in the abode. These glowing silver leaves provide urban trends and a tropical feel together.
This exclusive mirror is from Christopher Guy, well known for divine decor. This prestige piece creates a space at the international level.

Stone Painted Mirror

 price- £1,825
Stone Painted Mirror
This mirror is an alluring accessory and it is framed with a breath-taking border. This is one of the most expensive mirrors which is mostly used in the bathroom.
This unique style mirror’s shape is square with pleasing parallel lines that are ideal for contemporary environments. Besides, the luxurious border of glowing gold is considered an opulent addition to the bathroom.
This marvelous glass is manufactured by the LuxDeco brand which is one of the world’s leading luxury interiors platforms. It brings all types of luxury home decors in an accessible roof. It works with international designers from all over the world and creates space.

Mosaic Octagonal Mirror

 price- £1,930
Mosaic Octagonal Mirror
This wonderful mirror brings a wondrous warmth. The elements are deluxe decor and fusing art deco. The mirror has beautiful and mesmerizing leafed dramas and a warm graphite finish. It offers a sculptural style and flawless glamorous style.
This beautiful furniture comes from Bernhardt which was established in 1889. It works wonderfully in any aesthetic and brings fashionable collections to the adobe. The Bernhardt brand is very famous all over the world for providing beautiful furniture.

Orlando Mirror

 price- £2,130
Orlando Mirror
Designed by John-Richard, the Orlando Mirror is a modern elegant mirror and attractive addition to the home. The features of the mirror are large, the glasses are oval expanse, and the frame is finished with exquisite Etruscan gold.
This mirror is a modern marvel which is an addition of classic accents, and it guarantees to catch the people’s eye from any corner of the room. Since it is a glamourous grandeur, this stunning piece brings contemporary and traditional components together in a room.
This luxury mirror is a work of John-Richard. It is a perfect artwork and fusion of modern innovation.

Plissage Mirror

 price- £2,362
Plissage Mirror
The Plissage mirror is hinting at beautiful blossoms, which is a sublime statement. The design is very unique with artisan-crafted to a continuous curl of hand-carved pleats.
This is a mesmerizing mirror with swirls into a convex to the center. The gorgeous gold-leaf finishing provides an opulent effect.
This piece is also from Christopher Guy. After being produced, this luxury style mirror spreads all over the world for its wonderful beauty.

Camilla Mirror

 price- £2,405
Camilla Mirror
This is another creation of Christopher Guy. Initially, he had an eye on the divine decor of the mirror, then he refined this thought to create this luxury mirror brand.
The Camilla mirror is incomparably elegant and it has regal roots. The shape of this mirror actually comes from a wedding crown. When Camilla Parker Bowles married Prince Charles, she wore this shape of chapeau on her wedding day. From that, this piece of the mirror was designed to decorate the house.
The Camilla mirror is decorative and perfect for both classic and contemporary interiors. It has 21st Century’s Gold Leaf which is hand-finished in striking. When illuminated, this mirror promises to bring shimmer and sumptuous shadows to any space.

Quadrant Mirror

price- £2,425
Quadrant Mirror
This mirror is a piece of abstract art that shows a sophisticated look. When it hangs in any open space, it provides a wonderful look. It is designed so that it can be hung in any open space or any either orientation. The outer of this mirror is Aztec gold which is a More Art, and the glass boasts sublime and excellent creativity.
The Quadrant Mirror is manufactured worldwide by the John-Richard brand which is one of the famous brands. They have the reputation for keeping relationships with countless award-winning artists and designers. They bring stunning pieces of the perfect fusion of craftsmanship, creativity, and innovation to the international level.

Jensen Mirror

 price- £2,810
Jensen Mirror
Designed by Christopher Guy, this mirror is another kind of art deco that is undeniably chic. This is framed with a mixture of solid and engineered wood. The artist truly made this prestige piece a perfect mirror by hand-cut. The shape and style of this mirror are very simplistic and it works wonderfully when placed in a pair side by side or in an impressive fireplace.

Vogue Floor Mirror

 Price- £3,600
Vogue Floor Mirror
The Vogue Floor Mirror is another luxury mirror in the world that is decorated with dark wood and offers striking, stainless-steel elements. The angularly-shaped frame is contemporary flair and stunning. This collection is one kind of inspiring assembly that is almost suited for the chicest and sleekest of spaces. This is a kind of passion for luxury which is an entrepreneurial spirit and a combination of the finest craftsmanship.
The mirror is a Giorgio collection that brings an exclusive and boutique feel to any space because it contains mesmerizing furnishings. The beautiful mirror piece comes from the inspiration of glamorous grandeur art deco, and this brand always provides an excellent blend of futurism and classicism, and it celebrates the geometric figures of mathematics.

Migration Mirror Set

 price- £5,185
Migration Mirror Set
This elegant and sophisticated style mirror is another most expensive mirror in the world. This is designed with the migratory birds in gold spanning around the mirror set, and these birds look very pretty in a chic and contemporary space.
This piece is framed with exotic gold which is a perfect piece for romantic explorers with an elegant taste. It is manufactured worldwide by one of the famous brands ‘John-Richard brand’. They have the reputation for keeping relationships with countless award-winning artists and designers. They bring stunning pieces of the perfect fusion of craftsmanship, creativity, and innovation to the international level.

Sycamore Round Mirror

 Price- £7,190
Sycamore Round Mirror
This unique type of mirror is manufactured by Hyde House which allows customers to choose any type of wallpaper for their mirror. The frame is bespoke and provides a wonderful look. It is fitted with a hanging which provides something extra special contemporary style to the room. But users need to hook the hanging complements with metal tones of the chain, otherwise, there is a chance of falling the object from the wall.
The design of this mirror offers a luxurious piece of the best quality because its upholstery to joinery reflects a very unique style for the room and enhances the beauty of the room. This mirror is suitable for every home decoration.


 price £16,311.50
This is a passionate explosion of drama and romance which is able to bring emotion to anyone by catching the eye. This is a hand-cut and carved mirror by an artisan who is absolutely experienced.
The Boca do Lobo is the brand that brings this wonderful mirror to value a contemporary design and true craftsmanship. The designer created this manually and fitted it onto a wooden structure which is an inspiration for Venetian mirrors. The glasses are carved, beveled, and cold cut. The features of this mirror contain glass, Venetian mirror, and lacquered wood that is finished in dark red with a high gloss varnish coat.
Frequently Asked Questions

➤ Why are mirrors expensive?

Designing and manufacturing mirrors are not easy; it always requires a final touch of the craftsman. Also, It requires high-quality materials, exceptional procedures, final cuts, and excellent craftsmanship, and all of these need a lot of time, skills, and effort. Most mirrors are so expensive because they need great polish and detailed final touches that cannot be done with machinery. Mirror manufacturing processes are time-consuming and require a considerable amount of effort, that is why they are so expensive.

➤ How much are old mirrors worth?

 Old mirrors are valuable because they have a long history, a variety of telltale signs, a signature by craftsmen, unusual embellishments, and mint condition. Sometimes old mirrors are more valuable than new ones. They can be from any time, such as from the late 1800s or the late 1700s. Depending on their size, their price can be between $150 to $500.

➤ How do you tell if a mirror is an antique?

 Antique mirrors are valuable for their classic beauty, rarity, and history. It is useful to know how to determine or understand whether a mirror is antique so that you can know if the asking price is worth it or not. Here are some indications to know antique mirrors and not a reproduction
  • Size
  • Imperfect glass
  • Signs of aging
  • Materials and manufacturing method used
  • Sparkly reflections
  • Look for other signs; this may include trademarks and labels, as well as the date when the frame was made
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