Top 10 Most Expensive Mattresses (With Pictures)

What do people want at the end of a busy day? Maybe, a comfortable bed and a peaceful sleep. It is said that ” a good laugh and a perfect sleep are the best cures for the body. Well, we all know how important sleep for our body and mind. But how you sleep well depends on how comfortable your mattress is?
VISPRING Masterpiece Superb
A mattress is one of the most important items used as or on a bed. A good quality mattress is necessary for good back health along with a good night’s sleep. If you want to purchase a mattress, you can easily find it available in the market for $100 to $1500. But there are also some mattresses whose price tags will surprise you and even the price has gone up to millions of dollars.
For ordinary people, spending so much dollars on a mattress is a luxury but It sounds strange that fat cats are frequently purchasing these expensive mattresses. You must be thinking how far are some want to invest in their sleep! Well, since a man spends about one-third of his life sleeping, so that will be an investment in his comfort.
Do you know, what makes a mattress so expensive especially the high-quality one? Actually, the price of a mattress varies greatly based on its durability, its lifespan, and the materials used in it. Here we have gathered some names that have made their place in the list of the most expensive mattress due to their price. They are given below:

Most expensive mattresses At a glance :

10. Hypnos -($4789 – $8280)
9.Royal Pedic -( $3000 – $9,000)
8. Dux 818 by Duxiana – $12,000
7. Savoy mattress-( $5,780-$30,000)
6. VISPRING Masterpiece Superb – $ 40,000
5.The Palais Royale By Kluft – $44,000
4.VISPRING Diamond Majesty – ($45,850 – $ 88,450)
3.Hasten Vividus – $ 140,000
2.Hastens Grand Vividus – $ 390,000
1.Metalic Floating Bed -$ 1.6 million


Price: $4789 – $8280
Hypnos is one of the renowned British mattress brands which belongs to the fourth generation Keen family. They are widely known for their pocket spring mattress and bed. They started their journey in 1904 and have been creating comfortable and luxury mattresses for over 100 years and sold their products in top shops like Bensons for Beds, John Lewis, and more. You might be wondering know that they proudly delivered their mattress to Buckingham palace means that they have a royal warrant, which is a recognition of the highest standard quality and excellence.
Most of the best hotels and palaces around the world use Hypnos mattresses because of their standard quality. Hypnos Royal Comfort Eminence Mattress is one of their top mattress which you can purchase within a price range of $4789 – $8287. With the help of traditional skills and innovative technology, they produce their luxurious mattress which features the ReActive 10 pocket spring system. To cover the mattress they use breathable materials such as wool and viscose Belgian damask which provide their customer a luxury sleep experience.

Royal Pedic

Price:Price: $3000 – $9,000
Royal Pedic
The Royal Pedic company is renowned in the market for its high-end and exquisite mattress. Abu Kaplan launched this company in Los Angeles, California in 1946. During the 1930s to mid-1940s, he became skilled at the high-end mattress business in London. To expand his business he moved to America and focused on selling his exquisite mattress to some of the notable Hollywood icons and even presidents. In a short time, Kaplan’s business began to blossom and Royal Pedic became the primary choice for many interior design firms in Los Angeles. In 1984, the Kelemen family purchased the Royal Pedic and to this day they have managed the high-end mattress business with hand-crafted quality successfully.
Royal Pedic offers a wide range of products including natural latex mattresses, pillowtop pads, pillowtop mattresses, and more for their customer so that they can choose their mattress according to the comfort levels and budget. The specialty of their mattress is that it is made entirely of cotton and handcrafted. Royal Pedic set a price for a single mattress between $3000 to $9000 which become one of the most expensive mattresses in the world.

Dux 818 by Duxiana

Price: $12,000
Dux 818 by Duxiana
When you pay a luxury amount for a mattress, you have every right to expect a good night’s sleep with no back pain. In that case, the Dux 818 mattress by Duxiana has been doing this job successfully. This company is the result of over 90 years of research and development. It offers a large variety of models from where you can choose your desired mattress according to your specific sleep needs.
The main purpose of the Duxiana is to provide its customer a great sleep in a good posture. It balances your weight during sleep and keeps your spine supported, as a result, there is no possibility of back pain. The Dux mattress gives you perfect sleep posture where your hip and spine remain aligned all night long. When your lower back gets proper support, you will fall asleep faster and sleep will be better. Dux 818 mattress is unique from others for this feature. To purchase this luxury mattress you have to spend $12,000 from your wallet. For a relaxing sleep, the price is worth it.

Savoy mattress

Price: $5,780-$30,000
Savoy mattress
Savoy mattress is the product of the Savoir Bed Company which started its journey in the United Kingdom in 1905. They are widely known for manufacturing mattresses with custom specifications for their users. The Savoy mattress is crafted with a 2000 Binary pocket spring to offer the ultimate luxury. Besides, Each of the mattresses is completely handcrafted and made up of natural and expensive materials. The top layer of this mattress is made from horsetail hair which is a critical ingredient of the bed to make this mattress soft and breathable. It takes 120 hours to produce the average Savoy mattress which has increased its price. Savoir’s best creation is the #2 mattress which goes for between $25,000-$30,000. The queen-size Savoy mattress comes at $15,550. Based on the materials used in it, the price varies greatly.

VISPRING Masterpiece Superb

Price: $ 40,000
VISPRING Masterpiece Superb
If you are looking for one of the best custom-fit mattresses, then VISPRING Masterpiece Superb can be a clear choice for you. This is one of the costliest mattresses in the world which is mainly renowned for its long-lasting durability. The company VISPRING had started its journey in 1901, London. Since then, they have been running their business successfully and supplying their products across Europe and North America. VISPRING is known as the promoter of the pocket spring mattress system. They have made the Masterpiece Superb with three layers of the hand-nested calico pocket spring system. They also use some of the finest materials such as wool, alpaca, horsetail, silk, and cashmere to craft this luxurious mattress which gives the user a feel like sleeping on a cloud. It is woven so tightly so that no dirt and insects get into it. The company is so much confident about their mattress that they guarantee its lifetime quality and softness. Recently, a 75-years old VISPRING mattress is found which still had 95% of its height. So, you can invest in their mattress without any hesitation. To own the VISPRING Masterpiece Superb, you have to pay $40,000.

The Palais Royale By Kluft

Price: $44,000
The Palais Royale By Kluft
With a price range of $44,000, The Palais Royal has gained the position in the list of top ten expensive mattresses in the world. It is the product of E.S. Kluft & Company which was started its journey in 2004 by master Earl S. Kluft. Generally, the Kluft mattress is made with 10 layers of natural materials and tends to be 12-16 inches thick. It takes three days for the ten best craftsmen to produce a single-hand stitched mattress. The Palais Royal by Klluft features 2000 coils, Talalay latex foams, and ensures fine materials like mohair, silk, Joma wool, Mooseburger horsetail, and cotton, etc to provide their user a luxury satisfactions. The company provides an air natural chamber between the mattress-top and the springs so that the mattress allows you to synchronize with your body perfectly. Many celebrities like Demi Moore and many others love to sleep on this handcrafted mattress.

VISPRING Diamond Majesty

Price: $45,850 – $ 88,450
VISPRING Diamond Majesty
The Diamond Majesty is another brand new and upgraded mattress of VISPRING which also made its place in the top list. This luxurious mattress is crafted by the best expert who is unrivaled in mattress making. It also has three layers of hand-nested calico pocket spring construction which are 2.36 inches in diameter. Each king-size mattress contains approximately 4080 coils and is beautifully designed with gold and silver layers. An embroidered British flag design is also added to the mattress To make it super soft and fluffy, the company uses some sumptuous and natural feelings such as British horsetail which is exclusive to VISPRING, Platinum Certified Shetland Wool, Cashmere silk, loose vicuna, and organic cotton. Vicuna is considered to be one of the most exclusive and rarest fibers in the world which has insulating features along with ultra-soft and hypoallergenic properties. The mattress was first appeared at Salone del Mobile in Milan, April 2018 and came with a price range of $45,850-$88,450.

Hasten Vividus

Price: $ 140,000
Hasten Vividus
Hasten is a Sweden-based company which is renowned for their luxurious bed and mattress worldwide and have been running their business for over 150 years. Pehr Adolf Janson launched this company in 1852. This company is quite familiar for introducing the pocket spring system which is now commonly used in most of the mattress around the world. One of their luxury creation is the Hasten Vividus. The mattress is worth $140,000. The reason for this high price is their material used in it. “Hasten” is a Swedish word that means to horse in English. The name gives a hint of what their mattress is made of. Hasten Vividus comprises 440 pounds of cotton, mohair, horsehair, and yarn. Horsetail hair is one of the critical ingredients of the bed which requires the most effort and time. It acts as a natural temperature regulator and helps to absorb moisture when the bed heats. Next, come the time. When the first version of Vividus was launched, it was priced at $112,900 because it used to take 160 hours to make. After 10 years, the company enriched it and bought it to market which took 360 hours to make and the price was $140,000. Besides, it has a 10-turn pocket spring system, and the outer layer is covered with blue and white checked cotton fabric. The manufacturer has also used a double quilt to prevent misshape and to increase durability. I think for a good night’s sleep, it is worth the money.

Hastens Grand Vividus

Price: $ 390,000
Hastens Grand Vividus
It’s again Hastens which is our second contender for the world’s most expensive mattress. The company teamed up with world-renowned Canadian designer Ferris Rafauli to launch an exclusive collaboration named Hastens Grand Vividus. To produce this mattress, Rafauli uses polished wood, suede, fine leather, and brass for the base of the bedded throne. Some of the designs and materials have been kept the same as mentioned above in the Hastens Vividus. He just reworked with coils and added springs that are taller than before. To comfort the mattress even more than the original one, he also allows a nuanced layer of horsehair, wool, cotton, and flax. It took two years to design this handcrafted mattress and was priced at $390,000. If you want to own this mattress, you probably have to stand in line because Hastens already has a long waiting list.

Metallic Floating Bed

Price: $ 1.6 million
Metallic Floating Bed
Finally, it’s time to talk about the first contender on our list and it is the Metallic Floating Bed. With a price of $1.6 million, the Floating Bed is the most expensive mattress in the world. Isn’t the price too much for a simple mattress? With this money, you could buy a small house or car. Well, this floating bed is quite different from a normal mattress. Famous Dutch Architect Janjaap Rujissenaars create this exceptional piece in 2016. It catches everyone’s eye because of its unique design and helps to save space around your bedroom. This mattress is driven by a magnetic mechanism that floats 16 inches above the ground which makes it expensive. When you sleep on this mattress, it will make you feel like you are floating.
Frequently Asked Questions:

☛ Are expensive mattresses worth it? Do they last longer?

Expensive mattresses are worth their price mainly for two reasons; the first one is the quality of the material and the second one is the comfort level you get from your mattress. Expensive mattresses are made with high-quality materials like latex, high-density polyfoam which not only gives you soft and breathable feelings but also makes the mattress long-lasting. Even some of them have the guarantee on their life quality because of their standard quality. You might not find these feelings in cheap-quality mattresses as they are made of polyethylene foam.

☛  What are the top 10 mattress brands?

There are countless brands of mattresses in the market that have been providing mattresses according to the needs of the customers. These are the top 10 mattress brand on the market today:
  1. Casper
  2. Leesa
  3. Tuft & Needle
  4. Tempur-Pedic
  5. Nectar
  6. Saatva Classic
  7. Bear
  8. Brroklyn Bedding Signature
  9. Lyla
  10. Helix Midnight Luxe
Here are the top ten most expensive mattresses in the world. All I can say that for the best sleep, you have got to pay the price. If you have a good budget then you can gladly choose anyone from here for your sleep.
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