15 most expensive Lawn Mowers (With Pictures)

If you are looking for a new lawn mower and wish to spend an expensive price behind it, then you are in the right place. All lawn mowers are not equal. Rather they vary from one to another concerning so many conditions. There are a lot of lawn mowers in the world that demand a high range of money for their remarkable materials, outstanding execution and compact design.
Ultimate John Deere X749 Tractor
By attaining an excellent lawn mower, you can show your luxuriousness, status, and class. More specifically, you can complete your actual work for which It’s made. As the expensive lawn mowers carry out exclusive features, they are capable of providing prolific performance according to your needs. All of them embody versatile characteristics and ensure every detail regarding them.

Well, now go for the list. I’m here to illustrate before you some of the most expensive lawn mowers on the earth that are, indisputably, masterpieces in contrast to the usual others. So, keep your eyes on and go through the passage carefully.

15 most expensive Lawn Mowers at a glance:

15. Ariens Ikon XD 23-HP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower – $3,300
14. CRAFTSMAN E225 Electric Riding Lawn Mower – $3,500
13. RYOBI 100 Ah Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower – $4,200
12. Husqvarna TS354XD Riding Lawn Mower – $4,300
11. John Deere Z530M Zero-Turn Lawn Mower -$4,700
10. EGO POWER+ 22-HP Zero-turn Lawn Mower – $5000
9. Ariens Apex 24-HP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower – $5,300
8. Husqvarna MZ 54 24-HP Zero-turn Lawn Mower – $5,600
7. John Deere Z530R 24-HP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower – $6,000
6. Ariens Zenith 23.5-HP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower – $7,300
5. Ultimate John Deere X749 Tractor – $14,000
4. Tank S Zero-turn Lawn Mower – $15,000
3. Super Z Hyperdrive Lawn Mower – $10,000 – $17,000
2. Turf Tiger Lawn Mowers by Scag – $13,000 – $20,000
1. John Deere X758 Signature Series Lawn Mower – $25,000

Ariens Ikon XD 23-HP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Price: $3,300
Ariens Ikon XD 23-HP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower
I’m starting the list with the Ariens Ikon XD 23-HP Zero Turn Lawn Mower that offers superior power and performance. This one is truly a marvelous mower featuring some noteworthy distinctions.
Encrusted with a 726cc V-Twin Kawasaki FR691 series engine, it delivers 23 horsepower, cast iron cylinder liners, and carburetors. Then it is made from the heavy-duty fully welded steel tubular frame which secures its long-term durability. In terms of size, it is a large mower providing 52-inch width and 11 gauge steel fabricated deck. Plus, the high-back seat with standard armrests allows comfort while operating the mower.
Moreover, to ensure effortless and intuitive control, it is equipped with twin EZT hydrostatic Transaxles that present a speed of 7 mph forward and 3 mph backward. Its transmission is Dual hydrostatic type.
Regarding these notable characteristics, the price of Ariens Ikon XD is impressive. It is sold for $3,300.

CRAFTSMAN E225 Electric Riding Lawn Mower

Price: $3,500
CRAFTSMAN E225 Electric Riding Lawn Mower
A model of the E225 series, Craftsman electric Riding lawn mower ranks for the next position. It is an eco-friendly mower powered by a fast-charge lithium-ion 56V battery that features a smooth speed with a 2250 watt-hour battery. This clean electric power saves energy and time when it excludes emissions.
Henceforth, this mower ensures a foot-type pedal electric drive of transmission. Along with 42 inches cut width, it has a maximum 6 mph forward speed and 4 mph backward. It is also prepared with a standard steering wheel and steel deck.
After that, the high-back seat with lumbar support of the E225 Mower is much more comfortable and supportive. You will have precise riding during mowing your lawn in a plain place with obstacles. In addition, there is a LED front headlight for excellent visibility.
Well, to mention the amount of money, it demands almost $3,500 fairly.

RYOBI 100 AH Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

Price: $4,200
RYOBI 100 AH Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower 
The high-power mower, Ryobi 100 Ah is an electric riding zero-turn mower with gas counterparts. Every fragment of this mower elucidates its integrity and superiority.
The most noticeable feature of the mower is the power of its battery. It can mow up to 3 acres area with a single charge as it comes with both 75Ah or 100Ah batteries. And the batteries can be charged via a 120-volt outlet. Besides, it has a 42-inch steel deck and two precision-cutting blades with a 12-position single-lever deck adjustment.
Aside from these, it involves a towing hitch and tow assembly hardware which enable you to work more efficiently. In addition, other prominent landmarks of the mower are the LED headlights, a battery level indicator, a USB charging port, etc.
Okay, in terms of price, it is available at nearly $4,200.

Husqvarna TS354 XD Riding Lawn Mower

Price: $4,300
Husqvarna TS354 XD Riding Lawn Mower 
Another high-quality mower with versatile features, Husqvarna TS354 XD is committed to providing sufficient convenience. With 4 gallons fuel capacity, 24 Horse Power, and ClearCut fabricated cutting deck, it is powered by a V-twin Kawasaki engine that is completely pressure lubricated.
Besides, the front axle is made from cast iron. The foot pedal hydrostatic transmissions assure smooth forward and reverse speed with the support of an ergonomic steering wheel. The electric cutting deck of the mower is controllable with the pull of a switch on the control panel. Plus, four anti-scalp wheels are quite potential and endurable.
Thereafter, Husqvarna TS354 XD proposes a flexible high-back seat with armrests. It is also equipped with a step-through design for easy operation. As a result, it is pleasurable and you can get an auspicious experience during work.
However, this prolific, fantastic, and powerful lawnmower is accessible at $4,300.

John Deere Z530M Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Price: $4,700
John Deere Z530M Zero-Turn Lawn Mower 
Built by John Deere, a prominent company for manufacturing the best mowers, this one is an output of the Z530M series. With ingenious parts, it is capable of submitting an impressive mowing experience.
The engine of the Z530M Zero Turn Lawn Mower is the powerful V-twin with 24 HP that comes from the Kawasaki series. The front axle of the mower is made of cast iron. It has 3 blades and carries out 48 inches cut width. For this reason, you will have a considerable advantage during your job.
Hereafter, the Z530M has high-back seat with armrests for offering satiable benefit. With Dual Hydrostatic Tuff Torq transmission, it also features Dual lap bar steering, premium handlebars, comfortGlide suspension, cup holder, foot lift, color-coded controls, and low-fuel warning light, etc.
As a result of the wonderful combination of various components, the price of the Z530M by John Deere is $4,700.

EGO POWER+ Z6 Zero-turn Lawn Mower

Price: $5000
EGO POWER+ Z6 Zero-turn Lawn Mower 
Following the list, a Zero Turn lawn mower of the Ego brand comes for the next one. It is included in the Power+ Z6 series. Conserving 22 Horsepowers, its engine involves 4 separate brushless motors. They deliver up to 8mph forward speed with hydraulic seat suspension to grant satisfactory working efficiency.
Ego Z6 lawn mower features Peak Power+ technology that can carry 6 EGO 56V ARC Lithium Batteries for fruitful competence. Along with Dual lap bar steering and Direct Drive Transmission, it is easily controllable and so supportive. Again, this one is customizable with an LCD interface. Plus, the seat is high-back that provides lumbar support.
Specifically, Ego Power+ Z6 is equipped with the LED lights, a USB charging port, and Bluetooth which make it one of the most amazing lawnmowers. Moreover, it ensures a five years warranty.
If you want to purchase this excellent creation, you must pay a minimum amount of $5,000.

Ariens Apex 60 24-HP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Price: $5,300
Ariens Apex 60 24-HP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower 
And now, this mower is a creation of Ariens holding the series Apex 60. It is another brilliant model among the mowers with compact design, smooth precision, and notable vitality. With an engine of the Kawasaki FR730 series, its type is 726cc V-twin that affirms 24 Horsepower with a maximum forward speed of 8mph to offer abundant proficiency during work.
Therefore, the hydro-gear ZT 3100 transaxles are produced from Steel. Having 3 blades, it delivers 60 inches cut width, and at the same time, it is customizable in contrast to requirement. Besides, to release better fuel management, it introduces a vented carburetor. Plus, the high-back seat of the mower brings in lumbar support and armrests for ensuring expedient comfort.
In addition, Apex 60 lawn mower features some other exclusive landmarks including a foot-operated deck lift system, self-adjusting belt, automotive-style welded steel frame rails, grade 10-gauge welded deck, and so on.
Okay, the price of this gaudy instrument is $5,300.

Husqvarna MZ 54 24-HP Zero-turn Lawn Mower

Price: $5,600
Husqvarna MZ 54 24-HP Zero-turn Lawn Mower 
Another significant mower with Zero Turn, MZ54 is manufactured by Husqvarna. Featuring a V-twin Kawasaki engine of FR series, it improves sufficient turf-cutting muscle with 24 Horsepower, 8mph of maximum forward speed, and 4.5 mph of reverse.
Steel ClearCut deck is fabricated from welded 11-gauge steel that delivers 54 inches cut width including 3 high-performance blades. And because of the deck lifting system, you will get a facile adjustment from the operator’s seat. Plus, it needs to be mentioned that the high-back seat is pleasurable with armrests.
In particular, heavy-duty steel frames and commercial-rated hydraulic systems are truly praiseworthy in terms of work efficiency. The dual hydrostatic transmission also ascertains the durability of the mower.
Regarding every astonishing detail, it will set back $5,600.

John Deere Z530R 24-HP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Price: $6,000
John Deere Z530R 24-HP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower 
This mower is also an outcome of the John Deere and its model is Z530R. It is embellished with a John Deere Branded Kawasaki V-twin engine which releases 24 Horsepower. The maximum forward speed of the engine is 9 and the backward speed is 4.5.
Again, almost 60 inches of cut width with triple-blade helps mow tall grass. Thereafter, Dual Hydrostatic Tuff Torq transmission with cast-iron front axle strengthens the power, durability, and efficiency of the mower.
Moreover, a 22.5-in cut and sewn high-back seat confirms both lumbar support and armrests for which you will get smooth work experience. And dual lap bar steering also expedites controlling the mower skillfully.
Because of high-end technology and great competence, the price of Z530R is also outrageous. It demands up to $6,000.

Ariens Zenith 23.5-HP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Price: $7,300
Ariens Zenith 23.5-HP Zero-Turn Lawn Mower 
Another exclusive mower from the Ariens family is a model of the Zenith series. With all the commercial features, it allows the operator to conduct excellent work. The engine of this mower holds a commercial 23.5 hp Kawasaki FX730 V-twin with a maximum forward speed of 8mph.
A tubular steel frame made from 10-gauge-steel functions as the backbone of the machine. Besides, 60 inches commercial grade 10-gauge welded deck accomplishes tough mowing conditions with 3 blades. Thereafter, steel-made hydro-gear ZT 3100 transaxles and dual hydrostatic transmission are also other powerful features of the mower.
In terms of ensuring relaxation during work, it carries out a high-back seat with lumbar support and armrests. As a result, you can continue working for hours without being fatigued.
Consequently, it offers an extravagant amount of money. It is purchasable at spending $7,300.

Ultimate John Deere X749 Tractor

Price: $14,000
Ultimate John Deere X749 Tractor 
The next luxurious Lawn Mower of the world comes from John Deere under the X749 series. With excellent characteristics, this one is distinguishable from the other lawnmowers. It embodies some remarkable outlines that must be mentioned.
Featuring a liquid-cooled three-cylinder engine, it provides 24 Horsepower as well as 8.5mph forward speed and 6mph backward, along with a linear torque curve. It is composed of multiple decks including 48x, 52x, and 64x, it delivers superb cuts. Besides, with Tuff-Torq K-92 hydrostatic transmission and heavy-duty robotically welded frame, it ensures wonderful proficiency.
After that, some other indispensable features of the mower are shock-resistant nodular cast-iron front axle, a two-function hydraulic control system to control peripheral equipment, a 12v power outlet for your iPod or cell phone, and so on.
The 18″ high back seat is supportive and comfortable for long-day work. Its four-wheel steering has six elastic tilt positions for brilliant maneuverability and the mower is quite flexible to control. Moreover, it includes automotive-type headlights, taillights, and backup lights.
The price of this mighty mower is incredible. It claims up to $14,000 regarding its versatility.

Tank S Zero-turn Lawn Mower

Price: $15,000
Tank S Zero-turn Lawn Mower 
Following the list, another expensive lawnmower is the Tank S that is built by Cub Cadet Commercial. It brings out some figurative distinctions that endorse high-quality performance and firm integrity.
Having steering wheel control, you will get the job done faster, easier, and better than most other lawnmowers around the earth. Together with a vigorous 37hp powered Kawasaki V-twin engine, it delivers uncompromising execution and longevity. Containing Synchro Steer technology, it includes a 4-wheel hydraulic power steering and by this outstanding capability, you can cut up to 7.5 acres per hour. Henceforth, the Select Cut System deck also confirms premium cutting efficiency.
In particular, Tank S provides a customizable air ride seat with lumbar support and adjustable armrests. Besides, it has seat back recline and suspension stiffness to match operator preference that means ensuring fewer breaks and more productivity. Further, with the help of Pivoting Front Axis, it gives the operator easy access to control the machine.
It is sold at $15,000 for its exclusive features.

Super Z Hyperdrive Lawn Mower

Price: $10,000 – $17,000
Super Z Hyperdrive Lawn Mower 
Hustler brings out various models under the name of Super Z Hyperdrive. These Lawn Mowers are a piece of magnificent turf equipment. They deliver an unimaginable working experience with strong materials used in building the machine.
Super Z Hyperdrive stands for VX4 deck technology that enables the mower to deliver satisfactory efficiency at any condition. The engine comes from the powerful Kawasaki FX850 series up to FX1000 with 27 to 37 Horsepower. It’s maximum forward speed is between 14mph to 16mph.
Some other striking characteristics of the mower are fabricated steel deck, smooth track steering, removable floor pan, flip-up seat pan, and vented pulley, etc. Moreover, heavy-duty hydraulics are included to spare more power and torque. Plus, a high-back seat with a 3-inch travel range offers enjoyable cutting.
All of the Super Z Hyperdrives are pricey and the amount is somewhat exorbitant. They are accessible between $10,000 to $17,000.

Turf Tiger Lawn Mowers by Scag

Price: $13,000 – $20,000
Turf Tiger Lawn Mowers by Scag 
Turf Tiger is another sequence of the lawnmowers brought out by Scag. These mowers come with different models under the name of the Turf Tiger series. With the Velocity Plus cutter decks, they include several sizes of cutting width such as 52″, 60″, and 72″. Apart from this specific landmark, other features of the Turf Tigers are almost usual.
It contains a Kawasaki 791DFI 90-degree V-Twin engine that allows up to 37 horsepower. Again, it gives 12mph maximum forward speed while the backward speed is 10mph. Besides, it features a water-temperature sensor, high-pressure electric fuel pump, cast-iron cylinder liners, and 4-point iso-mounted torsion spring.
In particular, every characteristic from the double-tube steel frame to the dual 16cc hydraulic pumps ensures a high-quality and reliable work experience. To strengthen the power of the machine, it also features cutter-blade spindles, Tri-Plate construction, Custom-Cut Front Baffle System, trim-side wear pad, Split-steel pulleys, and
The price varies from one to another. They are purchasable between $13,000 to $20,000. For this reason, it is the second luxurious lawn mower.

John Deere X758 Signature Series Lawn Mower

Price: $25,000
John Deere X758 Signature Series Lawn Mower 
At last, the most expensive lawn mower in the world is the X758 signature series manufactured by John Deere, the world’s one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machines, specifically lawnmowers. Inscribed with a lot of magnificent characteristics, it is just a name of wonder. You will be obsessed with every specific feature of this equipment.
Exceptionally, it is called a Mercedes S-Class of residential lawn mowers because of its high-class outlines. In front, it is empowered by a three-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 993cc V-Twin diesel engine. It can create up to 24 horsepower. Carrying a four-wheel drive, large tires, cruise control, and a 12-volt power outlet, it also has a fertilizer spreader. With 60 inches cutting blades, it can cut acres upon acres incessantly.
Besides, this powerful machine includes an engine block heater adapter, an engine coolant heater, power steering, special hitches, hydraulic lift kits, a front fender kit, hydraulic angling, power flow chutes, battery charger, and maintainer, etc.
Therefore, the high back seat is prepared with
air ride suspension and an armrest kit. Hence, it offers an enjoyable moment of working experience.
On account of multiple accesses, the price is also exorbitant. It starts from $13,000. And one of these was sold for $25,000 a couple of years back. Thus, it is now the most expensive, luxurious, and powerful lawnmower on the earth.
Final thoughts:
Eventually, from these 15 expensive lawn mowers in the world, you can choose the best one suitable for you if you can afford it. From the engine to the decks, inner elements to the outer body, every individual characteristic of these lawnmowers are impressive and noteworthy. With these elements, they deliver the standard performance that you need. Therefore, their high price is justifiable considering their expediency.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are lawn mowers so expensive?

Expensive lawn mowers are manufactured from high-end materials. They include a powerful engine to provide maximum speed, strong blades for easy and fast cutting, and a durable body. Besides, they offer satisfactory work experience and are much more comfortable during the job. Moreover, they are marketed by the world-prominent companies and brands, and so they need a notable cost of advertising and other relative expenditure. That is why they demand a high range of money for their lawnmowers.

Are expensive lawn mowers worth it?

When you are going to buy an expensive lawn mower, some crucial factors should be considered at that time. Make sure that you are getting such a type of lawn mower that substantiates your money. As I said before, an expensive lawn mower is manufactured from authentic materials and allows a premium quality of mowing. Therefore, it can be said that expensive lawn mowers are worth the money.

What is the average cost of a lawnmower?

Like many other household appliances, a lawnmower is also an essential one. This heavy-duty home appliance is available at a reasonable price. So, the average price of it depends on what type of mower you are going to buy. However, regarding some common and usual characteristics that every lawn mower carries, the average cost moves between $150 and $1000.

What is the best lawn mower brand?


It is always arduous to mark one as the best among various prominent brands in the world. However, according to some analyses, John Deere is the best lawn mower brand, nowadays. Based on the inevitable quality of a lawnmower that a brand must ensure for their customers, John Deere stands for the reliable brand among the others. After John Deere, some other prominent brands are Craftsman, Honda, Toro, Troy-Bilt, Husqvarna, and Cub Cadet.

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