11 Most Expensive Ice creams In The World (With Pictures)

There is nothing in the world to be compared with foodstuffs. Surely, everyone enjoys food and cherishes a craziness for it. Food is life-giving and a name of affection. It gives us strength, nutrition, and contentment.
However, Ice Cream is one of the most popular beverages amongst numerous foodstuffs around the world. This dessert is a mixture of various sweets, chocolates, and fruits. Besides, it is an impressive and delicious beverage that must be tasted at any age, any time, and any occasion.
Wherever you go, Ice Cream is a very common dessert. It is convenient at a reasonable price. Whatever budget you have, you can buy an Ice Cream and enjoy it. But the cost of ice Cream can be different in different countries according to its ingredient variations. There are also highly expensive ice creams that can be out of your imagination. But, genuine ice cream lovers never deprive themselves of the grand flavor of this dessert though it is highly expensive.
Hence, there are 11 of the most expensive Ice creams in the world enlisted in this article. So, go through the article and be surprised at knowing the ins and outs of these fabulous Ice creams.

List of the most expensive Ice Creams :

11. Black Truffle Ice Cream – $100
10. Capannari Ice Cream – $190
9. Scoopi’s Black Diamond – $817
8. Mauboussin Mega Sundae – $1,000
7. Golden Opulence Sundae – $1,000
6. The Victoria Sundae – $1,000
5. Bear Extraordinaire – $1,500
4. Three Twins Ice Cream Sundae – $3,333
3. Frrrozen Haute Chocolate – $25,000
2. Absurdity Sundae – $60,000
1. Strawberries Arnaud – $3.95 million

Black Truffle Ice Cream

Price: $100
Black Truffle Ice Cream
The cheapest ice cream on our list is Black Truffle Ice Cream. This wonderful dessert is available in the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, America.
The chef of the Truffle Ice Cream is Masa Takayama. It is delivered to the customers in a small cup or glass. And, it is decorated with a golden leaf on the top part.
According to the tasters, Truffle Ice Cream is a flavorful and savory dessert. It is prepared with a white truffle frozen dessert that is very creamy and luscious.
However, the price of this expensive Ice Cream is almost $100.

Capannari Ice Cream

Price: $190
Capannari Ice Cream
To take the flavor of Capannari Ice Cream, one must travel to Chicago. It is another wonderful form of Ice Cream that is really worthy to be tasted. You can not but thank the chef of this Ice Cream after relishing it.
Capannari Ice Cream is an award-winning Ice Cream. It has been widely renowned for 20 years for its amazing flavor and delicacy. Even, this distinctive Ice Cream looks beautiful in color.
The cost of this tasty Ice Cream is $190 for six pints. Although it is a little pricey, you will appreciate it delightedly.

Scoopi’s Black Diamond

Price: $817
Scoopi's Black Diamond
Though most of the Ice creams are available in the Sundae shape, there are some of them which are purchasable per scoop. The Black Diamond is such an Ice Cream that can be bought per scoop. In this case, this expensive Ice Cream demands $817 for a scoop.
The Scoopi Cafe of Dubai offers this exclusive Ice Cream Dessert. It is far-famed for its lavish and unparalleled taste. Zubin Doshi is the creator of this amazing food item.
It is expensive because of the ambrosial black truffles and the Iranian saffron used in it.
Black Truffle is the costliest gourmet food item in the world. This Black Truffle is often called the Black Diamond of the foodstuffs, and for this reason, this Ice Cream is named Scoopi’s Black Diamond.
Moreover, Black Diamond Ice Cream has a Madagascar vanilla flavor. It is served with a Versace bowl and a silver spoon. Besides, there 23-karat gold flakes are also added to the ingredients of this Ice Cream. What is more surprising is that one can take the spoon and bowl to the home. So, it is common that the price will be excessive.

Mauboussin Mega Sundae

Price: $1,000
Mauboussin Mega Sundae
Mauboussin Mega is one of the most delicious Ice creams in the world. It is obtainable in the Bagatelle Restaurant in New York. Sebastian Chemaret decorates this extravagant Mega Sundae.
If you have a fantasy for vanilla ice cream, this one is inevitable for you. Surely, Mauboussin Mega Sundae will satisfy you with its perfect combination of tasty ingredients. It includes various savory food items such as dark chocolate brownies, whipped cream, French macaroons, chocolate truffles, vodka sauce, etc.
Moreover, this amazing ice cream is served in a martini glass with a gold leaf on the brownies. This is more exceptional for the gift voucher presented to the customers to keep. And the gift is a black or white diamond ring. Think, how expensive this dessert can be!
In truth, it is expensive ice cream. If you want to taste Mauboussin Mega Sundae, you have to exchange $1,000 delightfully.

Golden Opulence Sundae

Price: $1,000
Golden Opulence Sundae
Another wonderful ice cream from New York that comes from Serendipity 3 Restaurant. It is an economic version of Frrrozen Haute Chocolate Sundae which is an extremely expensive Ice Cream.
However, Golden Opulence Sundae is more affluent than the previous Ice Cream on the list. It comes with world-famous ingredients which are very fresh and more succulent.
The outstanding elements of this grand dessert are Madagascar Vanilla bean, chocolate, truffles, dessert caviar, gilded flower sugar, marzipan, some fruits, and more others. It also contains some of the world’s finest bean-to-bar chocolates namely Amedei Porcelana and Venezuelan Chuao.
Moreover, this ice cream is served in crystal glass which is decorated with gold foil. In addition, a spoon of 18-karat gold is provided with the Ice Cream.
If you are interested in enjoying this palatable dessert, you should order it 48 hours before. And this is for ensuring to provide you the dessert with fresh ingredients. The cost of this Sundae is also $1,000.

The Victoria Sundae

Price: $1,000
The Victoria Sundae
One of the best ice creams, the Victoria Sundae is a creation of Pavilion Restaurant of Chicago. It is honored in the name of Queen Victoria as she inaugurated the restaurant in 1865. The ice cream is decorated by famous Chef Scott Green.
Victoria Sundae is served in a Wedgwood crystal pitcher with a Dom Perignon bottle that one can bring home. Besides, you will find a beautiful composition of this ice cream because of its 24 karats gold foil and gold dust.
In the terms of taste, this one is just mind-blowing. This is made of a mixture of vanilla and chocolate ice creams. The vanillas of this ice cream are fruity Tahitian vanilla, peppery Mexican vanilla, and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla.
Moreover, the chocolate of this ice cream is namely Guittard Complexite that is one of the prettiest chocolate in the world. And for this reason, this is called the King of the dark chocolates.
After that, it has some butterscotch, hot fudge, golden peanuts, and whipped cream with salted caramel. That is not the end. There is an edible chocolate crown on the top part of the ice cream that looks real.
All these things make the ice cream more valuable and thus expensive. This royal ice cream is also attainable at $1,000.

Bear Extraordinaire

Price: $1,500
Bear Extraordinaire
The most expensive Ice Cream in the United States of America, the Bear Extraordinaire debuted in 2018 at the Baccarat Hotel in New York. Chef Rosario Wakabayashi embellished this wonderful specimen of ice cream. Amongst other expensive desserts in America, this one is skyscraping and costs almost 1,500 dollars.
Actually, the original price of this Ice Cream is $300. But, a crystal bear lid is served with the ice cream which one can take with him as a sweet souvenir from the owner. Thus, it offers $1200 in exchange.
Responding to the ingredients, Bear Extraordinaire is decorated with house-made vanilla and far-famed Madagascar vanilla beans. Besides, there is a white chocolate shell that is hand-painted with colorful cocoa butter as well as Manjari dark chocolate, Valrhona Gold cocoa nibs and truffle crumble.
To make it more attractive and more tasteful, this is designed with hibiscus champagne and some citrus meringue on the shell. Again, there are fondant butterflies on the top of the goblet, placed on some sugar hairs which are made of caramel strands. And finally, there are golden and silver leaves on the top part of the ice cream.
This eye-catching creation of Rosario is a wonder of the ice creams. Rosario is admired by the customers who have tasted it. One real ice cream lover can never miss its crazy taste.

Three Twins Ice Cream Sundae

Price: $3,333
Three Twins Ice Cream Sundae
If you can’t afford Absurdity Sundae which will come in the 2nd number of our list, this Three Twins Sundae is for you. It is more affordable than Absurdity Sundae. This fantastic dessert can be relished at $3,333. The praiseworthy matter is that one-third of the money is donated to a land trust. So, to be a proud sharer of this contribution, you can purchase it.
Three Twins Sundae is another popular Ice Cream dessert from the iconic brand Three Twins Company of California. The founder of this creation was Neal Gottlieb.
With vanilla and chocolate flavors, it is just overwhelming. It contains a unique range of syrups that are made of precious wines. The wine is a 1960 vintage port and German Trockenbeerenauslese.
Besides, there is a taste of Mint Confetti and strawberry. It is served to the customers as a banana split with an antique spoon from the year 1850. So, altogether, the ice cream is stunning, and you should not ignore it.

Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

Price: $25,000
Frrrozen Haute Chocolate
Another impressive creation of Serendipity 3 of New York is Frrrozen Haute Chocolate Ice Cream. It is a luxurious Ice Cream item indeed.
Frrrozen Haute contains 28 of the rarest cocoas blended with whipped cream, milk, and truffles. Most of the cocoas come from Africa and South America. The truffles are so expensive that they are called La Madeline au Truffles. Besides, there is a hot chocolate mix on the top.
There are 5 grams of edible gold decorated on the top of the ice cream. Again, it is dished up with a golden spoon and a fine gold goblet with a line of diamonds.
A more fascinating matter is that there is an 18 karats bracelet offered for the customers. And the gold spoon and the bracelet can be taken away by them after finishing the dish. So, it stands for an excessive price tag and is one of the most expensive ice creams in the world.
To relish the flavors of this incredible dessert, one must order it 2 weeks before.
The ice cream claims $25000 for the customers. You will be glad to know that a percentage of the money is allotted to children’s charity in New York.

Absurdity Sundae

Price: $60,000
Absurdity Sundae
Absurdity Sunday is another big creation of the Three Twin Ice Cream Company of California that I’ve already mentioned in the Three Twins Sundae. It is the most luxurious dessert from this company, and the price is ridiculous. It goes for $60,000.
What are the reasons behind this Sundae being so expensive?
It is because of the adventurous journey to the Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania. This costly sundae is available after a guided mount trip. You have to stay here in a five-star hotel to enjoy this wonder. Here, the owner will serve you this sundae with the ice existing on the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Isn’t it absurd? That’s why the name of this sundae is Absurdity Sundae.
The ingredients contained in the Three Twin Sundae are also present in the Absurdity Sundae. Served in a split banana and provided with a primitive spoon of 1850, it is a unique dessert for anyone.
Because of the special trip, the price is extortionate. Moreover, a portion of the money is given to a nonprofit organization in Africa. Overall, this amazing Ice Cream Sundae is completely delicious and mind-blowing.

Strawberries Arnaud

Price: $3.95 million
Strawberries Arnaud
It is a shocking matter how an Ice Cream can be sold at this unimaginable price tag! Although it is difficult to believe, it is really true. The world’s most expensive Ice Cream is the Strawberries Arnaud which is $3.95 million. Acknowledge it or not, your eyes are not deluding you.
Previously, the price was $1.4 million. At that time, there was a diamond ring of 4.7 karats presented with this marvelous ice cream. But now, a 7.09 karat diamond ring is replaced. Thus, the price is skyscraping and out of the imagination of the common people.
Strawberries Arnaud is a product of the Arnaud’s Restaurant of Louisiana from New Orleans. Only this restaurant serves this outrageously precious and extremely delicious Ice cream dessert.
In terms of elements, it is a mixture of whipped cream, strawberries, spices, mint, port wine sauce and red Burgundy wine. The strawberries that are drenched in the wine especially cost almost $25,000. Then, with French vanilla ice cream, wine, and cinnamon, the soggy strawberries are embellished on the scoops of the ice cream. After that, there is whipped cream sprayed with 24 karat gold leaves on the top. Next, with a crystal bowl, this is served to the customers. And honestly speaking, it has a heavenly taste.
Frequently Asked Questions:

➤ What is the most expensive ice cream brand?

Being a common beverage, ice cream is widely celebrated. So, there is an unannounced competition among the ice cream brands in the world. Over time, they have brought different ice creams with different tastes and flavors, and with an unusual price tag.
Considering various issues, the biggest company Nestle is the most expensive ice cream brand in the world in 2021. This year, it has a net worth of 87.47 billion dollars. Now, it has a total of 152.44 billion dollar assets.
Nestle is a Switzerland based brand that is renowned for its promising foods. It provides quality foodstuffs to the customers. Consequently, its ice creams are a wonderful creation. They have gained wide fame and reputation for the unique taste and delicacy. Nestle’s ice creams are made of creams, milk, nuts, and fruits.

➤ What is the top-selling ice cream flavor?

World-famous beverage Ice Cream contains so many ingredients for giving unforgettable taste to the tongue of the consumers. Vanilla is one of the common ingredients from them. And it has been the top-selling ice cream flavor for a long time in the world that is used in almost all ice creams.
Vanilla is an overwhelming flavor that every ice cream fanatic loves to take. It is not only a palatable element but also enhances the quality of ice creams. After all, this top-selling flavor is excellent.

➤ What is the rarest ice cream?

Strawberries Arnaud is the rarest ice cream in the world that is the most expensive one also. This unique kind of ice cream is found only in New Orleans’ Arnaud’s Restaurant. With a diamond ring, this dessert has broken all the records of ice creams. For exceptional taste and wonderful decoration, Strawberries Arnaud is the best creation of this restaurant and it is not attainable for everyone.

➤ Why are ice cream cakes so expensive?

One of the common and tasty foods, the ice cream cakes are made of ice cream ingredients. Some ice cream cakes are really expensive. The reasons behind the high price tag are some labored processes.
Ice cream cakes are normally baked and then shaped according to the consumer’s interest. Then, there is whipped cream spread on the top. However, ice cream cakes are used on occasions like weddings, birthdays, parties, etc. So, on account of their demands and popularity, the price is noteworthy.
Final Words :
So, here is the list of the most expensive ice creams in the world. Some of them are simply delicious, some are luxurious and some are the finest ice cream desserts in the world. Whatever, if you want to taste these worthy ice creams, you have to spend a lot of money which is more than the usual price of ice creams. For the average consumers, these items are a name of luxury, more frankly Reverie. Nevertheless, luxury sometimes should be carried out.
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