Top 13 most Expensive Gaming Chairs (With Pictures)

If you are a crazy fan of gaming and want to explore gaming with excellent sensation, you must consider the chair on which you sit and continue your gaming. Because a gaming chair is one of the essential aspects to win a video game. In this case, you have to bear in mind that you need a suitable chair for getting your expectant performance.
Moreover, laying on a chair for a long time might be boring, monotonous, and painful. And gaming for hours is also harmful to the body and mind. Sometimes, there seem problems in the back, neck, shoulders, spine, and even the whole body. So, you have to decide on the right chair that is relaxing and comfortable for the body and can soothe your mind.
Secretlab TITAN 2020 Prime 2.0
That is why choosing a high-quality gaming chair is an indispensable job. Considering multiple factors, the price of these promising chairs varies from one to another. Some of them are outrageously expensive and precious. And these chairs are made of standard materials and modern technologies. They are healthful and also environmental.
However, there are some of the most expensive gaming chairs in the world included in this article. These chairs are just wonderful and affluent in offering easygoing performance. So, let’s find out these amazing gaming chairs.

Most expensive gaming chairs at a glance :

13. AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair – $580
12. Noblechairs Epic – $600
11. DXRacer Tank Series – $630
10. Mytunes Gaming Chair – $660
9. Noblechairs Hero – $800
8. Vertagear Triigger Line 350 – $850
7. GXDHOME E-Sport Gaming Chair – $855
6. Secretlab TITAN 2020 Prime 2.0 – $1,000
5. Herman Miller Aeron Gaming Edition – About $1,450
4. Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody – $1,600
3. GTM Motion Simulator – $3,500
2. IW-J20 Zero Gravity Game Chair – $5,000
1. ErgoQuest Zero Gravity Workstation – $12,995

AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair

Price: $580
AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair
AKRacing Masters Series is an American-based Company that ensures pretty and top-notch gaming chairs. It generally produces three kinds of Gaming Chairs such as Max, Pro-hot, and Premium. Amongst them, this one is a premium gaming chair.
AkRacing Masters Series Premium is a desirable gaming chair for any gamers. Because of the 4-way armrests, adjustable neck and lumbar pillows, headrest, wrist support, and lock system, it is a relaxing and comfortable gaming chair. Moreover, a gamer can recline the chair 180-degree and swivel 360-degree anytime for extra comfort.
It has a 5-star aluminum base, genuine Brazilian leather upholstery, and a sturdy steel frame. Besides, there is a 30% extra cushion in this chair more than AKRacing’s other sequels. These features enhance the durability of the chair. All above, it can hold up to 400 Lbs.
For its exclusive qualities, it offers an elegant price. In terms of the amount, it goes for $580.

NobleChairs Epic

Price: $600
NobleChairs Epic
The next expensive gaming chair on my list is the Noble Chair Epic. It is a renowned and famous production of the German-based brand since it appeared in the market in 2016. It has been upgraded so many times with modern attributes and has become a top-flight gaming chair.
With an aluminum body, this chair consists of high-quality fabric and a solid frame. Besides, it also contains different kinds of leather such as PU leather, Genuine leather, and Nappa leather.
Epic Chair provides an easeful gaming sensation. There are two pillows for the headrest so that a gamer’s head and neck don’t get paralyzed due to continuous gaming. Then there are also premium stitching, lumbar support, and 4D technology. Further, this chair has a huge capacity inside. And it also features a rocking mechanism for providing extra complacency. The armrests of the chair can be moved up to 135 degrees.
It is important to note that this chair is taller than most other gaming chairs in the world. So, there is a hydraulic gas lift to accommodate the height of the chair. It can carry 265 Lbs. For this reason, it is one of the very stable and strong gaming chairs.
The price of this marvelous gaming chair is worth mentioning. It requires almost $600 for its grand efficiency.

DXRacer Tank Series

Price: $630
DXRacer Tank Series
DXRacer Tank Series is another amazing gaming chair of the world. It is one of the most powerful and dynamic creations of the DXRacer. This magnificent chair comes with a luxurious appearance and can provide impressive performance.
It is also a lofty gaming chair and felicitous for the tall man. There are adequate privileges for the performers, viz an easeful backrest, headrest, 4D armrest, rocking technology, spacious room, etc. It can be rotated with a maximum 120-degree angle.
In terms of formation, the DXRacer Tank series features a 5-star aluminum base, a sturdy metal frame, a heavy-duty gas lift, high-solidity foam, and so on. Besides, this ergonomic chair contains PU leather and vinyl-type carbon to uphold its stability.
Over and above, the tank series chair is a beautiful offspring of the DXRacer. For this reason, the price of this chair is exorbitant. It costs $630.

Mytunes Gaming Chair

Price: $660
Mytunes Gaming Chair
One of the fantastic gaming chairs, the Mytunes chair is a solid creation of ergonomic engineering. Initially, it is made of strong materials such as steel frames and smooth leather upholstery including PU leather. The seat is fabricated with nylon. So, this chair authorizes strong capacity and it is enduring.
Besides, in terms of relaxation, it is simply satisfying. With adaptable seat systems, one can enjoy gaming for hours at a stretch. It delivers a headrest, backrest as well as a footrest with an attached technology at the end of the chair.
This massive gaming chair is movable with adjusting functions according to your need. It can rotate up to 360 degrees and recline 150 degrees. In this case, there is a lock mechanism whenever you prefer to lock it to stop wavering.
Also, the Mytunes gaming chair can carry a maximum of 250 Lbs. Its upgraded version has more features like class-3 gas lift, rubber casters, and Pass BIFMA-5.1 test.
However, this is absolutely a wonderful invention of Mytunes. Its aesthetic craft will catch your eyes if you are a true game lover. Regarding the cost, it is more expensive than the previous ones. You have to pay $660 to buy this exclusive gaming chair.

Noblechairs Hero

Price: $800
Noblechairs Hero
A superb chair that can be used as both a gaming and office chair. Noblechairs Hero is a far superior gaming chair in terms of luxury and stability. Although it is a high-priced chair, it ensures every penny expended on it.
This perfect gaming chair is an aluminum 5-star base creation. Its noticeable landmarks are solid steel frame, PU leather, diamond pattern sewing, and class 4 gas lift. It comes with different color combinations such as black and blue, black and white, black and red, etc.
In particular, the Hero gaming chair can give top-notch satisfaction to gamers. Concerning flexibility, there is a detachable pillow on the back for the headrest. Besides, almost 55% of cold foam is enframed in the chair to provide additional convenience. All and above, there are lumbar support and 4D armrests in the chair.
The chair is rotatable backward and forward. In this case, there is a blockable tilting mechanism under the chair. Moreover, it can be stretched with a maximum 125-degree angle. And finally, this chair can convey 330 Lbs weights with ease.
Noblechairs Hero is an expensive gaming chair. Thus, this distinct chair will cost you almost $800.

Vertagear Triigger Line 350

Price: $850
Vertagear Triigger Line 350 
Vertagear Triigger Line 350 gaming chair is another magnificent innovation for gamers. It is customized with a lot of modern technologies that offer more durable and startling features.
Triigger Line 350 is manufactured with DuPont TEEPEE mesh and Calfskin leather. It contains a dual spring Hub for balance while reclining. These spring hubs are constructed from aluminum alloy frames with silicon accentuating almost 80 individual components.
In terms of convenience, the lower back of the chair includes a soft mattress for lumbar support. Besides, there are backrest, headrest, neck rest, and 4D armrests in the chair. To control recline, there are 22 different lock positions. The chair can be revolved in 33 degrees. The height of this chair is also controllable with regulating parts.
After all, Vertagear Gaming Series Triigger Line 350 is a perfect name for crazy gamers. It grants almost a 10 years warranty. This again ascertains the quality and exclusiveness of the chair. For this reason, it is one of the costliest gaming chairs in the world. To sublimate its nobility, one must spend $850 behind it.

GXDHOME E-Sport Gaming Chair

Price: $855
GXDHOME E-Sport Gaming Chair 
With distinct features, GXDHOME E-Sport is an impressive Gaming chair in the world. It is stronger, harder, and sturdier than most other gaming chairs. Because of the extraordinary materials used in the chair, it has become a desirable name for real game lovers.
GXDHOME E-Sport gaming chair is constructed beautifully with robust PU leather. There is used high-quality foam to make the seat pleasurable and to provide an undisturbed gaming experience. The breathable materials are also used for releasing damp gasses so that the chair can prevent itself from being moisture during the cushioning process.
In terms of complacency, it is one of the finest gaming chairs. The ergonomic design of the chair offers a backrest with its bionic curve that relieves the shoulder and spine. At this time, to tilt the chair back and forth, there is a lever at the end of the chair. Regarding armrests, the chair can be moved 360 degrees and accommodated with the height. And there is a locking system to fix the particular angle according to your preference.
Thereafter, it is a 5 star based gaming chair. The wheels are non-corrosive at the end of each base. And they are also soft and smooth for easy movement. Moreover, this chair can support up to 400kg weights.
If you are willing to purchase this excellent gaming chair, you have to spend more than $850 fairly.

Secretlab TITAN 2020 Prime 2.0

Price: $1,000
Secretlab TITAN 2020 Prime 2.0
Secretlab is a well-known brand for producing wonderful gaming chairs. Accordingly, Titan 2020 Prime 2.0 Series is a unique gaming chair of the Secretlab.
It is a high and huge gaming chair. The most noteworthy landmarks of this chair are SoftWeave fabric, real PU leather, dense cold foam, class 4 heavy-quality hydraulics, strong steel frame, aluminum wheelbase, and ergonomic components.
Besides, Secretlab Titan nourishes satisfactory comfort. There are 4D armrests with a multi-tilt mechanism for adjusting the movement according to your desire while gaming. Besides, backrest and lumbar support are provided consequent upon your length. This is also a spacious and gigantic gaming chair.
This gaming chair comes in multiple colors and designs. It is also stylish and dynamic. For this reason, it looks elegant and simply excellent. Even, its 2021 version is more updated and comes with more modern features. So, Titan Prime 2.0 can be the ultimate choice for anyone.
The price range of the Secret Titan Prime 2.0 Series is different. It starts from $500. But, the highest price of this chair is $1000. So, concerning your budget and demand, you can choose the finest one.

Herman Miller Aeron Gaming Edition

Price: About $1,450
Herman Miller Aeron Gaming Edition
This is another figurative chair that can be used both at office work or gaming. Despite being a simply designed chair, it is one of the most desirable chairs for gamers. It is exceptional because it gives a fanciful gaming performance.
As a far-famed brand, Herman Miller is always considerate about its customers. On account of this, it has updated its chairs many times with the latest technology and artistic design. So, coming with a lot of colorful designs and fabrics, the Herman Miller Aeron Gaming chair is a pretty option for game devotees.
The chair has ample ergonomic mechanisms to adjust the embodiment of the player inside the chair. The body is made of 8Z pellicle cloth which is one of the finest fabrics in the world. However, Harmonic 2 Tilt, the PostureFit SL, and some other notable elements are also included in this chair. Even, the materials are recyclable which is another exceptionality of the Aeron edition.
The high-quality materials of the chair offer immaculate comforts and bliss. It keeps the seater from strain or exhaustion. From the backrest to the armrest, everything is fairly adjustable and beautiful. Moreover, the chair can be rolled to adapt to the situation.
After all, valuing the outstanding qualities of it, the Aeron Gaming chair demands a huge amount of money. Thus, it costs almost 1450 dollars.

Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody

Price: $1,600
Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody 
Another gaming chair of the famous Herman Miller in collaboration with Logitech G, the Embody gaming chair is a successful outcome of several years of research. Almost 30 physicians and PhDs in biomechanics, physical therapy, vision, and ergonomics are associated with the manufacture of this genial and beneficial gaming chair.
The Embody chair is constructed with modern science-based technology to favor the body of gamers. It features PostureFit Spinal Support, cooling foam, Backfit Adjustment, Tilt limiter, Carpet Wheels, Durable Black Fabric, Spring Layers, etc.
In terms of comfort, this chair is just effective. The 4D armrests of the chair are convenient according to your relaxation. To adjust the back fit and spinal support, there is a knob system. Besides, the seat can be reclined forward and backward to abate pressure from your legs and head. Even, the seat is changeable upward and downward concerning the height.
Last but not least. The beautiful graphic design of the chair is enduring and potential. After that, this gaming chair is also an environmental one. Minimum 44% materials of this chair with a maximum of 96% is recyclable.
So, these are the magnificent characteristics of the Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody gaming chair. Because of the combination of such valuable technologies, the price is also noteworthy. It presents almost $1600 esteeming its supremacy.

GTM Motion Simulator

Price: $3,500
GTM Motion Simulator
GTM Motion Stimulator is one of the most ravishing gaming chairs in the world. It is a perfect option for racing fans. If you enjoy racing games, this chair is here to give you an animated ride that you can never forget.
GTM Stimulator is completed with a lot of great and leading technologies. There is a modern tilt mechanism that allows front, back, and height adjustment. Besides, there are pedal desks with a compact design to fit the embodiment and the home environment. And even, it excludes pressure from the body. Thus, it calms both the eyes and mind of gamers during sports.
It also features a Powder-coated steel frame, 2DOF Monitor Platform, VR Headset, Power Supply Unit, Shifter, Triple Monitor Brackets, etc. These ultra-modern efficiencies of this chair have made it one of the attractive gaming chairs indeed.
All hardware and important tools are included in the chair for easy and smooth tasking. After all, this high-ended gaming chair claims a huge price. And the amount is almost $3500. Thus, it is an extremely expensive gaming chair.

IW-J20 Zero Gravity Game Chair

Price: $5000
IW-J20 Zero Gravity Game Chair
IW-J20 Zero Gravity Game Chair comes for the second most expensive Gaming chair in the world. It is a mind-blowing creation of the Imperator Works. It looks like a giant scorpion that enhances the beauty of this superb invention.
Providing an immersive experience, IW-J20 Zero Gravity is also a racing car chair. The construction of the chair is highly impressive. All the personalities of this chair are just outstanding that it simply catches the attraction of the genuine performers.
IW-J20 Zero Gravity Chair is engineered with industrial-grade carbon steel and PU leather. There is a seat in the middle of the chair and a display hanger in front of the seat. For the chair set-up, it can be moved with a transportable keyboard tray.
In the case of reclining, the chair confirms adjusting functions for height and distance. The seat can be locked up to 180 degrees on account of requirement. Besides, there are footrests, acrylic armrests, and backrest so that you can cheer solely while playing.
Moreover, with a control panel and hydraulic motors, this chair is again elevated. There is also an RGB LED lighting system and triple monitors empowered with the chair. If you can control all functions thoroughly, you will get a feeling of weightlessness. Thus, this chair is called the Zero Gravity Gaming chair.
That is not all. This chair can support nearly 400 Lbs. So, it is a precise gaming chair from top to bottom.
However, concerning the price, it is extravagant. It goes for more than $5000. But certainly, though this chair is expensive, it gives a blissful feel during gaming.

ErgoQuest Zero Gravity Gaming Chair

Price: $12,995
ErgoQuest Zero Gravity Gaming Chair
And the final one is the ErgoQuest which takes the trophy of the most expensive gaming chair in the world. Its price is different from the other expensive gaming chairs. In fact, the price tag is just unbelievable and shocking.
At the very beginning, let’s know the giant price tag. ErgoQuest Chair is purchasable at around $13000. Can’t believe it? Yes or not, that is the truth. Now, let’s be informed about its exceptional specialty.
ErgoQuest Zero Gravity Gaming Chair is a wonder among the gaming chairs. With ergonomic design, it is favorable for both physical and mental relaxation. If you are to sit for long hours, this chair is perfect for you as it is environmental, easeful and mind-soothing.
This chair is made of high-density cushions which include memory foam, latex foam, and polyurethane foam. The cushion covers cotton, vinyl, and whole-grain leather. The steel frame of the chair contains a powder coat and wood veneer. Besides, a padded keyboard tray is adjusted with the angle of the chair.
There are three 34 inches monitors in the chair for allowing more convenience to the gamers. The graphical screen of the monitors is much more peaceful and serene. The more exclusive components are Bluetooth Speakers, 30 Stereo Surround Speakers, and a Headband.
Again, this chair delivers impressive reclining. There is a modern technology for the backrest, armrest, and headrest. Having eight motors separately, the chair is adjustable in any motion.
Taking everything into account, the price of the ErgoQuest is worth mentioning. Hence, this magnificent monster is the finest gaming chair in the world.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

Gaming chairs are categorized with a lot of advanced technologies which are pre-installed in the chair. These modern features provide extra comfort and pleasure during playing. So, high-quality chairs will be expensive and it is very logical. If you want to get a satisfying thrill you have to also pay extra cost.
Moreover, these expensive chairs care for your health. These come with a pretty design and good materials that ensure your physical and mental felicity. So, beautiful ergonomic design, great technology, and long stability have made the gaming chairs so expensive.

Are expensive gaming chairs worth it?

Sure. Expensive gaming chairs are worth their price. As said earlier, expensive gaming chairs appear with great technologies and a mind-soothing design. They offer a great experience, console body and mind, and alleviate pressure and stress during racing. They affirm viability and are tolerant. Most of them are environmental and recyclable. Overall, expensive gaming chairs come with impressive landmarks. For this reason, they are worth their money.

What is the best gaming chair at the moment?

Amongst numerous gaming chairs of the market, the best is Secretlab Titan 2020 Prime 2.0, according to my recommendation. Secretlab is a celebrated brand and so popular for its unique gaming chairs. Considering several factors including unique components, ergonomic design, height, durability, and customer’s budget, Secretlab Titan 2020 is a distinctive gaming chair. So, it can be said that this one is the best gaming chair at the moment in the market.

What should I care for when buying a gaming chair?

If you are a regular gamer, you are supposed to have adequate experience with the ins and outs of gaming. You know better what kind of aspects are very important during playing. In this case, you must think of some fundamental elements to look for when buying a gaming chair for you. These requirements vary from person to person. But the following conditions are also indispensable for every gamer to be considered.
First of all, you must be careful about how much the chair is comfortable. Whether it can provide pleasurable support or not. Then, you should look for its design and stability. Gaming chairs with ergonomic design and new features are much more durable and enduring. Finally, you need to observe whether the chair is suitable for you according to its height and weight.
So, you should care for these requirements when you are to buy a gaming chair.
Final Words :
Okay, these expensive chairs are the marvel of the gaming chairs. From the first one to the last, these gaming chairs feature fantastic characteristics that have enhanced the beauty and quality of the chairs. These are specially customized considering the physical and mental health of the players. Over and above, if you are bored with typical gaming chairs, select the best one from them and enjoy your gaming with extra pleasure.
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