11 Most Expensive Flowers for Weddings (With Pictures)

What makes a wedding more attractive than some bunch of stunning, aromatic, exotic flowers decorated all over the place? Well, of course, the delighted, blissful bride and groom but you can’t just deny the momentous roles played by aesthetic flowers to make a wedding look dreamy and all!
Flowers have forever been a core element of any occasion be it a grand party, ceremony, or just some simple home arrangements on insignificant events. And in the case of weddings, nothing can replace the beauty of flowers or flower bouquets and boutonnieres, and floral decorations as they give extra color, touch, weave, sense, and impression to one of the most special days of life.
Garden Roses
Try remembering a bride’s wedding dress that has left a pleasant scenario in your mind and instantly, you’ll find that the elegant flower arrangements of any particular wedding can take someplace in your heart as well! From ordinary to a grand wedding, what you want to do with various sized, formed and different kinds of flowers, the sky’s the only limit!

Now, if you are a part of event management, or if a grand wedding is knocking at the door be it yours or someone else’s, who’s close to you, where you have the high opportunity and full potential to design, create remarkable arrangements with some of the very best and expensive wedding flowers available, come join me as today I endeavor to put details about them.

Most Expensive Flowers for Weddings At a glance:

(wholesale prices per stem)

 11. Sweet Peas – $2.00
10. Stephanotis – $2.39
9. Ranunculus – $2.40
8. Calla Lily – $5.60
7. Garden Roses – $6.48
6. Peonies – $8.80
5. Lily of the Valley – $9.00
4. Hydrangeas – $9.40
3. Cattleya Orchid – $16.00
2. Gardenia – $21.55
1. Cymbidium Orchid – $26.25

Sweet Peas

Price: $2.00
Sweet Peas
Widely used in June weddings, Sweet peas are luscious, candy-like, large-headed, and light-scented flowers. The name stands for a blissful or lasting pleasure and was first brought from Sicily to England in 1699 by a Sicilian monk named Franciscus Cupani.
Since then the English have always admired this flower as they have some kind of love affair with it. Sweet peas come in a variety of colors from wine red, white, and cream to pale or intense pinks and purples making it an expensive ancient darling in bouquets for the bride and her maids.


Price: $2.39
You can compare the stephanotis with the magnificent starfish as they both are the same in their appearance.
Originating from Madagascar, an Indian ocean island, Stephanotis are impressionable, tiny, and sweet-scented flowers belonging to the Jasmine family. Hence, they are also known as Madagascar Jasmine.
Brides usually like it a lot to adorn their hair with stephanotis making it one of the expensive flowers particularly on peak seasons when they are bought fresh.
While maturing, these flowers develop robust, climbing stems that are clothed with shiny perennial leaves.


Price: $2.40
One significant member of the genus Ranunculus, buttercups are cool spring flowers fit for nice wedding decorations. Especially white ones are popular for weddings.
If you consult a florist to make a list of the most used flowers, you are sure to find white ranunculus on the list. From ribald to utopian, the exquisite, delicate ranunculus can be applied in every manner you want in a wedding as there are barely any styles where they don’t suit.
All credit to its ruffly fronds, right away ranunculus fattens texture to bouquets and focal points. They are also best suited for boutonnieres as they stand high on their own and look iconic against black suits and tuxedos. A bride can adorn her head with fresh white ranunculus instead of a veil as it instantly draws attention. Almost 75% of the arrangements you can see in the west, there you can find this little guy used as an accent.

Calla Lily

Price: $5.60
Calla Lily 
Traditionally known as the arum lily, this pricey, elegant flower has its origin in central Africa. Representing “simple gorgeousness”, innocence, and purity, these flowers often give off nontraditional vibes. Summer and spring season weddings are best for using them as decorative pieces.
Two kinds of the calla lily are usually used on occasions and available for sale. One is the large massive-headed variety with a long, slick stem fit for lofty preparations or presentation-style bouquets. The other one is the tiny variant, perfect for small parties and mostly boutonnieres.
Calla lilies come in a different range of colors like yellow, orange, dark purple, mauve pink. Though creamy ivory delights young people a lot while dark purple could be a nice fit for slightly cold weather wedding decorations.

Garden Roses

Price: $6.48
Garden Roses 
While florist roses have generally been produced under greenhouse conditions, garden roses have been picked as ornamental seeds to flower and grow fine under more intense, open-air public or private garden conditions with limited human interference.
Garden roses are longer, bigger, and lusher than other varieties. They grow in a range of forms, colors with fluffy textures and blooms on a single stem which gives them the vintage, classic designs.
The most extraordinary thing about garden roses is their addictive, unforgettable aroma that makes one fall in love with them! When fully unfolded, they enhance the beauty of the particular place while resembling a lot like peonies, offering stunning flower petals for colorful projects.
Therefore, it’s fairly imaginable why they stand alongside peonies when it’s about weddings and why brides tend to choose them a lot like garden roses. They are a must in any wedding bouquet irrespective of their heavy price.


Price: $8.80
Hands down peonies are the most loved and desired flowers for wedding purposes even though they are pretty expensive. So, many brides with lower budgets use them only in the bouquet they’ll be holding on their special day.
Coming in different colors with blush, yellow, and deep pink, peonies are very nurturing and they are kind of evolving through the life cycle. They have a voluminous strong fragrance and diversified blousy, rough petals too in layers.
In the Victorian language of flowers, peonies represent prosperity, compassion, bashfulness and in an era full of struggles, these are something we all need more or less.
They were first known to be cultivated in Asia more than a thousand years ago. Later the French developed its production and they are available in two main types- the herbaceous and the tree peony. April to June is the peak season for peonies and at that time its cost goes high.

Lily of the Valley

Price: $9.00
Lily of the Valley 
Does the picture below ring any bell? Let me help you- in 2011, this fresh-scented flower was in Kate Middleton’s royal wedding bouquet! Already explains how popular it is, and the reason for its high price.
Well known as the “ladder to heaven”, the magnificent looking Lily of the valleys thrives in the woodlands and is native to the temperate northern parts of Europe and Asia. The flower blooms in late spring and if it isn’t picked in just the right way its life span shortens dramatically.
They have diminutive bell-shaped buds hanging from thin stems and are loaded with a smooth sweet scent as well. Though they are available throughout the year, during the spring it is most abundant.
Lily of the valleys are usually white but some also come in a very unique rosy pink. Because of its high price, even if one dreams of a handful of this flower to use in a wedding for decoration, with a lower budget, they’ll have to be satisfied with using just a few stems for the bride’s bouquet or centerpiece.


Price: $9.40
Another hard-to-produce, sophisticated, and expensive wedding flower making it to the top list is the attractive hydrangeas that are a genus having around 70 to 75 species throughout the world.
Native to eastern and southern Asia and America, they are available in classic white blooms as well as a variety of colors including violet, purple, pink, and blue.
Growing in early spring and late autumn, hydrangeas have several small flowers on every stem that are clustered circularly.
Moreover, fit for special occasions like weddings, its life span can be very limited even if they feel the slightest bit of uncomfortableness.

Cattleya Orchid

Price: $16.00
Cattleya Orchid 
An indigenous species of plant from Brazil, Cattleya orchids are large tropical flowers renowned for their presence in rich people’s weddings. It’s the one most planners look upon when they hear the word orchid.
Referred to as the Queen of Orchids, these plants are very sturdy and tolerant of numerous temperature ranges while producing some of the shiniest formed flowers in the orchid realm. Miniature Cattleyas outshine other orchids in terms of adorning a wedding event.
Cattleya orchids are generally long-lived plants, slow growers featuring flashy, odorous flowers that pop in a large variety of shapes, colors, and textures. They commonly blossom once in a year although there are crossbreeds that have been grown to bloom more than once.
Another mentionable thing is cattleyas are named after William Cattley, an English horticulturist from the 19th century who accepted a shipment of this beautiful species in London in a withering state. Taking very good care of them, he further popularized it among people to use it as a decorative piece.


Price: $21.55
Taking the second top position, gardenia is a stifling and strong-scented classic flower having a less than 1-inch long stem. It is obtainable almost all year and has been one of the best wedding flowers for generations.
Though they quickly add to the expense of weddings, florists have fun using them in leis and bouquets with small wire and tape as per the brides’ wishes.
Symbolizing purity, gentleness, and joy, gardenia is encompassed by deep green, waxy leaves, ivory petals of which are very delicate. They add instant grace when tucked into the bride’s or bridesmaid’s hair for ornamental purposes.
Because of its excellent unique look, and great scent, gardenias don’t come cheap. Ranging from pure white to creamy, and ivory white, they look glossy and romantic while you see them hover in glass bowls or basins. But one thing needs to be taken into consideration that if they are kept that way, you have to change the water regularly to keep them alive.
As gardenias are intoxicating, to avoid getting a bad headache on your special day, take care that you are not affected by the powerful aroma of this vintage flower.

Cymbidium Orchid

Price: $26.25
Cymbidium Orchid 
Finally coming to the champion of the most expensive wedding flowers list in the world, Cymbidium Orchid that belongs to the cut orchid flower family. It epitomizes integrity, morality, and pure friendship.
Originating from the Himalayas in Asia and eventually developed by the English, this orchid comes in a lot of varieties and colors with a supply peak during autumn and winter.
Even though the Himalayan weather is quite rough, Cymbidium can flaunt its gorgeously colored flowers as they are vigorous. The flower is sure to be a favorite of the high-class brides of today.
These flowers can be of great diversity from little miniature flowering varieties to big showy ones that put on a parade of flowers. The cascading Cymbidiums are of incredible spikes of cascading flowers that shine in hanging baskets.
One lovely thing about them is that they can last for too long. The individual ones can live anywhere from four to twelve weeks and even the cut flowers can last for up to three weeks.
The outstanding range of colors comes in from dark chocolate to snow-white yellow, gold, red and green. Having an air of exotic beauty and mystery, these flowers grow well in the springtime, that is September to May.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What are the most popular flowers for weddings?

It’s not that all the expensive flowers are always popular for wedding ceremonies. A lot of people can’t afford flowers that come with hefty prices. But then there are flowers irrespective of their low prices that are loved by every romantic.
Roses are hands down the most well-known, admired, and loved by people all over the world, especially when it is an occasion related to the wedding. There are a variety of roses and some of them can be very budget-friendly which is one of the notable reasons for its popularity besides its adorable look.
Other eminent flowers are Peonies, Anemones, Dahlias, Ranunculus, Sweet Peas, Tulips, Orchids.

Q2: How much are flowers for a wedding on average?

Florists are always there to make your wedding day special within the budget you have kept aside for weddings.
The average cost of wedding flowers is usually around $1,500 in the USA while the majority of couples spend around $700 to $2,500.
Note that the cost can vary a lot based on where someone’s getting married, which kinds will be used, and the quantities.

Q3: Why are peonies so expensive?

Peonies are most dear to romantic couples because of their elegance, charm, and alluring fragrance. But they aren’t available throughout the year, and in the peak season when it’s most demanded their price grows high.
Though there are inexpensive peonies as well if you look online, the new hybrid ones especially the Coral Charms are rare and very costly.
From a cultivator’s perspective, they are a long-term crop that takes years of extremely hard work to grow nicely that is too by hand which of course can’t be cheap.

Q4: What is the primary factor to consider when planning the flowers for a wedding?

The first and foremost primary factor is your budget for the big day! And this is something one needs to be careful of, otherwise, it might create unwanted problems later.
Then comes the color palette to select floral options. The color of dresses, suits, ties, tableware, room decor, etc has a big impact that persuades the colors of the intended flowers.
Also, the season, flower shape, and scent are supposed to be given attention as the flowers directly come into contact with the bride and other guests.
Bottom line:
Flowers are an integral part of weddings and there is too much to fall in love with these expensive wedding flowers from alluring scents to spellbinding ruffled effects and utopian vibes. For the people having unlimited bank balance and a big budget for their wedding, I hope you people can manage some of the very bests from the list according to your wish.
And do not be sad if you are unable to conclude any of these flowers due to low budget as the wedding can still be beautiful with the right kind of cheap flowers that are pretty captivating. Just keep your eyes open and look for discounts to manage things keeping your allowance unspoiled.
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