Top 11 Most Expensive Crocs (With Pictures)

Not more than 20 years ago, American fashion artists, Lyndon Duke Hanson, and George Boedecker Jr. established Crocs Inc. to influence a new wave in the fashion world. Along with cloth items, this company mainly designs and manufactures different types of footwear, especially, clogs.

Reality shows that Crocs are highly practical and fashionable footwear that have obtained worldwide recognition due to their magnificent features. They are genuinely stylish, gorgeous, comfortable, and breathable. From kids to old, common people to celebrities, everyone loves Crocs and wishes to own them.

As a result, we see that many fashionistas and celebrities have collaborated with Crocs to make their own clogs according to their interest.

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Crocs are highly luxurious and costly due to high demand and reputation. As a result, the following 11 Crocs are among the most expensive. Let’s go to the main part of the article now.

Most Expensive Crocs

11. Crocs Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot – $75

10. Crocs X Nicole McLaughlin Clog – $80

9. Crocs Pollex Clog – $85

8. Crocs Slingback Clog – $110

7. Crocs Mega Crush Clog – $110

6. Crocs X Post Malone Duet Max 2 Clog – $140 

5. Crocs X Justin Bieber X Drew House Clog – $142 

4. Crocs X Diplo Clog – $227

3. Crocs X Palace Clog – $228

2. Crocs X Pleasures Clog Skeleton – $440 

1. Crocs X Balenciaga platforms – $850 


Crocs Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot

Price:- $75

Crocs Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot

I’m starting my list with Crocs Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot, a unisex pair of boots suitable for both women and men. And these boots are also available in different colors and sizes.

Since they are lightweight, it is easy to clean them and wear them for a long time. They are soft, supportive, comfortable, and aesthetic. Overall, they are unique and attractive.

Made in the USA, these Crocs Boots are capable of providing high-quality features. They come with a lined nylon funnel neck that offers a classic sense with a boot look. They also include a bungee cord and lock at the cuff of the boots.

Regarding cost, they are accessible at $75.

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Crocs X Nicole McLaughlin Clog

Price:- $80

Crocs X Nicole McLaughlin Clog

Now, this one is a collaborative work of Crocs and Nicole Mclaughlin Clog. This classic clog is the final release from the Crocs and Project Greenhouse collaborative series which is designed and outlined by Nicole Mclaughlin, a prominent fashion designer.

This classic pair of clogs look neat and simply excellent. Fairly designed, these clogs are composed of several attachments. They feature a stuff sack, a headlamp, paracord, carabiner, and compass.

In terms of price, it costs almost $80 for its magnificent quality and good-looking appearance.

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Crocs Pollex Clog

Price:- $85

Crocs Pollex Clog

A very recent innovation of Crocs, this pair of clogs is designed by Saleh Bembury, a famous fashion artist. It is wonderful footwear, embellished with a monochromatic cucumber color pattern. There are fingerprint-like concave ridges that deliver distinctive traction.

These clogs have different components that are customizable. You can wear them in two different ways by removing the heel straps. And for this reason, they seem fashionable and classic.

The price of the Pollex Clog is $85 which is fairly reasonable considering its design, uniqueness, and quality.

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Crocs Slingback Clog

Price- $110

Crocs Slingback Clog

The ‘Create Your Peace Slingback’ clogs are another outstanding creation of Crocs. This pair of clogs offer excellent breathability and compatibility.

These clogs are adorned with a beautiful sketch and meticulous detailing. Different logos and logo patches are inlaid on the sides and in front of the clogs. There are also some holes in the upper front that maintain proper airflow and also increase beauty. They have different straps that are removable and adjustable.

Come in black color, Slingback clogs are made from rubber and polyester. The foam-made footbed offers excellent comfort and pleasure.

Due to their significant features, they cost almost $110.

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Crocs Mega Crush Clog

Price- $110

Crocs Mega Crush Clog

The Mega Crush Clog is another recent innovation of Crocs, introduced just two months ago in the market. Crocs has brought out this splendid pair of clogs in collaboration with Karol G, a popular singer, on her birthday.

Assorted in a composition of red upper and black sole, these clogs also feature an updated detailing around the outsole. Tracing a classical touch, they look stylish and elegant.

These clogs are also lightweight which is comfortable to wear all day long. Thus, they are flexible.

Regarding their manifold features, they cost an expensive price tag. Meanwhile, they are also accessible at nearly $110.

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Crocs X Post Malone Duet Max 2 Clog

Price:- $140 

Crocs X Post Malone Duet Max 2 Clog

Teaming up with Post Malone, Crocs released this pair of clogs in 2020 in the world market. Since then, it has gained wide recognition due to its distinctive landmarks.

Come in either black or pink color, the Duet Max 2 clogs are unisex, suitable for both men and women. They feature key backstraps, customizable hooks, Post Malone-branded rivets, and lanyard clips.

All of the outlines are perfectly interwoven which makes them excellent. They are comfortable and charming.

Regarding the cost, they are accessible at $140.

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Crocs X Justin Bieber X Drew House Clog

Price:- $142

Crocs X Justin Bieber X Drew House Clog

Introduced in the last year, these clogs are a collaborative work of Crocs and Drew House with Justin Bieber, a world-famous singer. This is the second partnership work of Crocs and Justin.

Available in different colors, this pair of clogs is ideal for both walking and running and even for heavy work. The quality is top-notch because of high-end materials. Their colorful appearance also makes the aesthetic.

In terms of price, it can cost up to $140 fairly.

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Crocs X Diplo Clog

Price:- $227

Crocs X Diplo Clog

Now, another collaborative work of Crocs with Diplo, this pair of clogs is one of the most demanding products of the brand. Within a short period of release, they were sold out. Due to their figurative features, these clogs are widely loved and admired.

Crocs X Diplo Clogs are multi-colored and for this, they look simply gorgeous and aesthetic. Made of high-quality materials, they provide longevity and also comfort. Ideal for both men and women, they are obtainable in distinct sizes.

In the case of price, they are a little expensive. They cost $227 for the design, quality, and other specifications.

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Crocs X Palace Clog

Price:- $228

Crocs X Palace Clog

At this time, Crocs has partnered with Palace to bring one of the best clogs in their history. This pair of clogs was released as a summer item in 2021.

These clogs are available in two distinctive colors such as green and camouflage. Their excellent color combination has made them more stylish and ostentatious.

The clogs also feature a foam-build exterior, pivoting heel strap, the signature logo of the Palace, and several Jibbitz charms. They are comfortable to wear and long-lasting.

Thus, their price is $228.

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Crocs X Pleasures Clog Skeleton

Price:- $440 

Crocs X Pleasures Clog Skeleton

The second most expensive Crocs on my list is the Skeleton clog which is again a collaborative production of Crocs and Pleasures. This pair of clogs were brought out in 2019.

The most attractive and charming fact of the clogs is a skeleton of a foot on the top which looks really astonishing. These clogs are available in black color and in different sizes.

The other features of the clogs are pivoting heel straps, exclusive midsole, Pleasure-branded signature logo, etc.

In terms of price, it costs an extravagant amount of money which is fairly $440.

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Crocs X Balenciaga platform clogs

Price:- $850 

Crocs X Balenciaga platform clogs

And finally, the last and most expensive pair of Crocs is again a collaborative work of the brand with Balenciaga which is the most valuable group work of Crocs so far. Since Balenciaga is one of the leading industries in the fashion house, a collaboration with this brand is really a great job for Crocs.

When Balenciaga designer Demna Gavasalia announced a collaboration with Crocs in 2017, it received unpleasant criticism. But finally, the clogs were released in 2017 and it took the next spring to reach customers. And surprisingly, people rushed for them and they became sold out within a short time.

These shoes firstly appeared in link and toast color, and consequently, Balenciaga induced two new colorways, black and yellow. However, they look gorgeous and eye-catching.

For the celebrities, these clogs were embellished with distinctive and charming attributes such as Jibbitz charms on the top for which they were more expensive than the cheaper alternatives. While the normal ones were sold for around $500, the luxurious ones were sold for $850.

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Common Questions About: Most Expensive Crocs

These are the common questions regarding Most Expensive Crocs

Why Are Crocs So Expensive?

Crocs are exceptionally beautiful, splendid, and elegant. Everyone loves Crocs footwear, especially clogs. They are really outstanding in every term. They appear with wonderful designs and outlines for which they look aesthetically excellent and stylish. Their quality is also top-notch.

For this reason, they are enduring and long-lasting. From common people to world-famous celebrities, everyone likes Crocs. As a result, their demand is more noteworthy. Considering these remarkable specifications, Crocs are notably expensive.

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Are Crocs Worth It?

Obviously. As I’ve indicated before, Crocs are liked and loved by everyone because of their magnificent appearance. They are perfectly sketched with wonderful design and manufactured from high-end materials.

That is why they are wearable for a long time. They increase the beauty of the look. They can be worn on any occasion formally or even casually. Therefore, they are worth the money without any doubt.

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Are Crocs Comfortable for Walking?

Yes, Crocs are comfortable for walking as well as running. Since Crocs are made meticulously, several facts are considered at the time of manufacturing. Crocs footwear is manufactured from high-end materials that ensure remarkable quality.

They are designed in such a way that they can perfectly provide comfort while walking. Thus, they are truly comfortable walking. And you can even wear them all day long without any pain.

Are Crocs Really Good for Your Feet?

What I’ve pointed out before is that Crocs are manufactured from top-notch materials that confirm reliable quality. They are designed and outlined in such a way so that they can be wearable for a long time without any pain or inconvenience in the feet. That is why it is not a matter of concern. Crocs are really good for your feet.

Are Fake Crocs as Good as Real Crocs?

Never, Fake Crocs are not as good as real Crocs. How fake things can be as good as real things! While the real Crocs are made from high-end and authentic raw materials, the fake Crocs are made from poor-quality materials that are not long-lasting.

But real Crocs are wearable for a long time. They are breathable and comfortable. They offer easiness for which you can wear them all day long. But fake Crocs are inconvenient to wear for a long time.

Which Crocs Are the Most Comfortable?

Probably, the Crocs Bistro Pro LiteRide Clogs are the most comfortable ones in the company. These clogs are made from superb materials that are authentic and soft.

They have an ultra-comfortable insole and extra cushion under the foot that is very soft and smooth. Besides, their heel strap is adjustable and thus reliable. What is more, they are lightweight. Therefore, they are truly convenient and comfortable.

Why Are Crocs Clogs Expensive?

As I’ve illustrated so many times, Crocs is especially popular and praiseworthy for its amazing clogs. Crocs clogs are magnificently made for which they have gained widespread popularity.

They are beautifully designed to offer an aesthetic look. They are manufactured from the best materials that affirm high quality. In particular, they are fashionable, enduring, breathable, and durable. Hence, Crocs Clogs are fairly expensive.

Where Are Crocs Made?

Crocs are made in various countries around the world. Although it is now owned by America, Crocs are not made in this country. Rather, they are made in China, Vietnam, Bosnia, Italy, Mexico, and Indonesia.

Among them, China and Vietnam are two of the prominent manufacturers of Crocs since the labor and manufacturing cost in these countries is very economical. That is why many brands have chosen these countries as their manufacturers building their factories.

Are Crocs Made in China?

Yes, China is one of the leading manufacturers of Crocs items. A big share of Crocs products is designed, produced, and marketed in this country. As China provides a low cost of manufacturing and labor due to uta advancement in technology, various brands apart from Crocs are dependent on China for manufacturing their products.

But nowadays, they are turning to other countries from China and reducing their factories in this country due to world politics and so many other reasons. However, although they are made in China, you should not worry about the quality of Crocs footwear or any other items. They are significantly reliable, resistant, and long-lasting.

Are Bogg Bags Made by Crocs?

No, Bogg Bags are not made by Crocs. Rather, they are owned by Kimberlee Vaccarella, a fashion designer. She along with her husband designed these bags after so much research on world fashion.

She basically took the concept and was inspired by Crocs which makes its sandals from injectable foam. Kimberlee also used the same materials to make her Bogg Bags. And she gradually succeeded in gaining wide admiration.

Final Thoughts On Most Expensive Crocs

Therefore, Crocs are mainly popular and widely renowned for their clogs. These clogs are designed wonderfully with aesthetic outlines. As a result, they have become coveted items among the fashionistas. Besides, their quality is also amazing and trustworthy.

That is why Crocs are highly expensive. Thus, these expensive Crocs that are mentioned in this article are still in the highest position of demand. Everyone including children, youths, common people, and celebrities like Crocs for this. So, they are worth the money and really precious.

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