10 Most Expensive Chandeliers In The World (With Pictures)

When it comes to lightening up your house in a classic way, nothing makes a better explanation than a chandelier. A chandelier is an enormous ornamental hanging light with branches of multiple fancy light bulbs or candles, specifically designed for the ceilings. Also known as a candleholder.
It is wise to hang a chandelier in the center point of the room- mostly it is used in the living or dining room ceiling. A chandelier gives a mild glowing atmosphere to a room, it will make a major impact by encasing the appearance. You can make a great change in your home by hanging a chandelier on the ceiling.
André Charles Boulle Chandelier

Chandelier comes in different shapes, sizes, structures, and materials. There are various types of chandeliers— crystal, Tiffany, glass, drum, candle, neoclassical and industrial. Some of them offer a few special features. You can choose the type of chandelier according to your decorating plan.

To save your time and money, by researching, we have narrowed it down to some of the most expensive chandeliers with incredible features. Now let’s get into the topic—


Most Expensive Chandeliers At a glance :

☛ Baccarat Crystal, Étrange Zénith Sur La Lagune Chandelier
☛ Classical French Candle Chandelier
☛ Salviati Chandelier
☛ Napoleon’s Imperial Chandelier
☛ André Charles Boulle Chandelier
☛ Chandelier from Baron de Rede’s collection
☛ Baron de Rede’s Varnished and Gilt-Bronze Cut-Glass Chandelier
☛ Daum Crystal Chandelier
☛ Kuwaiti Mall Chandelier
☛ The Givenchy Royal Hanover Chandelier


Baccarat Crystal, Étrange Zénith Sur La Lagune Chandelier

Price: $103,000
Baccarat Crystal, Étrange Zénith Sur La Lagune Chandelier
Étrange Zénith Sur La Lagune Chandelier- is handmade by the renowned artist Philippe Stark. This chandelier can hold 15 lights in a hood adorned with crystals and is versatile enough to fit anywhere. It features a sublime mixture of classic crystals and modern glass pieces in twisted branches. The specialty of this chandelier is the arrangement of glass line green heads which look like almost deer heads. This one is available in limited editions.

Classical French Candle Chandelier

Price: $740,000
Classical French Candle Chandelier
This chandelier is a classic and simple one which consists of 48 candleholders—encouraged by the monumental chandeliers of Versailles and Louis XV.
The chandelier features a stunning combination of cut glass and gilt bronze, weighing more than 257 kg. Together these elements create a warm and simple style of this classic chandelier.

Salviati Chandelier

Price: $1 million
Salviati Chandelier
This one is a work of art, made from the parts of Murano glasses and gold. The masterpiece was designed in the 19th century by Giulio Salviati, who was an Italian designer. The chandelier was manufactured in Murano, Italy by the Salviati company.
It was the only chandelier left by Salviati and was identified by a man when it was kept in the Salviati Museum which is in Venice, Italy. Now, it is kept in a warehouse in Italy.

Napoleon’s Imperial Chandelier

Price: $1.3 million
Napoleon’s Imperial Chandelier
This is a royal chandelier made for Emperor Napoleon by his furniture supplier Dufougerais, created around 1812.
This magnificent chandelier has a unique horizontal shape which is not commonly seen. It has three parts. There’s a crystal bowl in the bottom which is holding the crystal pillars. The upper and lower part is attached with a chain of gilt bronze and cut crystal pieces.
The chandelier was sold at Sotheby’s in 2007.

André Charles Boulle Chandelier

Price: $1.47 million
André Charles Boulle Chandelier
The great artist Andre Charles Boulle was a royal cabinetmaker and more specifically he was the sculptor, designer for the King Louis XIV.
He made this less ornate gilt bronze eight-lights chandelier in the structure of a hurricane in molded glass. Well, when it was auctioned in Christie’s, it was already owned by a French industrialist named Jean Bloch.

Chandelier from Baron de Rede’s collection

Price: $1.47 million
Chandelier from Baron de Rede’s collection
The chandelier is from the collection of the famous Baron de Rede. It is one of the most expensive chandeliers varnished with gilt bronze cut glass pieces.
This chandelier was sold at Sotheby’s in London on 5th July 2006.

Baron de Rede’s Varnished and Gilt-Bronze Cut-Glass Chandelier

Price: $1.7 million
Baron de Rede’s Varnished and Gilt-Bronze Cut-Glass Chandelier
This is one of the most expensive and gorgeous chandeliers. Another one from the collection of the Baron de Rede’s hotel Lambert residence in Paris. It was created around 1744-1749.
This stunning 32-light chandelier is completed in polished gilt bronze cut glasses. These cut glasses helped to boost the light that comes from the candlesticks of the chandelier.
The chandelier was sold to private hands on March 13, 2005, at Sotheby’s Paris.

Daum Crystal Chandelier

Price: $1.76 million
Daum Crystal Chandelier
Daum is a glass and crystal goods company in France. The company was founded in 1878. They are famous for their crystals. They made this studding chandelier which has 448 Daum crystal roses on it which makes it truly exclusive and glamorous. The chandelier is made in a classic style with a modern twist.
Daum crystals are the ultimate stage of luxury. The chandelier is more about crystals. You’ll not find two identical crystal pieces here on the chandelier, each piece is absolutely unique and gorgeous. It is really an investment piece.

Kuwaiti Mall Chandelier

Price: $1.8 million
Kuwaiti Mall Chandelier
This elegant chandelier is the second most expensive chandelier located in 360 mall, Kuwait. It is considered to be the most expensive one in the Middle East.
The chandelier was designed by an American glass artist named Dale Chihuly, who’s also a businessman.
Unfortunately, this beautiful chandelier was fortuitously destroyed by a teenager who threw his shoes pointing at it, resulting in the chandelier dropping to the floor.

The Givenchy Royal Hanover Chandelier

Price: $9 million
The Givenchy Royal Hanover Chandelier
This is no ordinary chandelier, rather than an exclusive one and the most expensive one ever sold. This piece was commissioned by King George II for the palace situated in Hanover.
This German-silver 8 light chandelier was made by Balthasar Friedrich Behrens and designed by William Kent, who was the King’s architect. They delivered it on 13th September 1736.
This masterpiece has a lot of twisted details on it. It beautifully combines both the key national symbols of Britain and Hanover. On the top, it has a globe that carries the white horse of Hanover. And above it, there’s a pair of naked putti topped with the English royal crown.
This chandelier was sold by the heirs of the last Crown, more specifically Prince of Hanover to Hubert de Givenchy in 1924.
Frequently Asked Questions:

➤ What is the most expensive chandelier brand?

The Baccarat company is the most expensive chandelier brand, and it has been called the ambassador of French culture. Baccarat chandeliers have even lightened up palaces of Kings and movie stars. They have been maintaining their hallmark of aristocracy since 1764. Their each and every chandelier are made with great creativity and fabulous art. The company designs each piece by hand with their great skill. The radiance, gorgeousness of Baccarat chandeliers will make anyone feel like royalty. You can even identify a Baccarat product by their signature “B” logo at the bottom of the product.

➤ What makes a chandelier expensive?

Chandeliers are available at various prices. The expensive ones are actually about the brands. The brand of the chandelier usually makes it expensive.
Besides, the brands have to maintain their image, standard, quality, uniqueness, and exclusivity. They use high-quality and finest materials. The crystals they use on each chandelier affect the price a lot. The shape, color, size, and design also matters in the pricing. Also, they have to hire an expert to make the chandeliers. It requires a lot of hard work and great skills. Not to mention, both time and effort are also required on this. With low prices, it is quite impossible to maintain all these. Thus, it makes a chandelier expensive.

➤ What is the most expensive crystal chandelier?

Introducing you with the most expensive crystal chandelier from the Baccarat company —Solstice Comete Chandelier costs $170,000.
This chandelier is quite a showstopper. It has 1868 pieces of crystals. The crystals used on the chandelier are more sparkling than a glass. The shapes of the crystals are so graceful.

The chandelier is 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide and has 18 crystal branches with LED lights that are attached directly to the crystals. Completing this masterpiece was not an easy task. It was handcrafted by a professional craftsman. The chandelier is kept in the decoration and design building in New York City.

So this was all for today. I hope you’ve found this article knowledgeable.

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