11 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees (With Pictures)

People are always the worshippers of beauty, and beauty is forever adored and valued throughout the world. A Bonsai Tree is an excellent specimen of beauty. Being a miniature form of a typical tree, Bonsai is a well-known artistic culture of the elegant and rich society.
A Bonsai tree is a tiny edition of a usual tree. It is restricted to grow naturally and crafted beautifully by special planning, grafting, and caring. Thus, it becomes a miniature tree living in a small pot. For this reason, it looks very stunning and eye-catching.
Ficus Bonsai Tree
A Bonsai needs different care, dedication, and a certain time to be made. Sometimes this time can be more than you expect. Originating in Japan, Bonsai has been practiced for a long time in history. So, all of these aspects matter in the price of a Bonsai tree.
A regular price of a Bonsai tree is reasonable according to its age. But there are some oldest Bonsai trees in the world which claim a high price that you can’t believe. Do you know how pricey a Bonsai tree can be! If you don’t know, just follow the writing and make yourself amazed!!

11 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees In The World

11 Kimura Bonsai N/A
10 Flowering Bonsai N/A
9 Silvestris Pine Bonsai N/A
8 The Shohin Bonsai N/A
7 Yamaki Pine Bonsai N/A
6 Sandai Shogun no Matsu Bonsai N/A
5 ShunkaEn Bonsai N/A
4 Ficus Bonsai Tree N/A
3 Old Pine Bonsai $91,000
2 Shimpaku Juniper $1.3 million
1 Juniper Bonsai $2 million
Why are Bonsai Plants so Expensive:

Now, Let’s see the details of the Top 11 Most Expensive Bonsai Trees In The World


Kimura Bonsai

Value: N/A
Kimura Bonsai
Masahiko Kimura is one of the most celebrated and famous contemporary Bonsai masters of the world. He has a Bonsai Nursery that is like a museum where several rare Bonsai trees are nourished.
At the age of fifteen, Kimura started cultivating Bonsai. From then, he has created various wonderful Bonsai trees. But some of them are masterpieces. Accordingly, his Bonsai is listed as one of the greatest and most expensive Bonsai trees in the world.

Flowering Bonsai

Value: N/A
Flowering Bonsai
Flowering Bonsai trees are very familiar and popular. There are so many Flowering Bonsai Trees which are beautiful and aesthetic. But the Flowering Bonsai by Wolfgang Putz is a unique one.
This flowering Bonsai is an Azaela species tree. It is quite small. The height of this tree is about 5 to 7 inches. It is nurtured in a tiny Japanese pot.
This Bonsai gives flowers at the end of spring or the beginning of the summer. It looks so splendid. Thus, its beauty has enrolled it as the most expensive one.

Silvestris Pine Bonsai

Value: N/A
Silvestris Pine Bonsai
A small size Silverstris Pine Bonsai is an ideal Bonsai tree. The leaves of this tree are so dense that whenever you look at it, it seems like clouds of the sky. It looks very realistic and amazing.
This is designed by Stefano Frisoni, a great Bonsai specialist. It took earnest effort and care of him. It is not an old-aged Bonsai tree. But the unique beauty of this Bonsai and remarkable craftiness of Stefano has enlisted it in one of the most expensive and highly valued Bonsai trees in the world.

The Shohin Bonsai

Value: N/A
The Shohin Bonsai
This fantastic Bonsai is called the Protector of the Spirits. It was created by John Y Naka. He started to cultivate it in 1948. After so many years and so much effort, he became successful to give it a complete and perfect shape.
This Bonsai looks like a forest. There are eleven trees of different sizes. That is why it is unique and rare. You will be pleased and captivated looking at the design and beauty of this special Bonsai. Hence, it is said to be one of the most unique as well as expensive Bonsai trees in the world.
In 1984, Naka donated it to the National Bonsai Foundation of the United States. Now it is displayed at the National Arboretum.

Yamaki Pine

Value: N/A
Yamaki Pine
Yamaki Pine is one of the most outstanding Bonsai trees in the world. Recently, the tree has created a new dispute when its history was discovered in 2001.
The history of this tree is unbelievable. It is a fabulous and surprising miracle to imagine that the tree survived the Hiroshima tragedy during the Second World War. The terrific atomic bomb couldn’t destroy it. This incredible factor has rendered it a special and wonderful Bonsai tree in the world.
This Bonsai is looked after by the Yamaki family. It is a Japanese White Pine tree. According to the report, the tree is alive for 400 years. Because of its exceptional beauty and value, it is one of the most expensive Bonsai trees in the world.
Now, the tree is located in the Washington DC of America. It was gifted by Masaru Yamaki in 1976.

Sandai Shogun no Matsu

Value: N/A
Sandai Shogun no Matsu 
The Sandai Shogun no Matsu Bonsai is another wonder of the Bonsai world. The shape and structure of this Bonsai are very stunning. It is a five-needle pine tree that looks very excellent.
The Sandai Shogun is one of the oldest and rarest Bonsai trees as well. The age of this miniature tree is over 500 years. It is noted that the emperors of Japan used to look after the tree. And now, this Bonsai is exhibited in the Tokyo Imperial Palace of Japan.
This Bonsai is named after Shogun Tokugawa Lemitsu who gained this Bonsai when its age was 200 years.
The aesthetic beauty of Sandai Shogun no Matsu has logged it in the list of the most expensive Bonsai trees in the world.

ShunkaEn Bonsai

Value: N/A
ShunkaEn Bonsai
This distinctive Bonsai is located in the ShunkaEn Bonsai Museum in Japan. ShunkaEn is one of the most distinguished homes for the oldest Bonsai trees in the world. It has some of the world’s oldest and rarest Bonsai trees. This Bonsai is one of them.
The owner of this tree is Kunio Kobayashi, one of the most renowned and celebrated Bonsai artists of the world. He had won several prizes for his extraordinary crafts of Bonsai trees.
It is recorded to be an 800 years old Bonsai tree that includes it in the list of the oldest Bonsai trees. Thus, it is said to be the most rarest and expensive one. The design of this tree is incredible and amazing.

Ficus Bonsai Tree

Value: N/A
Ficus Bonsai Tree
It is a wonderful thing that the world’s oldest Bonsai is Ficus Retusa Linn. The age of this Bonsai tree is more than 1000 years. Ficus Bonsai is exhibited in the Crespi Bonsai Museum in Italy.
According to the owner of this museum, this Bonsai has originated from China. In 1986, he became successful to gain this Bonsai. After that, he exhibited it in his museum from 1991.
The price of this Bonsai is the most valuable. It is not for sale. But the beauty of this oldest Bonsai has made it the most expensive one. Its beauty can’t be illustrated in words.

Shimpaku Juniper

Value: $91,000
Shimpaku Juniper
Shimpaku Juniper is a 400 years old bonsai tree. The tree needs extra care as it can not remain alive for more than a week without water. But if it is taken care of properly, it can survive forever.
The Shimpaku Juniper we are talking about once belonged to the couple Seiji Iimura and Fuyumi. But unfortunately, it got stolen from their garden. The thief stole seven bonsai at a time. All seven trees together cost approximately $118,000. And the Shimpaku Juniper alone worth $91,000.

Old Pine

Value: $1.3 million
Old Pine
Pine is a very common tree throughout the world. So, sometimes it is transformed into a Bonsai by the lovers of this tree.
There are some Pine Bonsai trees that are very old, and their craft is very rare. Recently, an old pine has become the talk of the Bonsai world.
At the 11th Asia-Pacific Bonsai and Suiseki Convention & Exhibition (ASPAC 2011), an Old White Pine Bonsai tree was sold for one hundred million yen. That claims almost $1.3 million.
It is anticipated that this old Pine Bonsai has been surviving for hundreds of years. It was provided by S-Cube. The tree is big, and its root is outstanding. The design and craftiness of this Bonsai are just unique. You can’t move your eyes looking at the tree. So, the price is worth mentioning.

Juniper Bonsai

Value: $2 million
Juniper Bonsai
It is known that juniper Bonsai is one of the oldest and rarest Bonsai in the world. A 1000-years-old Juniper Bonsai is found in Japan. It is located in Mansei-en Bonsai nursery. A family named Kato Family owns it.
It is said that this Bonsai Tree was found in a forest in Japan. Then, it came to the Kato Family who is the owner of the Mansei-en Bonsai nursery. From the time, the family nurses it. For more than a hundred years, this Bonsai is alive.
According to a report, Juniper Bonsai is the most expensive Bonsai Tree in the world. In 1981, a 250-year-old Juniper Bonsai was sold for $2 million. Can you believe the price? Undoubtedly, it becomes the most expensive Bonsai Tree that has ever sold.
Frequently Asked Questions

☛ What is the oldest Bonsai Tree in the world?

As I asserted in the earlier phase of this article, the oldest Bonsai tree in the world is The Ficus Retusa Linn. It is over 1000 years old. Now, this Bonsai is owned in the Crespi Museum in Italy. It comes in no 4 on our list.

☛ What makes a Bonsai tree expensive?

Indisputably, Bonsai trees are expensive. According to their sizes, types, and ages, they demand a high cost. So, why is the price of a Bonsai tree so expensive?
A Bonsai tree takes a long time and so much dedication from its planter. An agriculturist or cultivator of Bonsai has to give a deep concentration to it. Proper care and labor have to be provided. Besides, some specific equipment is needed for cultivating a Bonsai.
After so many years, a Bonsai gets its perfection. So, at the time of selling, it costs a high price. The labor, time and care of the planter, the cost of tools, pots and tree trunks, the age of the Bonsai, and the species of cultivating Bonsai tree, all of these together make a Bonsai tree expensive.

☛ Which is the best Bonsai tree?

It is very difficult to define one tree as the best Bonsai tree. There are so many species of Bonsai trees cultivated and planted throughout the world. Some of them are very well-known and familiar.
Nonetheless, whenever it comes to state a tree as the best Bonsai, then it is to say that the Juniper is the one. The Juniper is an ideal and great sample of the best Bonsai tree.
The Juniper has several specimens. All of these are perfect to be formulated as Bonsai. The Juniper Bonsai looks beautiful and attractive. Its foliage is thin and fits smoothly. It grows well in dryness.

☛ Are Bonsai trees hard to maintain?

As Bonsai trees are called a unique type of art, it takes a long time to cultivate. So, generally, it is hard to maintain it. But in reality, the maintenance of Bonsai is not so hard. If you have proper knowledge of maintaining, and a deep passion for it, then it is like a normal activity for you.
Just like other activities, you have to divide your time, and the time should be given to nurture it. And then, according to the guidelines and methods, you should accomplish the process. It needs extra care and service to maintain but not much hard.

☛ What is a good Bonsai tree for beginners?

It is said that the Ficus Bonsai tree is the best Bonsai tree for beginners. Because it is easy to care for and cultivate, as the beginners may not be well acquainted with the ins and outs of cultivating Bonsai. A Ficus Bonsai can be cultivated outdoors and indoors. It can tolerate much and thus is undertaking.
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I have tried my best to introduce different types of Bonsai trees to you, especially the most expensive ones. Did not you find the trees so impressive?

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