12 Most Expensive Birds in the World (Armando Price!)

Birds are considered to be the earth’s beauty as they make the world colorful with their fascinating variations of colors. After dogs and cats, birds are the most favorite pets. They are mesmerizing, in their own way. They are adorable, cute, colorful, and attractive.
According to many people, birds are the most amazing creatures in the world. Many bird lovers are willing to pay a huge amount to pet a bird of their own test. So, the price of a bird can vary according to its speciality and rarity.
Most expensive birds are most of the time exotic and rare, they sometimes are bred to have special features for example, a type of chicken is so black in color that even their meat is black. We have such birds in our list, just wait to know the value of them.
In this list of the most expensive birds in the world, you better be prepared as the price of them might shock you. Don’t be surprised as you will see some familiar birds in this list.
I have made this list depending on the established prices of them as pets.

So, here is the list of the 12 most expensive birds in the world:

12 American Goldfinch $765
11 North Cardinal $800
10 Northern Oriole $850
9 Mountain Bluebird $850
8 Scarlet Tanager $900
7 White Peacock $1000
6 Flamingo $1000
5 Ayam Cemani Chicken $2500
4 Toucan $5000
3 Hyacinth Macaw $7000
2 Black Palm Cockatoo $16000
1 Racing Pigeon $90900

American Goldfinch

Value: 765 USD
American Goldfinch
Possessing a small body with a small head and a short, conical bill, the American Goldfinch has a color combination of yellow and black that makes it so adorable that it makes you want to have it. This bird is a North American fowl in origin although found in many other regions of the world.
The bird is migratory in nature. Their migration area ranges from mid-Alberta to North Carolina when they breed and take their offspring along with them to their home where it is green. In the winter, they move to Mexico from the south of the Canada–United States border.
The adult male bird has a bright yellow feather with a black forehead. The black tail and wings have white lining. The adult female has got the yellow color less and looks dull. The winter birds are brown in color with black wings and tail but they are not as attractive as the yellow colors.
This beautiful bird is also known as the Eastern Goldfish will cost you 765$ if you want to have it.

North Cardinal

Value: 800 USD
North Cardinal
Northern Cardinals are one of the most favorite pet fowls to bird lovers. They make a very sweet sound in the early morning which is enough to make your day. Not only that, the male’s joyful crimson red color with black front is more than enough to make you happy.
The female is a little dull and grey in color but not less adorable than the male. Both have a coral red beak and raised crest which is also red in color. An adult fowl is a mid-size bird that is 21-23 cm long and can spread its wing from 25cm to 31cm. The male is slightly larger than the female. Their average weight is 85 grams as an adult.
Northern Cardinal is common in the eastern United States. Its habitat ranges from the southern half of the Marine to the US – Mexico border of Texas. They are also found in the Southern parts of Canada. They mainly live in pairs but when a partner dies, the other often chooses a new partner.
They are also addressed as red cardinals, rebird, or just cardinals. They are so famous that various state events for youngs choose this bird as mascot. The price of this beautiful fowl starts from 800 bucks.

Northern Oriole

Value: 850 USD
Northern Oriole
In no. 10, I bring you the beautiful Northern Oriole. This bird is a composite species that is the result of a cross between the Eastern Baltimore Oriole and the western Bullock’s Oriole. This bird is famous in North America as a migratory bird.
This bird is not very small. Its length is 17–22 cm and when it spreads its wings, they range from 23 cm to 32 cm long. These icterids-type fowls possess a sturdy body and an elongated tail. The legs are fairly long.
A unique habit of this bird is that they only choose ripened fruits that are darkened which they use their slender beaks to break open the food. Their diet includes the darkest mulberries, the deep red cherries, and grapes that are the deepest-purple colored and they avoid any light color fruits even after they ripened.
The most attractive feature of this beautiful fowl is the beautiful color combination of black and yellow. The adult body is mainly bright yellow. Wings and tail have white lining on black feathers that gives it a beautiful look. Moreover, how sweet their soothing voices are!!!!! Their rich whistling songs echo from the treetops will give you the sweet flavor of spring when you hear them.
To give your house an aesthetic fill, you can keep this bird in your yard by spending 850 dollars.

Mountain Bluebird

Value: 850 USD
Mountain Bluebird
Bluebirds are one of the most famous and familiar birds in North America. Among the three Bluebirds in which are Eastern, Western, and Mountain, the Mountains are the most attractive and liked by all. They are the most difficult birds among the three for you to pet because they mostly prefer wild and natural wide environments. So, you cannot keep them in the urban area.
This cute bird’s length varies from 15-18 cm at the adult stage and weighs about 24–37 grams. You can distinguish the male and female from their color pattern. The male has beautiful blue-turquoise color on the upper side of the body and the female has a duller color tone which is a little greenish than the male. Their color gradually fades and becomes white in the lower part of the body, especially the belly.
The female has a white eye-ring. Both have beautiful black eyes and black beaks. Their legs are also black. This beautiful bird is mostly found in the arctic regions that gives it another name- Arctic bluebird. The price of this beautiful fowl is 850 bucks.

Scarlet Tanager

Value: 900 USD
Scarlet Tanager
Scarlet Tanager is one of the most beautiful birds in the world that not only just soothes you with its looking, but also possesses a very beautiful voice. This medium-sized bird migrates from Central South America to North America every spring. These songbirds are also called Rosy redbirds.
With their thick and stout bills, they mainly live on insects and small vertebrates. The adult male has a crimson body that slightly fades in the belly. Their wings and tails have black feathers with a little white on the edge. Female birds are also red but have yellowish feathers in the belly. Their rose-red head is a little bigger compared to their body proportions.
To keep this aesthetic songbird for yourself, you have to spend 900 dollars.

White Peacock

Value: 1000 USD
White Peacock
We all are familiar with peacocks, a beautiful blue bird with its royal tail feathers which have an amazing design of various colors. Peacocks are also seen as various symbols in various cultures. However, the white peacock is a rare variety of peacocks which is 100% white due to a recessive mutation called leucism.
This peacock is majestic and unique for its appearance. Although their feathers are white, they are not albino- a distinct variation lacking the pigments permanently. They have colorful skin and blue eyes.
As a mutant variant, they are not found in the wild. However, breeders have been successful in making a number of them. But if they are crossed you will get colored progeny. To get one of those, you will have to spend 1000 dollars.


Value: 1000 USD
We all love this bird. Flamingos are well known for their bright pink color and long neck. Their long funny legs are also an addition to their distinctiveness. Flamingos are born white in color. The secret of their unique pink color lies in their diet.
Flamingos are found in almost all parts of the earth mostly in the shallow area where there is plenty of water. Their most favorite diet is shrimp which they eat in excessive amounts. The color tone of the flamingo comes from the shrimp’s body. Flamingos are omnivores. Besides shrimp, they eat snails and algae too. They catch their food by using their beak as a Shovel which they place it in the water and move around until the mouth is full.
Flamingos are social birds. They usually move as a pack which gives them protection from predators also provides them plenty of food. So they live as a colony that might consist of as many as thousands of other birds. Baby flamingo has a distinctive sound just like human kids that their parents can recognize.
Hey!! Did you know that flamingos dance too!!! They like to arrange a big group, stretch their necks and fla[ their wings. And then, they make funny noises!!!
Captive-bred flamingos have the price of 1500 USD and you will have to have a license to keep them in your house.

Ayam Cemani Chicken

Value: 2500 USD
Ayam Cemani Chicken
The Ayam Cemani is an uncommon and a new breed of chicken that originated in Indonesia at Java Island. They are more used as an ornamental bird rather than poultry. The name ‘Ayam’ means chicken in Indonesian tongue and Cenami stands for full black.
They are unique for their black pure black color. This characteristic is caused by a dominant gene that causes hyperpigmentation. This causes not only their feathers black!!! Their beaks and legs, tongues and cones, flowers and eyes, and even their meat and organs appear black.
Even their bone and bone marrow are black and the blood is red but darker than usual.
Although they don’t show much interest in self brooding, they lay large cream colored eggs. They appear in quite a muscular body like a game bird. The rooster weighs around 2 kg and the hen weighs around 1.6 kg. Although they look aggressive and self conscious. The Ayam Cemani are actually gentle and easy to keep. The price of this fowl is around 2500 USD.


Value: 5000 USD
Being one of the world’s most beautiful birds, the Toucans are well known for their extremely large bills.
There are more than 40 different species of this bird. They are mostly found in southern Mexico, a large part of Central and Eastern South America. They prefer semi-open areas where trees suitable for their nests are available. They lay eggs in the cavity which they make with the help of their bills.
Toucans are a highly social species as they like to live as a pack of 20 or more birds. They mainly live on fruits but they sometimes eat insects and small lizards. Pet toucans are found to eat insects more.
Toucans vary in size depending on their species but the size of their bills comprise 40-60% of their body. The body is short compared to the size of the bill which can be compared to the body of a crow or a dove. They have relatively small legs but they are strong enough to hold their body. The colorful body is also very beautiful which has various patterns from species to species.
The price of a Toucan is 5000 USD but that can be as high as 10000 dollars

Hyacinth Macaw

Value: 7000 USD
Hyacinth Macaw
As the natural gardener of the rainforest, the Hyacinth Macaw is the largest known Macaw in the world. With their bright blue feathers, they are also one of the most beautiful birds. Their wings can spread more than one meter and the adult can have the length of a meter.
Hyacinth Macaw is a rare wild bird with a very strong beak with which they have no problem in even breaking a coconut. They also have a strong jaw with which they eat palm fruits and carry food for the young. Their feathers are bright blue and have yellow-colored skin around the black eye and the beak.
Having a big size, they also need large trees for their nest which are also rare. In the wild, they are usually seen grooming each other that helps to improve bonds between them. Their baby takes 100 days to become self dependent.
Sadly, due to the extreme deforestation and increased livestock farming, this species along with other rare species are endangered and on the edge of extinction. So it is prohibited to capture the wild bird. This Macaw is also playing an important role in spreading seeds across the forest as they don’t eat the whole food most of the time.
To get a captive bred Hyacinth Macaw, you have to spend at least 7000 dollars but the price can be as high as 40 thousand dollars!!

Black Palm Cockatoo

Value: 16000 USD
Black Palm Cockatoo
If you think that black chickens are splendid. You have to think twice after I tell you about this parrot. In number two, I bring you the majestic Palm Cockatoo also known as the Goliath Cockatoo. The most amazing thing about this stunning bird is that the color on its chick changes whenever it becomes excited or alarmed about something. It has a beautiful black crest on the head.
This bird may hold the second position in this list of most expensive birds in the world but it is the most expensive bird if you are looking forward to keeping it as a pet. Why? Because our costliest bird is a game bird, that’s why.
This bird is found in the rainforests and woodlands of America and Australia and is also called the spirit of the forest. Their voices can be related to that of wild parrots which can make more than 30 different syllables. Unlike the other birds in this most expensive birds list, they are not so social. They tolerate at most six to seven birds in a flock. However, parents do take care of the young until they are mature.
Wild birds usually live on palm and nuts which they eat with their strong and big bills but captive-grown ones are given dog kibble or generic birdseed mixture or biscuits or some normal foods. A majestic Blac Palm will cost you at least 16000 dollars if you want to keep one. But don’t be frustrated as this bird will give you company for more than 18 years.

Racing Pigeon

Value: 90900 USD
Racing Pigeon
Well, friend, our most expensive bird in the world is the Racing Pigeon. Pigeons are the most familiar bird to people. We all see them everywhere. So you might be surprised why such a common bird is at the top of an exclusive list.
Pigeons have the capacity not only to fly higher than most birds, but they are also one of the fastest birds. Using pigeons for racing is an old game. So some of their breeds are sold for a great deal of price. As the game has gained popularity, the price tags of these birds have also jumped which surpasses even a million. Just last year, the pigeon named Armando was sold in an auction for 1.4 million dollars that made him the most expensive bird ever sold.
However, the average price of a racing pigeon starts at 90000 dollars. Unfortunately, there are underground organizations that organize illegal bird racing and gaming that kill hundreds of birds every year.
Thank you for reading about the most expensive birds in the world. I hope you enjoyed it. I tried to give you an insight by giving all possible features and behaviors of these exclusive birds.
Birds are the most beautiful pet in the world and are the natural ornament. It is not easy to keep an expensive bird unless you have a great passion or fortune. But what is the harm in knowing about them?
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