10 Most Expensive Lipsticks In The World (With Pictures)

H. couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick
Fashion lover ladies can’t think of their day without putting a gorgeous lipstick on their lips. It not just brings an instant glamour look on their face but also bring a good self-confidence.
Why we should spend more money on buying expensive lipsticks?
Well, if this question comes then we should definitely know that expensive branded lipsticks do not just bring a classy look but it also protects our lips from UV rays, as it has sun protection. It hydrates our lips. If you choose the right shade & brand then it will enchant your mood & also will give you a brighter smiling look.
Also, they use the best natural ingredients which also take care of your skin & you don’t need to be worried about your skin.
Here are the latest top 10 most expensive lipsticks which you should have a look if you are looking for healthy products & ready to spend for these.



VALUE: $55/Stick 


Le ROUGE PARFUM is the sensual & weighted accessory for the make-up lovers. This matte lipstick gives the ultra-matte looks with a powdery velvet full coverage of the lips. The long-lasting formula gives the coverage for 10 hours. It also hydrates the lips & gives a silky feel so that your lips may not feel dry.

This is a soft scented gourmand perfumed lipstick with rich in texture.


Sisley Paris

VALUE: $57/Stick

Sisley Paris

A stunning looked long-lasting lipstick which gives maximum coverage & also moisturizes the lips with its fine texture of shades. 

This lipstick is comfortable as well as gives the long-lasting feel with Phyto-Rouge hydration.

This Italian brand lipstick has “Hydrobooster Complex” which brings a youthfulness look in the lips. It is available in 20 shades of the radiant palette. 

Fashion lover ladies need to spend $57 dollars for this luxurious lipstick ranking no 9 positions on the top list.


Tom Ford Gold Lipstick Color (limited edition) 


Tom Ford Gold Lipstick Color

If you are looking for a natural shiny look also which feels like applying a balm then this brand should be the 1st choice of you.
It was launched in New York & they use a good range of healthy ingredients including- Soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter & Chamomile flower which helps to bring a perfect shade & look.
This stunning looked lipstick is long-lasting as well as a creamy saturation on it.



Cle de Peau Beauty Lipstick 

VALUE: $65/Stick

Cle de Peau Beauty Lipstick 

This fabulous lipstick is designed with a petal-shaped tip & long-lasting moisture & coverage. It gives a semi-matte look to the lips & long lasts up to 8 hours. A research was taken upon this lipstick user & among them, 99% of women have given a positive review about the smooth applying of it.
Fashion lovers women shouldn’t think about twice for spending $65 dollars for this.



Rouge Hermes Lipstick 

VALUE: $72/Stick

Rouge Hermes Lipstick 

This Italian brand lipstick is hydrating & gives a long-lasting coverage. It has a total of 24 shades & they use beeswax & mulberry extract as ingredients. They sell their products in-store & also available in online at Hermes.com. Like many other companies, they also provide refill facility at $42 dollars.


Serge Lutens L’ETOFFE DU MAT  

VALUE:  $80 /stick

Serge Lutens L’ETOFFE DU MAT  

This matte lipstick gives a long-lasting coverage & finish guaranteed. It’s a Japanese brand which is rich in pigment & gives a feathery soft feel in lips. It is manufactured with Vitamin E for keeping the lips hydrated. 

You can easily spend $80 dollars for this parabens free lipstick.


Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Velvet matte lipstick 

VALUE: $90/Stick

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Velvet matte lipstick 

The crown-shaped top look has brought a unique outlook to this lipstick & this is chosen by the beauty lovers for its soft touch feelings & non-drying smoothness.  

It has natural oils & seed butter ingredients which makes it worthy against dryness of lips. 

This USA brand lipstick long lasts up to 4hours.


Bond no 9 lipstick 

VALUE: $105/stick

Bond no 9 lipstick 


This long-lasting & fragrant based lipstick was launched in 2002 in New York. The name bond 9 was based on the line of 9 red-based lipsticks. The interesting part is each one is named after a different area of New York City.  

The use of high fragrant has made this one unique. This lipstick brand also provides refill facility at $45 dollars.


Guerlain kisskiss Gold & Diamond Lipstick

VALUE: $62,000/stick

Guerlain kisskiss Gold & Diamond Lipstick

The 2nd most expensive lipstick will worth you not less than $62,000 dollars per single stick. This is a customized designed lipstick.
It is studded with 110 gram of solid 18 carats of yellow gold. Which is surrounds with a rain of 199 diamonds of 2.2 solid carats.
The speciality of this brand is they will provide their client to customize with their choice of stones like emeralds or rubies.
This company also provides the facility of refilling it & also associates by its own branded lip brush.
This lipstick is available in 15 hand-selected customized shades & any message or name can be carved on it by clients choice.



H. couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick

VALUE: $14 million/stickH. couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick

If you want to buy the most expensive lipstick in the world then you have to spend $14 million dollar per 1 stick.
You might be thinking about its speciality why this is so worthy? Then you must know that this costly lipstick is made by 110 grams of studded with 18 karats of gold.
The H Courter Beauty Diamond Company gives the opportunity to its client to carve any name or good wishes text on it. They also provide a gorgeous lip brush which can be refilled any time.
If you are a fan of Bollywood gorgeous Actress Deepika Padukone then you shouldn’t think twice about buying it as her favorite lipstick is this one.

Lipstick is the most essential beauty product found in fashion lovers women’s pouch. Expensive lipsticks come out with healthy natural ingredients along with an outstanding glamour look. Buying these costly products is actually an investment on your skin as cheaper products come out with many harmful side effects as well as it uses cheap & lower class chemicals.

So, don’t think about twice before putting these extravagant lipsticks on your curt as they give the best & outstanding coverage looks.



What Is The Most Expensive Lip Gloss?
Beauty lover ladies always prefer to put on a lip gloss on their lips for perfect shiny & gorgeous look. It gives their make up a full attractive coverage if suitable shades are applied smoothly.
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain
Value: $36
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain
This brand of lip gloss coats the lips with the highlighted texture color & also melts fast on lips & gives the perfect shade look.
This is also long-lasting & possesses a good stain on lips for a final look of make-up.
What Is The Most Expensive Lip Balm?
Lip balm is the best choice of women’s who are conscious about their lips health & care as it gives the protection of lips along with the smooth sallow coverage.
La Prairie Anti-Aging eye & lip Perfection a porter
Value: $170
La Prairie Anti-Aging eye & lip Perfection a porter
This is a combo pack of both eye & lips for the best-hydrated feel. It gives the smoothness on the face, protects from dark circle & hydrates the lips.
You shouldn’t hesitate to cost $170 for this gorgeous combo pack.
What Is The Most Expensive Lip Tint?
Make-up lover ladies love to put on a lip tint on their lips for the sheer contrast & easy smudge across the lips quality. Also, they are easy to apply & give more natural looks.
Tarte Lippie Lingerie Matte Lip Tint
Value: $24
Tarte Lippie Lingerie Matte Lip Tint
If someone is searching for a lip tint with the perfect matte finish along with a gorgeous look then this one should be 1st choice. It provides 6 awesome natural nude colors shade which gives the perfect coverage.
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