H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick (10 Beginner Questions Answered)

I am sure so many of you have seen women applying no eyeshadows, foundation, or blusher on their faces, but how many of you have come across ladies without lipstick!! I guess ‘No One ‘.
Lipstick is a thing without which no woman can be thought of. In fact, no woman can go without lipstick. I bet almost every woman carries lipstick in their purses. I just remember a quote from Laura Wasser, that
“Evening bags should be just big enough for my phone, lipstick, house key and credit card.”
A lipstick completes a woman’s look, makes her attractive, alluring, and confident. Just a small amount of lip color can enhance the grace of a lady in no time. That is why lipsticks are adored the most.
H. Couture beauty diamond-lipstick
Today, there exist tons of shades of lipstick. While the masses are happy with a few of them, tycoons want almost all. And, while the commons only concern about the shades, the affluent focus on luxury and quality along with the pigments.
So, considering the needs of the rich, the popular brands always try to produce lipsticks that would match their status. In that case, the manufacturing companies put great focus on the casing of the lipsticks. If we look at the world’s most expensive lipsticks, we will find that most of them are diamond-studded.
Such a lipstick is the H. couture beauty diamond lipstick that I am going to explore today.
However, before getting into the main discussion, how about having some idea about the history of lipsticks?

A Brief History of Lipstick:


Ancient era:

The idea of wearing lipstick had come from Ancient Sumerian civilization that invented lipstick almost 5,000 years ago. At that time, they used to produce color from natural sources, like gemstones, bugs, ochre, fruits, etc.
Ancient Egyptians used to wear lipstick to mark their high social status. In Ancient Greece, lip paint was banned among prostitutes. Only the upper class had the privilege to color their lips.

Middle age- Modern age:

In Medieval England, applying any kind of cosmetics was prohibited by the Church. Only prostitutes were allowed to color their lips.
Later, during the period of Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century, putting on lip colors gained popularity among the upper-class ladies and actors who performed on the stages. But this time, it was restricted to the upper-class societies only.
Again, throughout the 19th century, wearing cosmetics was not acceptable among respectable ladies of Britain. It was only associated with actors and prostitutes. However, in England lipstick had been considered acceptable among all classes of people by 1921.
In the late 19th century America, women were only allowed to wear make-up at home. But actresses could get away with it, and it was the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt who was first spotted wearing lipstick and blusher in public. However, wearing lipstick and cosmetics had been made acceptable in America by 1912.
Lipsticks had been produced commercially for the first time in 1884 by the French cosmetic company Guerlain.

Lipstick container:

Earlier, lipsticks had to apply with brushes; they did not come in tubes. In 1915, Maurice Levy launched the first cylinder metal lipstick containers that resembled bullets.
cylinder metal lipstick containers
And, the swivel-up tube lipstick that we see today was made by James Bruce Mason Jr. in 1923.
swivel-up tube lipstick

Lipstick Shades:

Earlier, around the 1920s, dark red or brown shade lipsticks were quite popular among the ladies.
Later, in the early 1930s, Elizabeth Arden started introducing a variety of lipstick colors. Subsequently, over time so many innovations have occurred in the realm of lipstick, and so many shades have been introduced.
Let’s now discuss the most frequently asked questions about the H. couture beauty diamond lipstick.
H. Couture beauty diamond lipstick

What is the price of H. couture beauty diamond lipstick?

It is a whopping $14 million.
Yes, pricing at $14 million, the H. couture beauty diamond lipstick is now the most expensive lipstick in the world.
Actually, the lipstick alone does not cost $14 million. It comes in a set with a mascara, and the duo cost $14 million together.

Which company makes H. couture beauty diamond lipstick?

The lipstick is basically named after its manufacturing company, H. Couture Beauty; here the letter ‘H’ stands for HIPHOTICA. This company was established in 2006. Taysha Smith Valez is one of the co-founders of this company.

Why is it so expensive?

Basically, the H. couture beauty diamond lipstick is a customized version of the original Socialite Collection.
The original version also contains a lipstick-mascara combo, accented with cases made out of 1,000 Swarovski crystals and 18-carat gold. As a whole, the duo cost $750; $600 for the mascara, and $150 for the lipstick.
However, it is said that after coming across the set of the product in the weekly magazine ‘Life & Style’, a customer reached the company with a special request. She requested to customize the set with gold and diamonds. Thus, the custom-made lipstick case is made of 18 K solid Gold and 1200 pink diamonds, and the mascara case contains 2500 Blue Diamonds along with 18 K solid Gold.
So, the exorbitant price is completely based on the pure gold-diamond encrusted cases.

What color lipstick is the H. couture beauty diamond?

Well, the first diamond-encrusted lipstick possessed a highly pigmented – much like a reddish shade, providing full coverage and an enduring matte finish.
Regarding the case, it was made of pink diamond.
But if anyone wants to buy it now, she can customize the shade according to her choice.

How is H. couture beauty diamond lipstick made?

As the lipstick is named H. couture beauty diamond lipstick, it does not mean that the lip color itself is made out of diamonds. Like any other lipstick, it is also made out of oil, wax, alcohol, pigment, etc. But the difference is that all these ingredients are not of average quality; they have been extracted from natural resources, which are of no match.
Apart from these elements, several unique ingredients have been used there. As no company shares its secret components, it is hard to come by those hidden factors.
However, the pricing of this lipstick is based on its case that is made of diamond and gold. As I have said earlier, the lipstick case bears 18K real Gold along with 1200 pink diamonds.

Is there any refill option?

Yes, the H. Couture Beauty company offers a refill option to its buyer. In fact, the customer can refill her lipstick and mascara for a lifetime.

Which accessories do come with H. couture beauty diamond lipstick?

You have already come to know that the lipstick comes in a set that contains a mascara as well. Whoever will buy the duo will be offered some free services and accessories. And the accessories are – patented eyelash bodyguards and lash comb, and a lipstick hard drive.

What other services do the company offer with H. couture beauty diamond lipstick?

Apart from the unlimited refill option, patented eyelash bodyguards, lash comb, and the lipstick hard drive, Taysha Smith Valez’s H. Couture Beauty company offers-
  • 24 hours phone support
  • Gifting discounts and gift wrapping services
  • Makeup tips.
  • Opportunity to engrave any name, small text, or message on the case as per the customer’s choice.

Who owns couture beauty diamond lipstick?

Unfortunately, we have come across no writing piece on the internet regarding the actual identity of the owner of the H. couture beauty diamond lipstick. All we have come to know is that the lady is from the City of Las Vegas in the USA.
However, it is already informed in one of the previous sections that a lady contacted the company after she went through a writing piece about the Socialite Collection and ordered this custom-made lipstick. The lady on the phone was the daughter of a fashionista from Las Vegas. Another piece of information we have assembled is that that girl wanted this exquisite for her 25th birthday.

Is it worth it to spend money on H. couture beauty diamond lipstick?

While the general crowd is laughing over the price and considering it just a waste of money, specialists say that it is worth it to spend money on this diamond-studded lipstick.
Well, what makes an expensive product differ from others is the quality and uniqueness of the materials used in that product.
The ingredients for an expensive lipstick are always extracted from nature, so is the case with H. couture beauty diamond lipstick. Cheaper lipstick is always made out of synthetic ingredients that generate health issues.
Fashionistas claim that expensive lipsticks upgrade the condition of the lips and give better texture compared to those of the less expensive.
If we turn our attention to the lipstick’s case, we can see that it is fully decorated with 1200 rare pink diamonds and 18k gold. So the diamond-studded cover can be considered a lifetime investment.
I would love to draw the line with some quotes regarding lipsticks by some famous persons.
“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” – Coco Chanel
“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” – Elizabeth Taylor
“Flowers in the city are like lipstick on a woman — it just makes you look better to have a little color.” – Lady Bird Johnson.
So what if you can not possess the 14 million dollars lipstick, you can still deck yourself in the most graceful manner with your own weapon.
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