Top 10 Most Expensive Tiffany Lamps (With Pictures)

In order to compliment the dwelling location of your house, there’s no better option than Tiffany Lamps. These lamps not only compliment the dwelling location of your house, but also give natural lighting outcomes. A Tiffany lamp undoubtedly can be a splendid addition to your house.
A Tiffany lamp is a kind of lamp which has a glass shade on it. The first Tiffany lamp was invented in 1895. Louis Comfort Tiffany and his design studio designed those glass shades. Tiffany lamps are also known as stained-glass shade lamps.
The Tiffany style is considered part of the Art Nouveau movement which took place in the 20th century.
Tiffany Pebble Lamp
Queen museum of arts has an amazing collection of Tiffany lamps.
Each Tiffany lamp is handmade by professional craftsmen. Any Tiffany lamp is easy to spot because of its geometric floral or transnational pattern. Anytime you see a Tiffany, you know immediately it’s Tiffany. Nothing else compares.
These lamps come in different shapes, sizes, structures, colors, and materials. Some of them offer a few special features. You can choose the type of lamp according to your decorating plan. You can coordinate the color or the shape with your existing ceiling lamp. It will give a nice effect in your house.
Before getting into the main discussion, let’s know the history of the Tiffany Lamp.
About Louis Comfort Tiffany:
Louis Comfort Tiffany
Louis Comfort Tiffany was an American painter and interior designer who later began to work on glasses. In 1885, he established the Tiffany Glass Company. In 1893, he formed his own Glass Factory where he created “Favrile Glass”. He also created many types of art glasses. Later he realized that he could create something with these glasses by adding colors and patterns to them- something no one has ever seen. And then these glass works became his signature. Tiffany primarily worked with glasses, and then he took on a range of objects from lamps to windows.
Although his name might not be well known, his artistic legacy surely is. He was an absolute genius. If you walk into an antique shop or even a museum, his spirit of aesthetic vision is there.
Now let’s get into the topic.

Have a look at the top 10 most expensive Tiffany lamps:


Tiffany Spiderweb Lamp

Price: $85,000
Tiffany Spiderweb Lamp
This Tiffany lamp looks super cool and gives an interesting Gothic look to your house.
The lamp features leaded glass shade blotched and shaded green glass that portrays a spiderweb which was divided by the legs with a funnel glass snooping through it. The shade is completed with a bronze tree trunk base.

Tiffany Woodbine Lamp

Price: $95,000
Tiffany Woodbine Lamp
This is one of a few Tiffany lamps which shows the perfect balance of both style and light.
The lamp dates to around 1909.
The lamp features mottled green glass in a geometric pattern, which gives a turtle-back shape to it. It creates a vibrant mixture of coral, salmon, and ruby red colors, with a swirl blue background in the shade. Also has an elegant-shaped bronze urn base.

Tiffany Poppy Lamp

Price: $141,450
Tiffany Poppy Lamp
The Tiffany Poppy lamp is so magnificent and breathtaking. The poppies symbolize the warning of the toxic allure and also establishes a sense of depth and realism.
This impressive lamp features leaded glass shade maroon poppies contrasted in a mottled and shaded blue backdrop. A bunch of green poppy leaves around the edge of the leaded glass shade gives the naturalistic effect. The lamp sits on a rare brown-green patinated bronze base.

Tiffany Peacock Lamp

Price: $314,500
Tiffany Peacock Lamp
Tiffany lamps with peacock designs are a timeless and classic purchase that helps to create an air of elegance and modernity in your house. Every piece of peacock Tiffany lamp is a work of art.
The lamp was created around 1910 made with handcrafted and hand-rolled art glass pieces with a bronze base. There’s a gorgeous detail of peacock feathers in the shade.
The lamp was sold on 17th December 2011 at Christie’s auction in New York.

Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp

Price: $515,475
Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp
Louis Tiffany was always influenced innately and this is why he was able to create such masterpieces. Around the 80s, the dragonfly theme was quite famous at Tiffany Studios.
This iconic Tiffany lamp is 22” in height with an adjustable bronze base that has onion decoration on it. The shade offers beautiful mixtures of blue, green, and purple colors. The lamp includes seven glass dragonflies around the edge of the shade, from where the lamp gets its name.

Tiffany Pebble Lamp

Price: $537,500
Tiffany Pebble Lamp
The Tiffany Pebble lamp makes a beautiful statement. It is said that the lamp was constructed by the Tiffany girls. Making this lamp was no joke, it was a very tough process and required extra effort. This is why this lamp is a very rare piece and made probably only on request.
To make this lamp, they had to collect the pebbles from beaches. Cutting those pebbles was a tough job indeed. However, the lamp features pebbles all over the shade but near to the lower edge, the pebbles are a little bigger, and thus it creates the shape of flowers and gives a subtle look.

Tiffany Trumpet Creeper Table Lamp

Price: $914,500
Tiffany Trumpet Creeper Table Lamp
The lamp was first created in 2004. It’s a colorful table lamp that represents a flowering tree that gives a multicolored background to your house. The lamp features openwork branches at the top and a large tree trunk base.
Tiffany’s patented Favrile glasses are used to create this masterpiece. Each piece of glass is cut individually, one piece at a time.

Tiffany Wisteria Lamp

Price: $1,565,000
Tiffany Wisteria Lamp
Wisteria is one of the most recognizable lamps created at the Tiffany Studios. It is a great, iconic work of Tiffany. The lamp was designed by a woman named Clara Driscoll, who was the manager of the women glass cutting department of Tiffany studio.
The lamp has 2000 tiny pieces of glasses with a solid bronze base. Each glass piece is very uniformed in color and shape- making a stunning impression in any room. No wonder it is one of the most expensive lamps Tiffany studio has produced. This lamp was sold at Sotheby’s in 2010.

Tiffany Pink Lotus Lamp

Price: $2,800,000
Tiffany Pink Lotus Lamp
This lamp is undoubtedly a unique one that looks very flowery. The price is made based on curvilinear forms of lotus flower. It is also the most expensive lamp that the Tiffany studio produced in 1905.
The lamp has 2000 pieces of handmade glass in it. The lights of the lamps are hidden by the interior shades in the form of flowers. The exterior shade is also in the form of flowers.
The whole shade is formed in eight lotus flowers. The bronze stand of the lamp is running up into the individual flowers. This lamp was sold on 12th December 1997 at Christie’s auction house in New York.

Tiffany Pond Lily Lamp

Price: $3,372,500
Tiffany Pond Lily Lamp 
This is no ordinary lamp, rather than an exclusive one and the most expensive one ever sold. This lamp is the most beautiful one, designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. It is considered as an early design, made around 1903.
The lamp is commonly known as descending Lotus which has its own beauty. A variety of glasses are used in this lamp, which are all handmade. You can see the color coming through it. You’ll love the softness of this lamp. The bronze base beautifully complements the main shade’s floral design, as it has flat lily pads clustered around it.
The lamp was sold on December 13th, 2018 at Christie’s auction house in New York. It established a record for the studio.
Frequently Asked Questions:

➤ Why are Tiffany lamps so expensive?

Tiffany lamps are incredibly expensive ones. If you are about to spend thousands of pounds on Tiffany lamps, you will be curious enough to know the specialty of these lamps, right? So let me tell you what makes these lamps so special and expensive.
  • Materials: They are perfectly designed with high quality and natural finest materials.
  • How they are made: Each Tiffany lamp is made entirely manually, which means they are all hand made. This makes each lamp a work of art.
  • Availability: To maintain their image of exclusivity, each item is unique and limited. Also, the company does not produce these lamps anymore.
For these reasons, the Tiffany lamps are considered as expensive ones.

➤ Are Tiffany lamps worth anything?

Earlier I already said Tiffany lamps are incredibly expensive ones. Each lamp is unique. Owning the rarest, perfectly designed Tiffany lamp is a valuable and safe investment. Besides, these lamps are now historical as the company has stopped producing these lamps. Also, these lamps increase in value over time.

➤ What is the most expensive chandelier in the world?

Let me reveal to you the most expensive chandelier in the world, the Givenchy Royal Hanover chandelier. This is the most expensive one ever made.

The Givenchy Royal Hanover Chandelier

Price: $9 million
The Givenchy Royal Hanover Chandelier
This is no ordinary chandelier, rather than an exclusive. This piece was commissioned by King George II for the palace situated in Hanover.
This German-silver 8 light chandelier was made by Balthasar Friedrich Behrens and designed by William Kent, who was the King’s architect. They delivered it on 13th September 1736.
This masterpiece has a lot of twisted details on it. It beautifully combines both the key national symbols of Britain and Hanover. On the top, it has a globe that carries the white horse of Hanover. And above it, there’s a pair of naked putti topped with the English royal crown.
This chandelier was sold by the heirs of the last Crown, more specifically Prince of Hanover to Hubert de Givenchy in 1924.
Well, that’s all for today. I hope you find this article knowledgeable.
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