10 Most Expensive Hot Tubs (With Pictures)

Do you ever fantasize about taking a bath in a deluxe tub? If your answer is ‘not’ then have a glimpse at the most expensive hot tub on the planet.
Hot tubs are not entirely similar to ordinary bathtubs. From ancient times to the present, hot tubs are used as a medium of luxurious life in a very healthy way. There are huge varieties of hot tubs provided with extraordinary facilities.
Jacuzzis La Scala Bathtub
Do you have any idea how much these luxurious facilities will cost you? No! If you want information about versatile hot tubs in the world, then you are here on the right track! Through this platform, you are provided with the world’s 10 most expensive hot tubs.

As of now, have a glance below over the most expensive hot tubs in the world:

  1. Jacuzzis La Scala Bath
  2. Cal Spas Galaxy GX49 Entertainment Spa
  3. The luxema 8000
  4. Jacuzzi J 470
  5. Platinum Spa’s Big Chief
  6. The Hot Tug
  7. The Grandee 7 Person Hot tub
  8. The jacuzzi J-480
  9. Acrylic Hurricane 7 Person 164-Jet Hot Tub
  10. The Royal A909
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Let’s see the details of the top 10 most expensive Hot Tubs in the world

The Royal A909

Price: $12,000
The Royal A909
The royal A909 Whirlpool hot tub varies in its decorative pattern in comparison with other mentioned hot tubs on our list. It is round in shape and cool in look.
It has an Air Bubble Jet system and separately 20 tiny air bubble jets, a radio, and lighting prospect, and security functions as electricity protection embankment. Most importantly, Royal A909 has a hydraulic massage process that is very subsidiary of health.
Investing just $12,000, you can keep this peerless hot tub in your yard.

Acrylic Hurricane 7 person 164- Jet Hot Tub

Price: $13,099.99
Acrylic Hurricane 7 person 164- Jet Hot Tub
Hurricane 7 person 164- Jet Hot Tub is quite similar in design to the Jacuzzi J-480 hot tub. It is beyond a hot tub that is recognized also as a spa tub.
Its uniqueness is in its design. It has 164 therapeutic jets, a massage portion, several seating spaces with three full-body lounges, one therapy seat, and three emerge seats that give a relaxing moment.
At $13,099.99, you can enjoy these services.

The Jacuzzi J-480

Price: $14,000
The Jacuzzi J-480
We have already discussed Jacuzzi’s sexy model jacuzzi J-470, but Jacuzzi J 480 is less pricey than jacuzzi j-470.
In Jacuzzi’s Hot tub industry, Jacuzzi J 480 is the most popular model. It features 4 large seats wrapped with sleek, and it also has color variants.
It is isolated with a body massage controller, 52 jets, LED lights, and a double waterfall. Its innovative features have always made it more muscular. This stylish hot tub comes in a friendly $14,000 less than the Jacuzzi J 470.

The Grandee 7 Person Hot tub

Price: $20,275
The Grandee 7 Person Hot tub
Hot spring is the world’s best brand. One of the best hot tubs from this brand is ‘The Grandee 7 Person Hot Tub’. This hot tub is mainly for those who want the best of the best. It has seven seating places, 43 jets, and a powerful back massage system. And it is about 38 inches in depth.
This hot tub features a lighting facility, soothing bottom, wireless remote control, and also the best entertaining system. The usual price range starts from $20,275. The interior makes it the most popular and connects the family closer.

The Hot Tug

Price: $ 21,000
The Hot Tug 
The renowned Dutchman Frank de Bruijn was the designer of this hot tub.
This Hot Tub can completely change your mood because it includes a mighty driving system of a marvelous 2.4 W motor. Yes! You heard it right.
It is a floating hot tub. Moreover, the wooden stove doesn’t let the tub water cool down even if the lake water remains cool.
Besides, this tub comes with an elegant style with solid polyester substance and stainless steel; glass fiber. The water capacity of the Tug is about 400 gallons and can convey eight people’s weight easily.
The hot tug is the amalgamation of a boat and hot tub. It will cost you $21,000.

Platinum Spa’s ‘Big chief’

Price: $ 25,000
Platinum Spa's 'Big chief'
Another most familiar big-ticket Hot Tub in the market is Platinum Spa’s Big chief. If you demand very private moments for you and your family, then this tub is definitely for you. This big chief is enough for 5 people.
This particular Big chief is designed with 70 stainless steel jets and has six color-changing water springs, eight Aqua-Flo pumps, and 65 plus massage equipment to add more ease.
Wait! You are not finished yet. Pricing at $ 25,000, the tub further comes with LED lighting, super sound quality, 53 cm screen, and aroma facility.

Jacuzzi J-470

Price: $26,000
Jacuzzi J-470
” Rolls Royce” is the second appellation for Jacuzzi J-470. It is an additional one from the Jacuzzi brand. Its water capacity is not less than 1,500 liters, and it fits six to seven individuals.
This extraordinary Hot Tub contains numerous PowerPro, LED lighting, a luxury spa, and a jot therapy section for the refreshment of its consumer. Its prominent hydro massage setup enhances its reputation worldwide.
One more notable part of this Hot Tub is the versatility of colors for both shell and cabinet. For its noteworthy services, customers have to count $26,000.

The luxema 8000

Price: $26,000
The luxema 8000
Are you a little bit tired of the small area in the most expensive Hot Tubs? Don’t worry! Have a look at this mind-blowing design, the Luxema 8000, especially for you if you desire bathing on a lake. This unique Hot Tub is a double-level hot tub.
The upper divvy of this hot tub has a large swimming pool area, and the lower portion is like an ordinary hot tub. It features a hundred jets, nine water pumps, a large video screen, and room for six people.
This ample-sized hot tub is fabricated by Slovenian Fir SPAmbient, and it weighs 1500 kg. 1000 liters of water need to be used to complete the tub. Only at $26,000, you can afford this gorgeous Luxema 8000 and do enjoy it with friends.

Cal Spas Galaxy GX49 Entertainment Spa

Price: $29,000
Cal Spas Galaxy GX49 Entertainment Spa
Let’s switch to the second-highest Hot Tub on our list. At one time, it was the most expensive Hot Tub in the world. It is a combination of both elegance and relaxation and is suitable for a bath of six persons at a time.
Cal spas Galaxy GX 49 Entertainment is designed with LED lighting, DVD, and a high-quality sound arrangement. A large LCD television is also a part of it where you can watch your favorite programs. Besides, it has 50 water jets, a 40 plus plasma, and a therapeutic method for the relaxation of your body.
This smart and sexy Hot Tub charges you $29,000 for its superior quality.

Jacuzzis La Scala Bathtub

Price: $33,758
Jacuzzis La Scala Bathtub
The peak position holder in this list is the most ravishing and eye-catching Hot Tub, La Scala Bathtub. It is like a small world in your room. If you are seeking extreme luxury, then it’s solely for you.
La Scala provides you high tech services as a DVD player and 53 inch HDTV, and also CD, AM, FM Radio with a floating remote control for your amusement. This tub includes 6 powerPro water jets for a back massage, 2 AccPro foot jets, and 2 adjustable body and side jets. So, you can enjoy your spare time with your partner.
If you want all these up-to-minute facilities at your dwelling, you have to invest a huge amount, approximately $33,758. Undoubtedly, this hot tub will be worth your investment.
Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a jacuzzi hot tub cost?

Sooth to say, the cost of a hot tub diverges by its design, quality, size, and on the consideration of facilities. Jacuzzi maintains its cost from low to luxury hot hub for its customers.
A minimal range starts from $4,000 to $7,999. There are also options for medium-range hot tubs that will cost you approximately $8,000 to $11,999. Premium quality hot tubs may cost you $12,000 to $15,000. The most demanded luxury tubs range starts from $16,000.

Who makes the highest quality hot tubs?

The Best Hot Tub Brands in the world are:
1. JACUZZI Hot Tubs and Spas – Jacuzzi
2.Hot Spring Spas and Hot Tubs – Hot Spring Spas.
3. Caldera Spas
4. Vita Spas
6. Master Spas
7. Artesian Spas
8. Bullfrog Spas and Hot Tubs – Bullfrog Spas.
9. Nordic Hot Tubs
10. Cal Spas – Cal Spas.
11. Marquis Spas – Marquis Spas.
12. Arctic Spas
13. PDC Spas – PDC Spas.
14. Maax Spas – Maax Spas.

Is a hot tub worth the money?

If you buy a mirror, do you ask yourself, “is it worth the cost”? Probably not. But you should definitely ask yourself this question if you buy something luxurious. Like, a hot tub.
First of all, why do you have to buy something luxurious? Because luxurious things give away more benefits. There are many benefits of owning a hot tub. Like:
Relaxation: The main benefit of having a hot tub is giving yourself relaxation after a long tiring day at work.
Soothing sore muscles: Most hot tubs have hydrotherapy jets that help to soothe sore muscles and massage your body in a healthy and sanitary way.
Spending time with family and friends: To strengthen the bond of family and friendship, spending time is most essential. A hot tub is just the tool for that. If you have a hot tub, it is certainly a magnet for others to join you.
Essential to lose weight: It might seem not so believable, but a hot tub is actually useful to lose weight. Having the warmth of clean water will eventually increase the heart rate that will burn more calories, and help you to lose weight.
Cure for insomnia: In a busy city, having so much more stress can make you vulnerable to insomnia. Getting some soothing sleep will be much easier if you can relax in a hot tub.
There are many benefits of having a hot tub. But, these will be of no more use if you don’t use your hot tub on a regular basis. If you regularly use your hot tub, summing up the cost to buy and maintenance will be totally worth it.
Well, this was all for today. I really hope that you found this article informative.
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