10 Most Expensive Electric Fireplaces (With Pictures)

Almost every dream house contains at least a roaring fireplace along with a farmhouse sink in the kitchen or a large garden with blooming flowers. Electric fireplaces bring the glow and leave optional cozy heat in any room of the house and people can enjoy fascinating flames. Also, electric fireplaces require no venting, and they are easy to install.
Several of them produce heat and cracking sounds that it seems there is an actual fireplace in the home. They typically include faux logs and LED lights to create the look of a real wood-burning fireplace. They are safe and easy to use. Also, they are not required to clean soot and ashes and also save the work of stockpiling wood. As a result, electric fireplaces are getting popular day by day.
Florence Classic Flame Electric Fireplace Classic Flame
Electric fireplaces are so perfect for the rooms that people convert their traditional wood-burning fireplaces to an electric insert or log set.
There are plenty of beautiful electric fireplaces. They are similar to space heaters but with a bit more flair. Some of them are great and have more realistic visual and audio effects than others. The design and appearance of the flames are different from one another. Some are extremely realistic and very beautiful to look at.
Similarly, their prices do also vary from one another. Some are extremely high-priced, and some are not that much expensive.
Well, today, our motto is to let you know about some of the most expensive as well as marvelous fireplaces in the world.

So, Here you have the list of the top 10 most expensive electric fireplaces:

10. PuraFlame Klaus Electric Fireplace Insert with Glass Door- price: $400
9. Balmoral Majestic Series Stone Fireplace Mantel- $800
8. Hollis Real Flame electric fireplace stove- Price: $835
7. Dimplex Ophelia Mental Electric Fireplace- Price: $849
6. Water Vapor Fireplace- price: $1200
5. Kelly Clarkson Home Morrison Electric Fireplace- price: $1,290
4. Chambord Electric fireplace- Price: $3,234
3. Majestic Stone Fireplace Mantel- price: $3,516.00 – $6,423.20
2. DimplexOpti V fireplace- price: $3,699-$5,699
1. Florence Classic Flame Electric Fireplace Classic Flame – price: $6,191.98
Let’s see the details of the most expensive electric fireplaces in the world.

PuraFlame Klaus Electric Fireplace Insert with Glass Door

price: $400
PuraFlame Klaus Electric Fireplace Insert with Glass Door 
This PuraFlame preserves a nice glass door which is different from traditional aesthetics. It has a mesh screen that provides instant access to heat and flames. This is easy to operate. It requires no stoking of a fire or sweeping up ashes. Besides, the included log set does crackle which provides a complete fireside experience. People can enjoy watching and listening to the sound of this electric fireplace.
This electric fireplace is 33 inches across, and the total unit width is 35 inches. The heater’s power is 1,500 watts and it carries an adjustable thermostat so that users can find the comfortable setting or skip the heat completely. This is one of the affordable and low-maintenance fireplaces.

Balmoral Majestic Series Stone Fireplace Mantel

Price: $800
Balmoral Majestic Series Stone Fireplace Mantel 
This fireplace has the ability to enhance the beauty of the house. It looks like a traditional wood fireplace inside the house. The flames of the fire look real.
The Balmoral fireplace is a part of the Thin Cast Stone Mantel Collection. This electric fireplace comes with easy-to-install stone fireplace mantel surrounds. The console can accommodate flat-panel TVs, and it includes cabinets for storing media and gaming accessories.

Hollis Real Flame electric fireplace stove

Price: $835
Hollis Real Flame electric fireplace stove 
This electric fireplace stove offers everything in terms of function and rustic style. This fireplace is like a gorgeous electric stove which creates the look of a wood-burning stove without the mess or smokiness.
The most attractive side of this fireplace is that it has six stunning flame colors. It also has an adjustable timer setting and thermal overload protection. This is great for a cabin or ranch home.
The benefit of this fireplace is that the dancing flames can be enjoyed with or without the heat, even during the summer. The storage shelf beneath the unit can be used to store real split logs to enhance the look.

Dimplex Ophelia Mental Electric Fireplace

Price: $849
Dimplex Ophelia Mental Electric Fireplace 
This beautiful fireplace is a combination of the traditional and modern designed fireplace. It is suitable for almost any decor style as it is updated with technology and enhances the beauty of the house.
The wood finishing is very attractive for any room. It is almost 48 inches large, which is suitable for any medium and large room. It is capable of heating up to 1,000 square feet, and the flames are adjustable for ideal warmth and mood lighting. This handsome fireplace is deceptively simple, providing heat and beauty to any home at the touch of a button.

Water Vapor Fireplace

price: $1200
Water Vapor Fireplace 
One of the most expensive and designable fireplaces is the Water Vapor fireplace. In the market, there are different types of water vapor fireplaces from a traditional fireplace to a 2-sided, 3-sided, or 360-degree fireplace. Among them, this fireplace is more innovative.
It is different from other electric fireplaces because it has a three-dimensional flame created by water steams, and LED lights. Apart from its multicolor flame feature, it submits more control options, including a mobile app and smart home integration.
The Water Vapor Fireplace is considered the most realistic and coolest fireplace ever.

Kelly Clarkson Home Morrison Electric Fireplace

price: $1,290
Kelly Clarkson Home Morrison Electric Fireplace 
This fireplace is fashioned after a traditional wood fireplace. This is considered one of the best collections and affordable fireplace. It has a realistic flame effect and decorative logs that glow in the dark. People can easily use this with or without heat to simply create a cozy ambiance.
It looks and feels like the real thing that can be operated with a plug-in cord and remote control. So, people can easily adjust the temperature.
For safety, it has automatic shut-off technology and can run on a timer. It is very famous to people for its beautiful and elegant look where the fire looks realistic.

Chambord Electric fireplace

Price: $3,234
Chambord Electric fireplace
This is a wonderful and expensive fireplace available in the market. The design is from the Ambella Home brand, well known for its furnishing industry, craftsmanship, and expertise.
The fireplace comes with a handsome Mahogany Mantel. It is set with flickering logs that behave in the same manner that real flames do. The appearance of this fireplace is realistic with a deep inner glow.
There is a Flame Action Control which allows adjusting the size and speed of the dancing flames with just a click of a button. So, users can adjust the flame to create the type of fire that is fit for them.

Majestic Stone Fireplace Mantel

price: $3,516.00 – $6,423.20
Majestic Stone Fireplace Mantel 
The Majestic Stone Fireplace ranks third on our list of the most expensive electric fireplaces in the world. Anyone can enjoy comfortable warmth anywhere in the room with this fireplace.
Its electric heater has two features: a timer and a handy remote control. The contemporary unit provides a cozy ambiance with a log and flame effect without the smoke or mess. In addition, the full-surround mantel also functions as a media center.
Also, there are four adjustable storage compartments behind two glass doors that provide plenty of room for games, DVDs or showcasing favorite decor. The fireplace produces 5,115 BTUs of fan-forced heat that is perfect for any medium- larger room. Another facility is that the flames can perform with or without the heat.

DimplexOpti V fireplace

price: $3,699-$5,699
DimplexOpti V fireplace
The Opti-V is one of the most expensive and realistic fireplaces which is arguably the latest and greatest electric fireplace on the market. The design of this fireplace is stunning and very eye-catching. It is a similar fashion to LED TV’s which improve visual performance and it has set a new standard and raised the bar completely.
This fireplace is of a purely realistic design but does not provide heat. It is able to produce a crackling fire sound and glowing embers. It inserts a multi-color fireplace.

Florence Classic Flame Electric Fireplace Classic Flame

price: $6,191.98
Florence Classic Flame Electric Fireplace Classic Flame
Finally, we have reached the most expensive fireplace on our list. This electric fireplace can transform a simple living room into a warm, cozy, comfortable, and stately showplace. Family and friends all together can enjoy a cozy environment in this living room in their gathering, or can play games or can arrange date nights in front of the cozy fire.
It is a multi-colored fireplace. It has realistic logs and flames with efficient LED technology and also has four flame heights. People can enjoy the fire with heat or without the heat. The warmth of this fireplace is also fit for the largest rooms. The benefit of this fireplace is its remote control with which users can easily control the flame and heat. The control temperature range is 62°F to 82°F.
Frequently Asked Questions:

➤ Are electric fireplaces worth it?


Electric fireplaces are definitely worth it because they not only provide heat in the room but also provide a real experience of a traditional fireplace, enhance the beauty of the room, and can be enjoyed with or without the heat.
Without any kind of existing chimneys, it is possible to heat a room with a fireplace. Let’s see some benefits of an electric fireplace.
  • There are different types of fireplaces and people can easily choose their favorite fireplace for their favorite living room. An electric fireplace can easily fit into any room.
  • It simply needs to be placed near an electric outlet in the room.
  • Another reason why electric fireplaces are worth it is that they are 100% efficient, meaning that all of the energy is converted to heat with no wastage.
  • Electric fireplaces are also safe for the room. The flames aren’t hot to the touch and the units can have a number of electrical safety features to automatically shut off the fireplace if there are any issues.
  • The use of the electric fireplace is flexible and it can be used for many purposes. The upper part of an electric fireplace can be used as a TV stand and people can enjoy the ambiance of the fire while watching TV.
  • No need to maintain the fire with more fuel.
  • No cleaning requirements before and after use.
  • The flames can be enjoyed without the heater on.

➤ What should I look for when buying an electric fireplace?

There are some important options to be considered when buying an electric fireplace.
1. Check if the electrical function is operating well.
2. Try to choose the free-standing fireplace or one that can be mounted on the wall.
3. Make sure that the heater wattage is enough to heat the size of your room.
4. Make sure that the fireplace has a remote control, LED sidelights, and thermostat.
5. Check whether the flame is creating a visual screen, just like a TV screen.
6. Check whether the light bulb is refracted into the screen to provide the impression of flickering flames.

➤ What is the highest-rated electric fireplace?

The highest-rated electric fireplace in the market is Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove. This is the best-selling electric fireplace stove with more than 1,600 five-star reviews. It includes a 3-D flame effect that reflects the real look of burning firewood and it can heat up to 1,000 square feet of rooms. The advantage of this fireplace is that it emits heat without drying out the air and automatically shuts it off if it gets too hot. The temperature control is very easy with a digital thermostat. It also has a sound machine that provides a creaking effect. The market price of this fireplace is now only &200 on Amazon.
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