10 Most Expensive Diaper Bags (With Pictures)

A diaper is a sort of underwear for children that can absorb the body waste— urinate and stool. A diaper won’t leak the absorbed urinate or stool, as it is made in that way. Well, they are also known as “Nappy”.
And they do require changing when it is fully wet with body waste. If you do not change a diaper when it is needed, it might result in some skin problems.
Fendi Diaper Bag
Children often need to change their diapers. So in my opinion, when you are going out carrying a diaper bag is ultimately necessary for all the parents out there. You can also put necessary things in it that your baby might require on a daily basis. By necessary things, I meant toys, wipes, clothes, water/milk bottles, tissues, and diapers.
Diaper bags come in different shapes, sizes, structures, and materials. Some diaper bags have particular sections for baby-related things which you need to carry with you whenever you’re going out. They even offer some specific space to keep the parents’ personal items like wallets, mobile, or keys. So that you don’t have to carry another extra bag for your personal items.
There are various types of diaper bags. Some of them offer a few special features. Today’s diaper bags do not look like diaper bags. You can carry them on your shoulder or even as a backpack. Basically, you can easily carry and style them accordingly. Also, these diaper bags are gender-neutral. They are designed in such a way that even men can happily carry these bags with them.
About Diaper:
Diaper was first discovered by a woman named Marion Donovan in the late 1940s.
She created a particular type of disposable diaper with an envelope- more likely a plastic cover that had an absorbent inside it. She made millions by developing this particular kind of diaper.
Now let’s get into the topic

Have a look at the top 10 most expensive Diaper bags:

10. Storksak Kym Tan Diaper Bag
9. Coach Messenger Diaper Baby Bag
8. Tory Burch Scout Messenger Diaper Bag
7. Burberry Diaper Bag
6. Gucci GG Supreme Baby Diaper Bag
5. Fendi Diaper Bag
4. Prada Diaper Bag
3. Dior Diaper Bag
2. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Diaper Bag
1. Hermes Adada Diaper Bag
Let’s see the details of the most expensive Diaper bags in the world.

Storksak Kym Tan Diaper Bag

Price: $355
Storksak Kym Tan Diaper Bag
This diaper bag is absolutely gorgeous. It is crafted with durable leather and available in leather tan and leather black color which looks great with any clothes. It is so nice and soft, you can carry your baby’s all essentials in this beautiful bag. Not only that, but it is perfect for everyday use.
At the top you’ll notice two carry handles, you can easily carry it on the shoulder. Then this bag provides a long detachable strap if you want to wear it cross-body. It also comes with detachable stroller straps in case you want to connect the bag with your baby stroller.
Well, it comes with a zipped bottle holder with a clip on it that can keep fluids warm or cool for a certain period and a foldable-washable changing mat with two pockets on it. There’s plenty of room inside for both personal and baby items. This bag has multiple pockets inside it. You can easily organize your baby’s items.
It features double zipped top closure, two side pockets- large enough for bottles, a concealed flap front pocket where you can keep your personal items like keys, phones. Inside the bag, it has seven elasticated internal pockets and a zip pocket for extra security, and a massive amount of space in the middle.

Coach Messenger Diaper Baby Bag

Price: $395
Coach Messenger Diaper Baby Bag
The Coach diaper bag is a very large diaper bag. It is made of leather all around. The rust color combo of the bag is gorgeous. This one is a very simple and smart-looking diaper bag but doesn’t look like a diaper bag which is a bonus. However, the bag is wipeable, easy to keep clean.
Not to mention, this bag can be used for a weekend trip or even can be used as a first hospital newborn bag. Undoubtedly it works great for quick trips.
This diaper bag comes with a secondary small pouch and a wipeable foldable changing pad.
It has an adjustable thick strap. You can wear it cross-body or on your shoulder. In case you want to attach the bag with a stroller because it is such a large bag, it offers you detachable stroller straps to connect to the stroller.
The bag offers a lot of pockets for storage.
It has two side pockets- you can keep your phone or small water bottles there. It also has one large back pocket where you can put something slim. You can keep little pampers outside there for emergencies.
Inside the bag, it has a huge elasticated pocket on one side and two small elastic pockets on the other side of the bag. Then you have a huge empty part in the middle.

Tory Burch Scout Messenger Diaper Bag

Price: $398
Tory Burch Scout Messenger Diaper Bag
This diaper bag is suitable for regular use. The bag is perfect with an amazing storage system. It is nylon made, and you can easily clean the bag very often.
It features an adjustable and removable crossbody strap and lots of compartments. The main compartment opens with a flap top magnetic buckle closure. It has one zipper pocket at the front then inside, it has two large open pockets on both sides and an open area in the middle with the Tory Burch logo.
Outside, it has two open side compartments as well. On the back, it has a large compartment with a snap closure. It includes a changing pad.

Burberry Diaper Bag

Price: $750
Burberry Diaper Bag
Burberry diaper bag- one of the most expensive ones out there. Burberry is known for its notable quality and for its quality the bags are going to last forever.
Another great thing about this diaper bag is it really doesn’t look like a diaper bag. It looks like an ordinary bag. This diaper bag is perfect for traveling.
The great thing about this bag is — it is water-resistant which means it is suitable for any season. It comes with a really soft padded changing mat.
It has a handle on the top. If you do not feel comfortable with crossbody straps, then this one might be a great choice for you. As it provides adjustable backpack straps. It’s great to be hands-free.
At the bottom of the bag, it has a leather portion. Like other diaper bags, it doesn’t have that many pockets. The side pockets are very wide and deep. You can easily put two water bottles together on each side pocket. Inside the side pockets, it has a Burberry print.
It offers a foldable flap with an adjustable closure. The bag has very much deep space inside and has beautiful Burberry print all around it.

Gucci GG Supreme Baby Diaper Bag

Price: $1,250
Gucci GG Supreme Baby Diaper Bag
The Gucci diaper bag is an amazing one with a supreme quality finish. This one comes in great packaging. And surely it has everything you need. It is indeed an investment piece.
So it’s worth the price.Gucci diaper bag is designed with multiple pockets, fixed long adjustable shoulder strap- you can even attach the strap to your stroller very easily because of the stroller snaps in it. Besides, it comes with a Gucci foldable padded changing mat.
It has deep and wide side pockets on each side of the bag and a huge compartment inside for your baby’s essentials. Inside the bag, it has three elasticated pockets- two medium-sized and one large-sized.
A huge space in the middle of the bag gives you plenty of storage. Also has a big back pocket which you can call an easy-access compartment.
This bag is very perfect in size. So if you are a Gucci lover, you should definitely grab this one.

Fendi Diaper Bag

Price: $1,490

Fendi Diaper Bag

The Fendi diaper bag is not just any diaper bag, it is absolutely the stylish one. The bag is sturdy and crafted from nylon material with a FF motif print all over it and super lightweight. You don’t have to worry about stains or scratches as it is stain-resistant.
It features zip-top closure for extra security, one front zip pocket, two sides zipped pockets which are quite large as well, lots of compartments inside with zipped pockets, internal open pockets, and a removable and adjustable cross-body shoulder strap.
You can attach the strap to your stroller. Well, it includes a changing mat too.

Prada Diaper Bag

Price: $1,495
Prada Diaper Bag
Prada diaper bag is the most practical diaper bag. The bag is crafted from durable Nylon material- a very weather-friendly bag. You can use it as a work bag or travel bag for yourself even after your kids don’t need it.
It comes in navy blue and black color. The bag is in good size, doesn’t look bulky but has so much room in it. It is also very gender-neutral, guys don’t seem to mind carrying it at all.
It includes strong leather shoulder straps and adjustable, removable long straps. It has a zip pocket on the front and back portion of the bag, two big side open compartments- great for bottles. The bag also includes a bottle bag if you don’t want the bottle to leak out, you can keep the bottle in the bottle bag.
The bag has a big inner compartment with two open side compartments, one zip compartment. It comes with a really nice changing pad. If you are looking for a versatile one, not a puffy, baby-looking diaper bag then this might be the right choice for you.

Dior Diaper Bag

Price: 1,700
Dior Diaper Bag
This bag features the essentials only. It is a classic and simple one for basic uses. It looks absolutely stunning.
It features nice fabric materials, specially designed with navy blue canvas with calfskin. The bag has a large front and back compartment for your easy use and two side bottle holders. Inside the bag, it has a deep space with a number of pockets.
It also includes an adjustable shoulder strap, stroller strap, and wipeable changing mat. If you’re looking for a simple and good-looking functional diaper bag then you must grab it for yourself.

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Diaper Bag

Price: 1,870
The Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Diaper Bag
This is no ordinary diaper bag, rather an exclusive desirable one. It is the second most expensive one in the list.
This lovely piece is made from grained calf leather. You’ll see that it is in excellent shape. It has all the features you’ll ever need.
The bag features two external zipped pockets on the front portion, side pockets on each side, a large slip pocket on the back portion, and tons of other compartments inside.Next, the bag has an adjustable, removable shoulder strap and a padded changing mat. The interesting part of the bag is- it offers an attached ID tag where you can write your initials or your address.
If you want a special touch of luxury on a bag, then don’t forget to grab this masterpiece.

Hermes Adada Diaper Bag

Price: $2,025
Hermes Adada Diaper Bag
This is the most expensively made diaper bag to date. Hermes diaper bag is the perfect diaper bag for stylish moms for everyday use with a touch of sophistication.
This bag comes in two colors with horse prints- Rose Bougainviller and Bleu Marine. The whole bag is printed on cotton canvas. It has one front pocket and inside it has a deep space in the middle with 2 large side pockets. You can keep a lot of things there for the baby.
It includes an attached small pouch, attached stroller straps, and a soft padded changing mat.
Frequently Asked Questions:

➤ What’s the most expensive diaper?

By this time you must be thinking about the most expensive diaper. So, let me reveal to you the most expensive diaper that is Twinkle Tush Diapers.
Twinkle Tush Diapers:
Price: $490
Twinkle Tush Diapers
Twinkle Tush diapers are the most expensive ones ever made. The diapers are sold separately for baby girls and baby boys. These are high-quality made diapers from the finest materials. The diapers are so absorbent, stretchy, and comfortable for babies.
These diapers are sold in different themes and colors with different characters on them.

What is the most popular diaper bag?

There are so many popular diaper bags so it is hard on my part to mention a specific popular diaper bag. So now I’m introducing you to two most popular diaper bags—
Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Bag
Price: $53.99
Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Bag
This diaper bag is one of the most popular ones- surely it gives a classic look. Well, it doesn’t really look like a diaper bag, it looks more like a travel-friendly backpack. Also, it is a super affordable one.
It’s not fully a leather bag, it is made from nylon material. Super easy to clean.
It has an expandable drawstring opening with a cool closure in it and by opening it you’ll get full access to the diaper bag. Furthermore, it provides an adjustable strap.
It features one zippered front pocket, two open side pockets, and has a few different pockets inside- one flap pocket, two little open pockets where you can put bottles or different things, then you have the main big compartment.
Carter’s Drop Front Houndstooth Tote Diaper Bag
Price: $79.99

Carter's Drop Front Houndstooth Tote Diaper Bag

This one is the other most popular diaper bag, commonly known as a traditional diaper bag. This diaper bag is huge.
It features two big side pockets, an open large back pocket for easy access. And the main compartment has multiple pockets inside. The bag has so much room that you can easily drop your baby’s stuff inside.
It also has stroller straps so that you can connect the bag with the stroller.
The most interesting thing about this diaper bag has a detachable changing pad with the front pocket of it. The changing pad rolls out from there when you open the zippers.

What is the most expensive baby item?

Again, it is tough to name a specific expensive baby item. So, here I am providing the top 5 most expensive baby items.
Dodo Solid Gold Crib:
Dodo Solid Gold Crib
Suommo is a luxury goods brand. It is the most luxurious brand for babies. They literally took luxury to the next level. They created this masterpiece Dodo Solid Gold Crib that costs $12 million.
This crib is the ultimate stage of luxury. It is the showstopper nonetheless. It is more about golds rather than a crib.
This incredible crib is made up of 24 carats of solid gold and decorated with diamonds to add more shine. The crib is dressed up with the finest materials featuring a breathable mattress, handmade natural silk mattress sheets, a padded number guard, a pillow and a beautiful changing mat.
Magic Bath Baby Hot Tub:

Magic Bath Baby Hot Tub

Magic bath hot tubs are the most expensive tub out there. Your little one can enjoy a luxurious bath time experience on this one. The price is $2,180.
The tub features ten air jets that create bubbles for the entertainment of your baby with underwater LED lights on. Furthermore, it includes an option for reclining/sitting position- a very rare option indeed. This tub stands on curved legs which adds the perfect touch to its beauty.
Baby Car Seat
Baby Car Seat
Carkoon baby car seats are the most expensive one which costs about $750. It is designed to be the safest one.
The main feature of this car seat is the folding airbag. If your car meets an accident, the airbag immediately covers the entire seat and keeps your baby secure from any flying object.
The airbag works like a protective shell. The airbag has enough breathing spaces. Not to mention, it also protects against fire. Other features include a swivel seat fitted with GPS.
Baby Towel
Hooded Terry Towel and Washcloth Set:
Hooded Terry Towel and Washcloth Set
This towel set is the perfect and expensive one to wrap the baby comfortably. It costs around $3000. It is crafted from 100% pure cotton. Not only that, but it is soft and super absorbent as well. And keeps your little one dry and warm.
It features one double-layer hooded towel and a four-layer washcloth. You can make your baby’s bath time fun with this towel set.

What is the most expensive stroller?

It is not possible for parents to carry their baby on their lap every time. And in that case, a stroller is the only thing you can rely on. It keeps your baby safe.
So about strollers, there is a variety of them. They are sold in a variety of styles. Today, I’ll introduce you to the most expensive baby stroller.
Silver Cross Balmoral Pram
Price: $7000
Silver Cross Balmoral Pram
Silver Cross is one of the oldest baby brands. This is the most expensively made stroller to date. Undoubtedly it is a classic and sophisticated one. British Royal Family has been using this one for decades.
This particular stroller features a steel-made carriage for seating with a breathable mattress, a reclining hood with a detachable apron on it, handcrafted wheels, leather straps for your adjustable suspension, and a large storage basket.
This stroller is completely handmade with a traditional touch. Every detail of this stroller is handmade. You can even customize it according to your desire. The bodies are spray-painted and finished in high gloss. The hood and apron are also hand-stitched.
Well, this was all for today. I really hope that you find this article informative.
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