Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Strollers (With Pictures)

Having a baby is a blessing and one of the joyous moments for the parents to welcome their little heaven in their life. The love for the baby is something that parents always want to give the best to their sweet one. As a part of caring, newbie parents not only welcome a baby but also a lot of baby stuff. One of the common stuff that most parents want for their baby is a stroller.
Silver Cross Rose Gold Balmoral Pram
The stroller is a crucial parent toolkit that makes kids feel comfortable while walking through the park or shopping mall. If you stroll in the market or search online, you will find varieties of the stroller with a different price range. Several companies have introduced exclusive strollers that are the ideal blend of fashion and functionality.
But the price tag will make you surprise. Yeah, most of them come with a five-figure price tag which is beyond the reach of the commoner.

You might be wondering who splurges so much on a stroller! Some parents particularly celebrities and affluent prefer to keep their little one immersed in luxury items. They want to carry their child in a stroller that is both comfy and luxurious.

Have you ever wondered how an expensive stroller looks like! To help you narrow down your option, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten most expensive baby strollers from well-known companies. Let’s have a peek,


Most Expensive Baby Strollers:

1. Silver Cross Rose Gold Balmoral Pram
2. FENDI Stroller
3. The Baby Dior Stroller
4. The Pram Plated with Gold
5. Young Versace Quilted Travel System
6. Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf 2
7. Bugaboo Retrospective by Andy Warhol
8. Bugaboo by Diesel
9. Silver Cross Kensington
10. iCandy Peach Blossom Stroller
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 Now Let’s get into the topic

iCandy Peach Blossom Stroller

Price: $1599
iCandy Peach Blossom Stroller
iCandy Peach Blossom collection is the ideal form of transportation for your new family members. A team of British Designers has developed this fashionable stroller without compromising functionality.
The most appealing feature of this stroller is that it comes with a second seat unit, allowing you to use it for your toddler or two kids. Besides, using the provided elevators and adapters, you may create a variety of various configurations.
iCandy Peach is the most renowned for its one-handed fold and attention-getting appearance. It also has premium quilted textiles, a swivel bumper bar, a multi-functional hood, and a combining stroller seat with a bassinet.
A-list celebrities including Victoria and David Beckham, and Chef Gordon Ramsey use this stroller for their little heaven. To get your hands on this exquisite stroller, you’ll need to fork over $1599.

Silver Cross Kensington

Price: $2,499
Silver Cross Kensington
When it comes to listing the top expensive stroller, the name of the Silver Cross must come up. The British brand Silver Cross is renowned for its baby transport and other baby-related items. One of their luxury creations is the Silver Cross Kensington that arrives at $2499.
The pram was designed to look antiquated and each Kensington is handcrafted in Yorkshire, England by expert artisans. The company uses only the best materials and finishes that are supplied from Great Britain.
With its distinctive movable body, fold-down chassis, and foot brake, the Kensington pram is a stunning treasure for today’s parents.
This extravagant stroller has been meticulously crafted to provide the distinctive stamp of quality that parents will treasure for decades. Though the stroller can be folded, it is still clumsy and takes up a lot of room.

Bugaboo by Diesel

Price: $2,700
Bugaboo by Diesel 
For parents who are denim enthusiastic, this premium stroller named Bugaboo by Diesel is for them. In cooperation with Diesel, modern stroller pioneer Bugaboo released this $2,700 baby carriage. You might be wondering why it brings such a large sum of money! Don’t worry. Bugaboo will not let you down, especially when you are spending so much money.
Well, Denim is at the heart of Diesel’s aesthetic, and each Bugaboo by Diesel is comprised of over 60 individual denim pieces, with the matching bag having roughly 35.
Besides this stroller has a blue anodized chassis, a sun cover that is made of washed denim, a bassinet, and a seat. I think this stroller is well worth the money because of its unique features.

Bugaboo Retrospective by Andy Warhol

Price: $2,725
Bugaboo Retrospective by Andy Warhol 
Pop artist Andy Warhol is well-known for his work. You may have a rough notion of what Bugaboo and Andy Warhol’s partnership would look like. Yes, The Retrospective collection is the eye-catching product of the partnership between two great brands of 20 century. This is the Andy Warhol Foundation’s fourth and last collaboration with Bugaboo.
The Retrospective collection will undoubtedly attract attention with its distinctive designs and patterns. This beautiful stroller incorporates a sun canopy and tote bag, comprises both old and new prints.
Well, it is available in four different prints like Butterflies, Globetrotter, Marilyn Monroe, and Banana. This limited edition baby carriage costs $2,725 which is regarded as one of the expensive strollers in the world.

Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf 2

Price: $4,690
If you are fond of the luxury sports car, you might be heard the name of Aston Martin. Can you imagine the outcome when two British icons named Silver Cross and Aston Martin become collaborated? Well, the result is the beautiful extravagant Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf 2. It is a handcrafted fashionable and functional luxury ride.
This luxury stroller is similar to the features of the car which makes it unique from others and only 600 pieces were uncovered. You will be fascinated by the structure of this lavish stroller. High-class leather is used to make this stroller which was used in Aston Martin’s car.
The hood, the apron, and the fabrics of the carrycot are crafted from soft Alcantara fabric. Besides, the handlebar and bumper bar are made of real tan leather and provide a safe ride on all terrains.
The pram includes a completely adjustable seat that can be turned to face either backward or forwards.
It also features an English Sheepskin Liner from Devon with a luxury soft cashmere baby blanket. What else do you need to give your baby a comfy lavish experience? This luxury piece is only available in Harrods at $4690.

Young Versace Quilted Travel System

Price: $5,000
Young Versace White Quilted Travel System 
Young Versace White Quilted Travel System is another top of the expensive strollers in the world. The most interesting features of this stroller are that it can be easily folded and also stands alone afterward. It has been customized in such a way that it can be used up to three years from the birth of the baby.
This beautiful stroller has options for facing forward or backward for the baby. Besides, the user can control the circulation of air inside the bassinet using an auxiliary lever to make the infant more comfortable.
It also features a car seat with a padded 3-point safety belt for a safe ride and a storage bag for extra infant care items. There is also a storage basket beneath the seat where you will find a quilted footmuff, a rain cover, and also a changing mat. To get your hands on this stroller, you’ll need to put down $5000.

The Pram Plated with Gold

Price: $6,000
The Pram Plated with Gold 
Do you want to give your child a royal experience? Assume that your dream has come true. Silver cross launched an exclusive pram which is plated with gold. It features a fitted sound system and a blue satin interior.
This eye-catching pram was crafted by Graham Richardson and Alison Murfet, who operate a pram restoring business in Holbeach, Lincolnshire. It was bought by an anonymous South African businessman with a surprising price of $6,000 and is considered one of the most expensive strollers in the world.
The leather hood of this deluxe pram is made of super-soft ermine fur, and a clockwork music box plays calming nursery rhymes. The interior features some elegant fur that will provide your little bundle of joy with not only comfort but also a royal feel.

The Baby Dior Stroller

Price: $9,000
The Baby Dior Stroller 
Dior has launched its first baby stroller in the market in collaboration with Italian brand Inglesina that is renowned for its stroller and highchair. This ultimate designer pram is made in Italy and is one of the most magnificent strollers with distinctive Dior Oblique print.
The adjustable hood on this stroller has a unique slanted shape that ensures sun and rain protection. The logo of the Dior has splattered on the handles and wheels.
It also has an outstanding matching diaper bag that comes in jacquard canvas and fits neatly over the handlebars. This exquisite stroller costs $9,000 and is exclusively available in Europe, Singapore, the Middle East, and Hong Kong.

FENDI Stroller

Price: $12,500
FENDI Stroller 
Celebrities strive to express themselves uniquely, even when it comes to their children. When a celebrity becomes a mother, her child, as well as the baby’s used item, becomes the focus of attention. They wish to encircle their child in opulence. Kylie Jenner is one such celebrity mommy who spent $12,500 on a stroller for her little princess and addressed it a “Stormy Stroller”. A famous brand named FENDI is the manufacturer of this extravagant stroller.
FENDI is known for its supreme quality, which is achieved through the use of the highest-grade fabrics and designs. Adele and Eduardo Fendi established FENDI in Rome in 1925. This stroller was created in partnership with Inglesina that features front rotating handles, an umbrella closure system, and long-lasting durability.

Silver Cross Rose Gold Balmoral Pram

Price: $61,000
Silver Cross Rose Gold Balmoral Pram 
Finally, it’s time to talk about our top contender named the Special Edition Rose Gold Balmoral Pram. Yes, Silver Cross takes the top spot in our ranking once more. It is the most expensive stroller in the world, with a price tag of $61,000. Don’t be shocked. Yes, you read that accurately. Isn’t this a bit pricey for a stroller? Well, there’s an explanation for the exorbitant pricing.
The body of this pram is plated with 18K rose gold which is one of the popular trends coming to the fore at the moment. Rose gold is one kind of alloy that is made of 75% pure gold and 25% copper. It is commonly utilized in watches and wedding rings.
The handmade Rose Gold Balmoral pram is polished with gold to give it a gleaming finish. The company uses high-quality English leather to make its apron and hood. It also features large spoke wheels and a C-spring suspension.
This luxury stroller features proprietary technology that allows it to glide easily over various terrains providing great comfort for the baby. It is referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of prams due to its elegant features. One problem with this stroller is that it requires space to hold because it can’t be folded at all.
Frequently Asked Questions:

➤ Are expensive strollers worth it?

The answer is yes. The key reason for the high price of a stroller is its excellent quality. Generally, babies spent the majority of their time in the stroller. They may not be able to verbally convey their feelings. If the stroller is of poor quality, they feel the strain. Well, expensive strollers provide the following facilities:
Ø Long-lasting durability that parents can be used from generation to generation.
Ø High-quality fabrics that give the baby comfortable feelings.
Ø High-quality and appropriate-sized wheels keep the baby safe on any terrain.
Ø In terms of design, they are classic and exquisite.

➤ What is the most expensive double stroller?

If you are expecting twins or having a second child while the first is still in a diaper, you are probably thinking of a double stroller. If you’re looking for a premium double stroller, the Bugaboo Donkey 2 Twin Stroller should be on your list. It is regarded as the most expensive double stroller with a price of $1,885.
Bugaboo Donkey 2 Twin Stroller
This is a side-by-side stroller that is perfect for twins or newborns or toddlers. It has enough storage space for infant care, essentials thanks to its unique side luggage basket and large bottom sthe basket.
It also features reversible seats so parents may place their twins facing them, the world, or each other, as well as a re-cleanable seat and a height-adjustable handlebar. This exquisite stroller may also be folded in one piece and stands up on its own. Its large wheels make it easier to handle uneven terrain or congested roadways.

These are the world’s top 10 most expensive strollers. I hope you found this article helpful. Thank you.

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