10 Most Expensive Baby Bottles (With Pictures)

Breastfeeding is always recommended, but every time a mother might not be in a position to breastfeed her child. So in that case, baby bottles- also known as nursing/feeding bottles are the most essential needs for mothers.
Suommo Dodo Bassinet Gold edition feeding bottle
Even when you’re feeding your baby formula or pumped breast milk, you’ll be in need of a baby bottle. Or even if you’re not doing these, a baby bottle is a must-have.

You don’t have to worry about the weight of the bottles. The bottles are handy and easy to carry. They come in different shapes, sizes, structures, and materials.

There are many brands on the market that offer plastic, glass, stainless steel, and silicone baby bottles.

A regular baby bottle features 4 units-
-a nipple/teat, from where the baby will have the milk
-a hole, from where the milk will flow
-a collar that forms a seal on the neck of the bottle
-a cover cap, to keep the bottle clean and avoid unnecessary small spills
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 Now let’s get into the topic.

Have a look at the top 10 most expensive baby bottles:

10.MAM Easy Start Bottle Starter Set
9.Nanobebe Baby Bottle Starter Set
8.PopYum Baby Bottle Set
7.Comotomo Baby Bottle Bundle Set
6. Tommee Tippee Baby Bottle Set
5.BOSS Baby Bottle Set
3.Emporio Armani Junior Baby Bottle Set
2.Philips Avent rinks Starter Set Mega Set
1.Suommo Dodo Bassinet Gold edition feeding bottle
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MAM Easy Start Bottle Starter Set

 Price: $36.49
MAM Easy Start Bottle Starter Set
This whole set is a total solution for parents to feed their kids. This set offers everything that you might need in order to feed your baby properly. MAM bottles are ideal for combining with breastfeeding.
The set includes— four complete anti-colic bottles in two different sizes (130 ml and 160 ml), four anti colic bottles (body only, 260ml), four sealing discs, one extra soft bottle spout, one handle and one pacifier.
This set comes in three different colors— Ivory, pink and blue and offers self- sterilizing bottles. The base of the bottles has holes that allow to minimize colic symptoms and includes a slow-flow teat. The bottle caps are leakproof and multitasking.

Nanobebe Baby Bottle Starter Set

Price: $39.99
Nanobebe Baby Bottle Starter Set
This baby bottle is a unique one that has a breast shape, helps the baby to connect with the familiar shape. It is actually easier even for the kids to hold for its shape. This baby bottle has a perfect shape and is helpful for fathers to breastfeed their babies.
This bottle is available in two different sizes— 5 oz and 8 oz. It is BPA-free and does reduce colic, also heat-resistant and dishwasher safe.
The set includes—four bottles, two breast pump adapters, a non-electrical warming bowl, two flexible pacifiers, four slow-flow silicone nipples, and four storage caps and travel covers.
Each bottle has a bottom, body, cover, nipple, and nipple cap. It is super easy to clean, everything is so wide and open.
It heats and cools the milk in a very short time.
You can even straight pump your breast milk or formula into the bottle, put the cover, and store it.

PopYum Baby Bottle Set:

Price: $54.88
PopYum Baby Bottle Set
This one is a perfect everyday baby bottle that is made up of 5 parts— the bottom,
an agitator which separates the formula and water and helps to mix them together, a mid-section, a medium flow nipple, and a cap. It also includes a funnel that helps you to pour the formula in the mid-section without spreading it all over the bottle.
This bottle comes in two sizes — 5 oz and 9 oz. You can buy them separately or in a pack of three.
This bottle specifically allows you to prepare fresh formula ahead of time. You can put the formula on top and water in the bottom, there’s a compartment in the middle that separates it with no leaks until you’re ready to actually use the milk for your baby. All you have to do is press the buttons on the side, shake and serve. This one is the life savior at nighttime.
The bottle has a wide base which helps it to clean easily, you won’t need a special bottle brush and everything is dishwasher safe. The bottle is BPA free and the nipple is anti-colic.

Comotomo Baby Bottle Bundle Set:

Price: $59.99
Comotomo Baby Bottle Bundle Set
The bottles are made from 100% safe silicone, BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free. This bundle has excellent features which come in different types of bottle sizes, nipples, and plastic caps. It comes in two different colors— baby pink and parrot green.
The bottles have a soft, flexible, and squishy body and a wide neck which offers you to easily clean the bottle by hand. This bottle makes feeding and cleaning convenient for you. It reduces nipple confusion and bottle rejection.
This bundle comes in four bottles in two sizes — two 5 oz bottles and two 8 oz bottles. It also includes replacement nipples of two- slow flow (0-3 months), medium flow (3-6 months), and fast flow (6+ months), for each bottle.
It has two anti-colic vents which prevent unwanted air from producing colic and gas. Not to mention they are non-leaking ones and they claim the bottles to be microwave and dishwasher safe.

Tommee Tippee Baby Bottle Set

Price: $89.99
Tommee Tippee Baby Bottle Set
This whole set is ideal for newborn babies. With the help of it, every parent can easily feed their babies with success. This set will give you a happy and relaxed experience for you, and your baby.
The set includes— 1 bottle and food warmer, 1 sterilizer (advanced electric), 8 ergonomic shaped bottles (4 x 150ml and 4 x 260ml) with slow flow teats, 1 bottle brush, 4 milk powder dispensers, 2 bottle bags, 1 soother, and 1 teat tongs.
The anti-colic bottles feature a valve system that helps to take the air away from the milk. These bottles are proven to reduce colic and BPA-free. They provide breast-like nipples which are super wide and help to make a smooth way for the babies to connect with them.
The sterilizer can sterilize a bottle in a minute, it is that much fast and safe. Also, this whole set is portable and convenient for you.

BOSS Baby Bottle Set

Price: $151
BOSS Baby Bottle Set
This exclusive baby bottle set is a perfect and ideal gift for every new parent. This set is presented in a boss gift box. It is available in three different colors— baby pink, light blue, and dark blue.
Inside the box, there are two BPA-free baby bottles of 300 ml and 150 ml sizes, a matching pacifier, and a clip. Everything is designed with BOSS logo lettering all over it.


Price: $207.29
Dior is a French luxury goods brand. They have made this beautiful exclusive baby bottle- manufactured in France. The bottle is designed by the famous designer- Christian Dior. The bottle has a pink Dior logo all over it. This baby bottle comes in one specific size- 125ml/ 4oz. It is a classic and simple one for basic uses.

Emporio Armani Junior Baby Bottle Set

Price: $211
Emporio Armani Junior Baby Bottle Set
It’s a four-piece set which includes two different-sized plastic bottles of 250 ml & 125 ml with silicone medium flow teats, a pacifier, and a matching clip. This set is available in blue, rosa, and Azzurro colors.
Each piece has the designer’s signature eagle print all over it.

Philips Avent rinks Starter Set Mega Set

Price: $1409.93
Philips Avent rinks Starter Set Mega Set
Philips Avent natural feeding bottle is undoubtedly the best slow flow bottle for your baby as it is designed in that way. These bottles are the most natural way to bottle-feed. These feeding bottles give comfort to you while feeding your baby. You can easily hold it and feed your baby for its unique shape. Even the baby can hold the bottle for its tiny shape.
The set includes- 1 wooden grip ring, 1 Manual Breast Pump, 1 bottle warmer, 1 drying rack, 1 bottle and teat brush, 4 complete bottles, 3 silicone soothers, 2 soft one hole vacuums for milk storage, 1 lid, 2 disposable tag breast pads, 1 plier and 3 hygienic caps.
The bottles come in two different sizes of 125 ml and 260ml. They provide wide breast-shaped bottle nipples that have two air vents on the opposite sides.
The bottles are also anti-colic and come in glass with BPA-free plastic. In terms of cleaning this feeding bottle is the best one as it comes in 4 parts. You can easily wash them quickly and spend more time with your baby.

Suommo Dodo Bassinet Gold edition feeding bottle

Price: $2,72,000
Suommo Dodo Bassinet Gold edition feeding bottle
Suonmo is a luxury goods brand. It is the most luxurious brand for babies. They literally took luxury to the next level. They created this masterpiece Dodo Bassinet Gold Edition feeding bottle that costs $2,72,000.
To make this feeding bottle, the inspiration was taken from a Russian Doll. This feeding bottle is the ultimate stage of luxury. It is the showstopper nonetheless. It is more about rose golds, white golds, and diamonds rather than a feeding bottle.
This incredible baby bottle comes in 5 different sizes. Parents can slightly customize these bottles according to their wishes.
Frequently Asked Questions:

➤ Why are baby bottles so expensive?

Baby bottles are available at multiple prices. The expensive ones are actually about the brands. Some bottles do the same job but are expensive in price just because of the brand.

➤ Which is the best baby bottle?

All parents want nothing but the best for their baby. In that case, understanding your baby’s preferences and choosing the right bottle for your baby is necessary.
Now, I am providing you the best affordable feeding bottle for your baby-
Dr. Brown’s feeding bottle
Price: $25.00
Dr. Brown’s feeding bottle
These baby bottles are wonderful. This one is the most recommended and affordable baby bottle which solves all your issues. They come in different colors and a pack of 5/3 bottles. You can even buy them separately.
This feeding bottle provides a standard bottle shape and nipples. Not to mention these bottles come with the two most amazing and important key features- 1) the bottle has anti-colic capabilities and 2) BPA free. These are the most important features to notice before introducing your child to a plastic feeder.
It comes in 6 parts including an internal special tubed venting system which helps to prevent air bubbles that produce gas. You have to wash each part separately and very carefully.
The bottle in both ounces and cc/ml units of measurement so that you don’t have to struggle with the units.

➤ What is the average cost of baby bottles?

The cost actually depends on various things. Usually, the cost depends on the bottle’s material and quality. Not to mention it also depends on the brand of the bottle too. But the average cost of each baby bottle is nearly around $ 1-6. But if you are going to buy a pack of 3 or 5 bottles then it will cost you a little more.

➤ What is the best baby bottle warmer?

Most parents think that baby bottle warmers are of no use, and they don’t serve any good. But in the middle of the night, if you want to warm milk for your baby, you necessarily don’t have to run towards your microwave or stove. Because microwaves are never recommended for warming up milk for a baby as it causes hotspot which is dangerous for the baby.
So in that case, a baby bottle warmer might be useful to you. Baby bottle warmers are the easiest and fastest way to warm up liquids for your baby. It provides you the perfect temperature, which doesn’t overheat the liquids.
So now, I’m introducing you to the best baby bottle warmer-
Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer
Price: $39.99
Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer
This is the most popular, fastest, and affordable baby bottle warmer. It is a safe and easy way to make your baby’s mealtime more comfortable. It has a beautiful compact size that helps to easily store it in a kitchen, or you can also keep it on your bed table.
This super simple baby warmer evenly heats milk for your baby. The Power consumption is about 300W, it heats 4 ounces of milk in 3 minutes smoothly without overheating it. It also has a gentle defrost function.

That’s all for today. I hope you find this article knowledgeable.

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