15 Most Expensive/Priced YOYOs in the World (With Pictures)

Do you know that ancient people used to use Yo-Yo as a weapon for hunting purposes? Although many physicists have already dismissed the claim, people still believe the rumor.
Yo-yo String Hyper Hyper Cluster Flash Fenrir MB-2 S3 string loop D
Whenever we talk about YO-YOs, our childhood memories peep through our minds. Most of us played with it in our childhood. Despite having no proof, it is claimed that Yo-Yo is the second oldest plaything in the world. A proof of playing Yo-Yo is found in a picture that is said to be produced in 440 BC.
A conventional Yo-Yo is easily affordable to anyone as it has a low price. However, the Yo-Yos made for professional purposes, are especially cost higher than we think.
Let’s not waste time and find out which are the most expensive Yo-Yos in the world and why they are so costly.

Duncan Magnetude Yoyo

Value: 130 USD
Duncan Magnetude Yoyo 
The least expensive Yo-Yo on our list is the Magnetude Yo-Yo made by Duncan. This 5A yoyo is a Screaming Eagle series successor, released in 2013. Zachary Lytle, aka the Magneto, designed this awesome 5A Yo-Yo that took the game to another level, as you can get not one but two counterweights that are magnetized. Cool!!! Isn’t it?
You will get two versions of this Yo-Yo – red and blue, each has their respective polarized counterweights. The Magnetude includes a small A-bearing and a small-bearing SG Stickers. It allows the player a smooth and unresponsive performance.
The particular name Magnetude actually comes from two words- Magnet and Magnitude that justifies the feature. You will have to spend 130 bucks to own this beautiful piece.

YoYoFactory Dogma Yo-Yo

Value: 136 USD
YoYoFactory Dogma Yo-Yo 
In the fourteenth position, we have the Dogma Yo-Yo of the Yo-Yo Factory. This Yo-Yo is the signature Yo-Yo of Igor Galiev, the three times Russian National Championship winner. It has wonderful graphics with a combination of black and silver colors.
Kentaro of Turning Point designed this Yo-Yo that is made in the USA. It has a center track bearing that will raise the Dogma to the top fast. The body is made of bead-blasted anodized metal that allows a great performance on stage and further gives a very beautiful outlook.
The signature Yo-Yo of Igor Galiev is available at the cost of 136 USD. The price can vary from dealer to dealer.

One Drop Format C Yoyo

Value: 139 USD
One Drop Format C Yoyo 
The unique name stands for its feature. Format C is a command that erases the software of a computer to reprogram from the ground. The toy is made from pro-level metals. ‘C also’ stands for competition as it shines in competitive games.
The Yo-Yo is a lightweight toy of just 65.15 grams and is 43 mm wide with its Pyramatte finishing. The large One Drop 8 Ball Bearing gives a 4.45 mm gap that is made of stainless steel and ensures very low friction.
One Drop made this Yo-Yo for non-responsive competitions; as a result, it will not raise after you have thrown a sleeper with it and tugged, and you will have to bind it to turn it back.
It is claimed by One Drop that this toy has been beta-tested more than other Yo-Yos. Besides, the manufacturing architecture is perfected by the Machinist Shawn. This Yo-Yo is available for anyone willing to spend 139 USD.

YoyoJam Phenom Alexis JV Special Ed Yoyo

Value: 142 USD
YoyoJam Phenom Alexis JV Special Ed Yoyo
This Yo-Yo is designed by Hiroyuki Suzuki, three times world champion. You are bound to be attracted by this toy for its beautiful aluminum body, including a highly dense nickel ring core.
You will get the best possible speed and be comfortable with its excellent balanced core. As a result, you will experience less friction while playing the horizontal spin axis with the non-responding Yo-YoJam Phenom.
Its unique sharp and precision-cut shape allows more room for several traversing skills with the string. But to do all these, you will have to learn how to bind effectively.
This 39.8 mm-wide toy weighs 59 grams, and its diameter is 56.2 mm. To claim this beautiful toy, you will have to lose 142 USD from your pocket. Trust me, this is the best of the best.

YoYoJam Next Level Yoyo

Value: 144 USD
YoYoJam Next Level Yoyo
This Yo-Yo is another version of the YoYoJam with a very heavy rim. The lime green and green acid wash anodized finish is very stylish, as it has an awesome diamond texture finish. This finish is awaiting patent.
This Yo-Yo is also an unresponsive toy, but due to its build, the designer gave it a literally next level capacity in binding games. Moreover, it is given an angular shape that makes it the perfect choice for string tricks and also freestyle games.
Along with its bronze weight rings, this toy weighs 67 grams. It is 42.25 mm wide, and the diameter is 55.5mm. The Yo-Yo priced at $144 bucks.

Edolas- Ryuichi Nakamura’s Signature Bi-Metal YoYo

Value: 145 USD
Edolas- Ryuichi Nakamura’s Signature Bi-Metal YoYo
The next Yo-Yo is the beautiful bi-metal Yo-Yo that is the signature Yo-Yo of Ryuichi Nakamura, an eminent pro-Yo-Yo gamer famous for quick focus in high-speed play. This Yo-Yo is also a non-responding type toy.
Edolas is manufactured by C3yoyodesign and has lightweight material and a heavy rim bearing. The designer ensured a powerful performance that is influenced by Atomic Crash and Krown St models.
The 4.75 mm rim is made from stainless steel that is made strong and thick so that it gives a powerful and stable spinning. It has a diameter of 2.2 inches and is 1.76 inches wide. The V-shaped toy has 63.84 grams of weight. You can afford this beautiful toy at 145 dollars and can choose from different colors.

Duncan PANDAMONIUM Jumbo Butterfly Shape Offstring Yoyo

Value: 147 USD
Duncan PANDAMONIUM Jumbo Butterfly Shape Offstring Yoyo
This Yo-Yo is special for being the earliest Yo-Yo, made from the pom plastic. This fantastic toy is a signature item of Sean Perez, an eminent pro. It’s a ‘Flying Panda’ model Yo-Yo. It includes many amazing features that attract passionate Yo-Yo players.
The body is designed resembling the conventional metal Yo-Yos, but is given enhanced durability and more powerful and longer spin time than the premium metal Yo-Yos. The toy weighs 110 grams and is 60 mm wide. Its 78 mm diameter gives it a butterfly-like structure, so it is called the butterfly jumbo Yo-Yo.
Duncan made this Yo-Yo playable for all ages but recommended it to be given to children over 6 years olds. It has a price range that varies from 140$ to 147$, depending on the quality and sellers.

The ProYo Cold Fusion GT

Value 150 USD
Duncan PANDAMONIUM Jumbo Butterfly Shape Offstring Yoyo
In the seventh position, I got the legendary Cold FusionYoyo, also called ProYo, made by Promaxx. The shape is similar to the Turbo Bumble Bee GT Yo-Yo, a butterfly looking model.
This toy was released in 1998. At that time, it was one of the most popular Yo-Yo and was sold for 150 bucks. It was available in different colors, but the combination of yellow and black was the most popular one.
This concave-shaped Yo-Yo weighs 64.5 grams and is made of Anodized Aluminium. The diameter is 57 mm while having a 29 mm width. The A size central bearing is 3.5 mm thick that gives an awesome reflex.
In the 99s Annual World ProYo Championship, this lasted for an excellent 10 minutes and 18 seconds long that made the world record for the longest-lasting trans axle sleepers at that time. But the recent record is 30 minutes and 28.30 seconds.

Throw Revolution Gladius Yoyo

Value: 157 USD
Throw Revolution Gladius Yoyo
In this position, I introduce you to a high-level competitive performance Yo-Yo called the Gladius by Throw Revolution. The specialty is in the materials used to make this jumbo. 7075-grade Aluminium is used that is denser and stronger than usual 6061 Aluminium.
This high-speed toy is also very fast as that of Marcus Koh. It is equipped with a stainless steel ring. This advanced unresponsive type of Yo-Yo can be mastered by the thrower if they can do the binding.
This beautiful black toy weighs 65.7 grams. Its diameter is 57.10 mm, and the width is 43.75 mm. The large size C-curved bearing is 4.2mm that allows you to do virtually any trick. With this beauty, you are only limited by your own imagination. You will get the desired speed and power you need from this yoyo.

CLYW Igloo Yoyo by Caribou Lodge

Value: 165 USD
CLYW Igloo Yoyo by Caribou Lodge
This bold Yo-Yo is a bi metal Yo-Yo that is the first signature Yo-Yo of Michael Kurti by Caribou Lodges. It is the classic flavored CLYW Yo-Yo, an igloo type yoyo that is designed by the user Michael Kurti himself with the collaboration of Chris Mikulin.
This igloo is made for high performance and longer spin. By distributing the weights with two different metals, the toy was capable of supporting Kurti’s innovative and complicated tricks and combinations. You will find comfort in handling the V-shaped toy. Moreover, it is soft and amazingly fast that allows you to handle long horizontal tricks and difficult speed combos.
The unresponsive type Yo-Yo has Concave Large C bearing that has 4.40 mm thickness in the gap. This 56.50 mm caliber toy is 44 mm wide.
If you want this Yo-Yo, you will have to spend 164.99 dollars. You can choose from various graphics which are available for this igloo.

Throw Revolution Vertex Yoyo

Value: 179 USD
Throw Revolution Vertex Yoyo
The fifth costliest yoyo in our list is the Vertex by Throw Revolution founded by the 2011 1A world champion Marcus Koh. The Vertex is designed to specialize in the innovative tricks and spins developed by Koh that includes development in the materials and architecture, and most importantly, the balanced distribution. Horizontal throwing is also kept in mind while developing this toy.
As it is an unresponsive segment yoyo, you have to master binding to do tricks with this beautiful yoyo. As the Vertex is an advanced level yoyo, the throw will be very powerful and fast, and you will feel that the efforts given to improve this toy are flowing into you.
The 56.02 mm caliber yoyo weighs 65.4 grams. The width is 42.54 mm. Its Aluminum body has a stainless steel rim with a C size bearing that has an M4 x 8mm axle. You can do 1A, 3A, and even 5A tricks with this non-responding toy that will cost you 179 bucks.

Duncan Cold Fusion Yoyo

Value: 250 USD
Duncan Cold Fusion Yoyo
In no. 4, we have got another cold fusion, but this time it’s produced by Duncan. After they took over the Playmaxx, they inherited the cold fusion and modified it, which raised the price of the original one to 250 $.
It has an Aluminum body that weighs 60 grams. Its diameter is 57mm and has a Size A Duncan bearing. The Brake Pad Technology that was famous in the 1999s is perfected with this amazing toy. Its width is 29mm and is found in different color combinations. This Yoyo is another Proyo on this list.

Yo-yo String Hyper Hyper Cluster Flash Fenrir MB-2 S3 string loop D

Value: 318 USD
Yo-yo String Hyper Hyper Cluster Flash Fenrir MB-2 S3 string loop D
Our third most expensive Yo-Yo is different from all the previous ones considering look and type. This toy is for beginners and intermediate Yo-Yo throwers.
This MB-2 S3 string loop D model is a disk-shaped toy. The components of the toy come in separate parts that have to be assembled. So, whenever you feel like changing things or clean, you can adjust the parts manually and can get your desired performance. Cool!!! Isn’t it?
It is designed as a String On String type response system of the YoYoFactory. This Bandai special has a Size A bearing, and the body is made of plastic. The graphic is very cool looking that has the theme of the legendary wolf from Norse mythology on the semi-translucent neon yellow background.
The overall weight is around 51.6 grams, excluding the string. The 40.44mm wide body has a diameter of 61.06mm. You will have to spend 318 bucks to own this beautiful toy.

Duncan Freehand Mg Yoyo

Value: 450 USD
Duncan Freehand Mg Yoyo
The term MG implies that this beautiful toy is made of Magnesium (Mg) (99-99.50%). To make it stable, some other elements are used that are not more than 0.5-1% of the total build. This amazing toy is delivered disassembled in a deluxe box made of wood, and the gamer can assemble according to his comfort. The package is equipped with a counterweight made of silver.
This freehand toy was released in 2013, holding the costliest Yo-Yo in the world at that time. It is a special release type concave Yo-Yo with powder coating.
Shinobu Konmoto, aka S-Kon, is the designer of this very beautiful Yo-Yo with the collaboration of Takahiko Hasegawa.
Its original bearing is a size A Ceramic. Another edition known as Barebones has the size A KonKave bearing. Its response system is friction stickers, aka response pads. This 36mm wide Yo-Yo has a diameter of 60mm and weighs 66 grams.
You have to spend 450 bucks to get this toy that you can choose from various colors with awesome graphics.

Original Pedro Flores Yoyo

Value: 896 USD
Original Pedro Flores Yoyo
Well, we have reached the most expensive Yo-Yo in the world. The world’s costliest Yo-Yo is made by Pedro Flores who is known to be the first Yo-Yo maker in the USA. He is the pioneer of the Yo-Yo industry to make it international.
If you are a collector of Yo-Yo, then this Yo-Yo is the perfect showpiece in your bingo desk, as this toy stands for the earliest tale of playing Yo-Yo in the United States. The original Pedro Flores Yo-Yo, also known as the Big “F” Flores Yo-Yo, is a wooden Yo-Yo made from just a piece of wood. On the body, there is an ink stamped seal written Flores Yo-Yo.
Mainly cotton string was used in the earliest Flores Yo-Yos. But later, some were given silk strings that offer better performance. The original Flores are extremely rare and are considered antique. So if you own one of them, you are holding the US history of Yo-Yo.

A glimpse of Top 15 Most Expensive YOYOs List With Price

1 Original Pedro Flores Yoyo UDS896
2 Duncan Freehand Mg Yoyo USD450
3 Yo-yo String Hyper Hyper Cluster Flash Fenrir MB-2 S3 string loop D USD318
4 Duncan Cold Fusion Yoyo USD250
5 Throw Revolution Vertex Yoyo USD179
6 CLYW Igloo Yoyo by Caribou Lodge USD165
7 Throw Revolution Gladius Yoyo USD157
8 The ProYo Cold Fusion GT USD150
9 Duncan PANDAMONIUM Jumbo Butterfly Shape Offstring Yoyo USD147
10 Edolas- Ryuichi Nakamura’s Signature Bi-Metal YoYo USD145
11 YoYoJam Next Level Yoyo USD144
12 YoyoJam Phenom Alexis JV Special Ed Yoyo USD142
13 One Drop Format C Yoyo USD139
14 YoYoFactory Dogma Yo-Yo USD136
15 Duncan Magnetude Yoyo USD130

So, these are some of the world’s premium Yo-Yos ever. Trust me, their values are truly worth it. I tried my best to provide the most authentic information. However, in the future costlier Yo-Yos might be produced. Until then, enjoy my list of the most expensive Yo-Yos in the world.
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