10 Most Expensive Keyboards In The World (With Pictures)


Datamancer Custom keyboard

Sometimes we spend much time on knowing the best & most expensive things in the world. And when it is about searching the most expensive technological things like a keyboard then it becomes more difficult for ones to find out the correct details.

Anyone who is reading this article I am sure that you are going to buy or want to have knowledge about the most expensive keyboard in the world.

Guys you don’t need to be worried as I have done a detective work on getting every detail of most expensive keyboard in the world.

Are you in hurry …?? If you don’t have much time on reading the whole article, then it’s ok my friend you can directly go to the end of this article because at the end I have made a list of the 10 most expensive keyboard with price from where you can easily find out your wanted one.

But my suggestion towards you is that please take a little time and read the whole article as you will be benefited.

Anyways my friends going to share my research work, so till the end please keep patience & stay with me. Let’s start..

10. Kirameki Pure Gold keyboard

Here is my first one, just have a look at the name of the keyboard which is reflecting its outlook.

Yeah, this keyboard has been made with 100% pure gold. Whenever you will use it you have the feeling golden touch because all the keys panel of this keyboard is made of gold which will gives you such thinking that you are having the gold into your finger. Seriously it is just an awesome feeling that you have ever felt.

This awesome pure gold keyboard is made by the Wazakura Studious that is presented in Japan.

Details :

  • Laminated with 100% pure gold.
  • Presence of 86 key that is function fully.
  • Presence of adjustable base
  • The connector cable has three options that are left, right centre options.
  • The size of this keyboard –(W-31,D-12.7,H-2.2 ) cm.
  • Weight approximately 480g.

Opps I have forgotten to share one important thing that is this awesome keyboard is made as assign of gold-leaf tradition which imaged the mastery of the designer.

         Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard

        Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard

Price: The price of this beautiful keyboard is $360


Is it too much..?? But I have more which are able to cut more balance from your pocket. Stay with me friends…


9. Comfort keyboard

Yeah, you are thinking right, like the name the keyboard is very much comfortable to users. Just look at the picture you can also have the idea from its stylish outlook. Let’s go to its details..

Details :

  •  Can be divided into three sections.
  • Presence a very much outstanding system the “rest period indicator” (a reminder that tells user to take rest when it is necessary )
  • This keyboard can be adjusted as the user’s needs.
  • Increases typing speed and reduce tiredness.
  • The keyboard gives the users the chance to use it from any angle, means it is designed in such a way that both left-handed & right-handed feels the same comforts.
  • It has 105 key panel that shows outstanding programme system
  •  Consists One or two USB ports.
  • Weight 7lb.
  • Consists of 3 levels of key pressure.

It’s amazing..!! Isn’t it..??

Actually, if  I want to give the full details about this keyboard I am sure that I have to write another article only with this topic.

Comfort keyboard

Comfort keyboard

Price: The price of this amazing keyboard is only $360

       Go for it my friend, I am sure you won’t regret it.


8. Professional II Datahand keyboard

Here is another wonderful keyboard which will give such feeling that you are using something different but not a keyboard. This awesome keyboard created by Dale J retter & manufactured by Industrial Innovations. Without saying much let”s directly go to its features.


  • Presence of an easily adjustable system that is very much comfortable to the users to set down it anywhere.
  • Have two separate keyboards for each hand.
  • Consists of 4 different typing methods.
  • Each finger is connected to five keys system that is up, down, left, right and inward system.
  • Reduce tiredness & gives one relaxation.
  • Lessens the workout of fingers.
  • Weight around 4.5 pounds.

Professional II Datahand keyboard

Professional datahand keyboard

Price : The price of this different keyboard is $675

Do you know this keyboard attracts people mostly for its different stylish look…!!!  

7. Maltron Executive keyboards

Now another keyboard came to give you a shock. This beautiful keyboard is invented by Lilian Melt and made by Stephen Hobday. This is also designed differently for lessening the work stress of people.

Details : 

  • The ingredients with which it has been made are just awesome. These are perspex, stainless steels which are pure.
  • The keytops are made by the polycarbonate.
  • Adjustable at any situation.
  • Sometimes this keyboard is said to be stronger than others.
  • Comfortable to type, no tiresome while working with this.

An awesome choice for those people who tend to wok all day long.

Maltron Executive keyboards

Maltron Executive keyboards

Price: The price of this amazing keyboard is $920

6. Datamancer Custom keyboard

Have you ever seen any typewriter machine of previous time..?? This datamancer custom  keyboard is specially made on the basis of holding the tradition of a typewriter. The simple details are given below:


Details : 

  • Consists of an amazing LED light.
  • Presence of brass frame.
  • Also consists of chrome keys which increases its outer looking.
  • Consists of USB ports which when plugged work nicely both Mac and PC.
  • An inspiration for holding the memory of the old things

Are you liking it..?? Okay then, be ready for cutting a high amount from your pocket. This keyboard takes its place on the list of the most expensive one for its different stylish looks.

Datamancer Custom keyboard

Datamancer Custom keyboard

Price: Not much ..this amazing thing only cost you $1200- $1500


5. Fingerworks Keyboard Touchstream

Obviously you have already understood how this keyboard will work. Yeah, my friend this keyboard works on touch where you don’t need to keep extra mouse. Okay, let’s go to its details..


  • Presence of no force keys which reduce hands joint strain.
  • Here also present multitouch keys function.
  • Consists of two-handed posture
  • The mouse functioned with 3 buttons.
  • Lessens work pressure of finger while typing.

Anyways not telling much about it because this awesome keyboard is no more produced by the company for some internal reasons. But maybe in future, it will be started again to produce to meet up the demand.

Fingerworks Keyboard Touchstream

Fingerworks Keyboard Touchstream

Price: It was priced around $1500


4. 2000-IS-DT

Hey my friend, do you want something strong under your fingertips which much long-lasting..??

Well, if the answer is yes then  I have this to share with you. This awesome keyboard is so much stronger than for sure you can fight with it. Okay then let’s go to its details..

Details :

  • The stainless steel has been used to produce this amazing keyboard.
  • It also consists of optical isolated barriers which makes it different from others.
  • It is suitable for all the surrounding situations, it doesn’t matter either the weather is dusty, dry or anything else.
  • It consists of a temperature ranging system that is from -40C to 90C.
  • Presence of three HULA pointing devices.
  • Also the presence of Panel mount, Bulkhead connectors.

So are you thinking that it should be the most expensive keyboard after reading its details..?? My friend, stay with me you are going to have more awesome keyboard details.



Price: this awesome keyboard will cost you $2200

3. Optimus Maximus

This amazing keyboard planned by the Art Lebedev Studio. Well, it has no complex thing which is out of understanding. So the details are also simple.

Details : 

  • This one also consists of LED light.
  • It is made of the plastic body where the presence of polymeric keys.
  • Consist of a special two USB port.
  • Here a light sensor present which is able to adjust the brightness as persons need.
  • The keyboard software will let you control the settings of any image.
  • There present special keys system on the left side where one will find out different button to go to a different social platform.
  • It has its personal 32 MB storage system.

This one is actually a great product which features are able to catch the people.

Optimus Maximus

Optimus Maximus

Price: The price of this special keyboard is $2400

2. Optimus Popularis keyboard

This one is another wonderful creation of Art. Lebedev Studio. This one also liked by people for its awesome look. Yeah it has different look from others. Let’s not talk much, going directly to its details.


  • This keyboard is made of plastic & aluminium.
  • Consists of LCD display.
  • On the superior part of the keyboard there present a space which shows a different range of usage of different significant facts which present on the middle portion of the numerical keys and functional keys.
  • Here every key can be used for any functional work.
  • It is designed in such a way that it is able to deal with the different languages for which it is able to work on different function related to any country.
  • The awesome thing is that one can use it even in the dark because the keys have the lighting system.
  •  Very much easier to complete the complex work for which liked by all kinds of people.

Anyways all these information is enough to attract the people. This keyboard is actually a good one.

Optimus Popularis keyboard

Optimus Popularis keyboard

Price: This different beautiful keyboard priced only $2554


1.Happy Hacking Keyboard HP Japan

Well, we are now on the last one with the world most expensive keyboard. This keyboard has taken its place in the first position on the list of most expensive one for its speciality. This keyboard is suitable for people of every sector. After reading its details  I am sure that you will be amused to learn about it.


  • It has been manufactured by the PFU which is present in Japan.
  • The special thing is that the Urushi Lacquer has been used to coat the keys by hand.
  • To coat the keys here also used a particular brush which has been collected from the hairs of Virgo and then it pulverized with dust of gold.
  • Here the keys panel shortened into 60 keys.
  • Comfortable for typing.
  • Consists of DIP switches which can be used to perform much work.

All these are just a few details about it. If I want to give the full details about it I have to write another article on it. But I think these details are quite enough to amused one.

Happy Hacking Keyboard HP Japan

Happy Hacking Keyboard HP Japan

Price: This most expensive amazing keyboard will charge you $4440


Well… now we are in the last part of this article. 

So guys… How are feeling knowing about the most expensive keyboard in the world…!! I know its a great feeling when you came to know something about which you were looking for.

I know all these are very much expensive for which its quite hard to reach them for most of the people.

But My friends we all know that nothing is impossible in this wonderful world, so there is no harm of thinking that in future maybe you will also be a buyer of the MOST EXPENSIVE KEYBOARD IN THE WORLD.


Wait wait…!!! Please don’t go as I want to share something different interesting FAQ to you…So if you want you can join me…


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