10 Most Expensive Computer Mouse (With Pictures)

Buying the most expensive thing in the world is not a simple thing & when it is about buying simple or smaller things like a mouse one needs guts to spend huge money to buy it.

Some people think that one can’t put a price on happiness. But still, there are few people who are spending a massive amount of money only on their hobby & fashion. You will be surprised to know that people spend billions, even buying mouses. In this aspect, different types of expensive mouses have been made.

Don’t worry, my friends, you need not make any hard effort to find out the most expensive & fashionable ones. Here, you will find a list of mouses which are definitely going to cost you a fortune. Why? Because they are the costliest ones that are available in the world.

I know most people can’t afford it because the price is out of reach. But still what’s the harm in checking them out. Who knows, in the future, you will be able to grab them? So let’s get started…

10. Crocodile Skin Gold Mouse Ferrari

We can assume from the name of this mouse that how the mouse will look like. Just have a look at the name that is reflecting its luxurious style & also the elements with which it is made.

Yeah, my friend, you are thinking right, this mouse is covered entirely with the crocodile skin. Not only this, the mouse is made with 18 carats of gold & also equipped with the blue diamonds. All these materials make it so expensive.

Price: The price of this mouse is $17,258!!!

Crocodile Skin Gold Mouse Ferrari

Crocodile Skin Gold Mouse Ferrari

Got surprised…?? You are thinking this is too much for a small tiny mouse! Well..!!! You haven’t seen anything yet. There are coming more, which will surely give you a shock.

9.MJ Python Leather Mouse

This mouse is manufactured by the MJ studios. From the name of this mouse here, we can also have the idea of what elements it is made of. This beautiful mouse is made of authentic python leather, which encloses the whole mouse. This idea of using pure python leather makes it so expensive & special one. Sometimes people gave it more consideration than the previous one for its exclusive style.

The mouse equipped with a roller ball & this rollerball is locked. It is placed between two pure golden plates. All of this makes it so expensive & exclusive one.

The packing style of this mouse also very much eye-catching because the box in which it is packed is fur sable.

Price: The price of this attractive mouse is $17,850

Most expensive MJ Python Leather Mouse

Picture: Python leather mouse by MJ

Seriously!! This price is also nothing in front of the others which are coming further…

8. Gigabyte Bling-Bling GM-M7800S Wireless Mouse

This is another wonderful mouse in the world. The Swarovski TM Crystal was used to make it & also used the subtle leather. When the crystal sparks, it gives one the most luxurious sentiment. The leather stitching style also provides the mouse with an impressive look.

To make it more exclusive, the maker of this beauty used 18K (the version is brown). This gold is placed in the center and as well as in the side also.

In this exclusive mouse, the ‘GIGABYTE exact laser tracking system’ is present. It has a 2.4G Hz wireless connection on which you can count on. One will feel so comfortable to use it because the mouse is much genial to users.

It also has the DPI system & anyone can set the DPI system only by touching the DPI setting button. The low power indicator system turns on when it diagnoses low battery condition. At that time, the mouse will blink for a few seconds & then it shuts off. This mouse also has a tiny or ultra-portable nano receiver, which gives one the travelling feelings with a notebook. For this wireless system, one can use it on different devices.

In short, one will be amused when he or she will use this beautiful mouse.

Price: The price of this exclusive mouse is $18,510

Most expensive Gigabyte Bling-Bling GM-M7800S Wireless Mouse

Picture: Gigabyte bling-bling GM-M7800S wireless mouse


7. Gold Metal Sun Mouse

This one is another excellent mouse. This also another edition of MJ studio. The version is MJ777.

This mouse is round-shaped. It has a pure gold body. For using pure gold, it always shines. The shiny, stylish look of the mouse attracts anyone & convinces one to want to own it. The one who has the desire to spend a high amount on being fashionable, he or she can buy it. It is quite sure he won’t be disappointed.

Price: The price of this beautiful, attractive shiny mouse is $19720

Most expensive Gold Metal Sun Mouse

Picture: Gold Metal Sun Mouse

Don’t get bored, okay…!!

I have more to share with you. So please have the patience for a few times more…

6. Logitech Air 3D Laser Mouse

The 3d laser mouse is one of the best mouses that have ever been designed. This baby is suitable for PC and as well as for Mac.

This one is manufactured by Logitech. This Logitech air 3D laser mouse is wholly confined in a case that is made of pure shiny gold. There are more things which make it so special one, yeah it has a micro flash drive & also a diamond ring. The one who will buy is sure to be pleased with it.

For all these features, this mouse makes its own place in the list of the world’s most expensive ones.

Price: The price of this beautiful mouse is $24180

Most expensive Logitech Air 3D Laser Mouse

Picture: Logitech Air 3D Laser Mouse

5. White Gold Covered USB Mouse

 From the name of this mouse, we can easily have an idea of its exclusiveness. This mouse consists of 18 karats white gold. Not only this, but it also consists of 59 diamonds that are used for covering the mouse. The cutting style of the diamond which is used in this beauty is truly worth to be appreciated.

Thanks to Rhodonisation, it gets its distinctive color. The gold is mixed with palladium bass.

There are two types found of this brand. In one type, the diamonds set down in a scattered manner & in the other one, all the diamonds sets in the shape of a flower.

Though it is beautiful & attractive enough, it can be more specialized by using more elements of a diamond.

Price: The price of this eye-catching mouse is $26730

Most expensive White Gold Covered USB Mouse

Picture: USB White Gold Covered Mouse

This is not the end, my friend. Yet I have more to make you stunned …..!!!


4. MJ Blue Sapphire Mouse

 Here comes another beautiful & expensive mouse in the world. This awesome mouse is manufactured by the MJ Studious. This mouse is inlaid with the blue sapphires & also it is confined with a gold frame.

As this is an expensive one, it has minimal stock. When one will buy it, he or she will be amused even to see the box of it because the box in which it is packed out is made of black gold. On a whole, the box with the mouse reflects its real beauty & luxurious style.

Price: The price of this awesome mouse is $27,940

Most expensive MJ Blue Sapphire Mouse

Picture: Mj Blue Sapphire Mouse

3. Black Diamond Logitech Mouse

Description: I think I don’t need to say much about it. One may easily have the idea of its exceptionally from its name & winsome look.

Sooth to say, it has made its own place in the list of most expensive one by its shiny look & materials which used to make it.

The mouse is fully covered with pure black diamonds. The mouse has laser function & can be used on both PC and MAC. This one also, of course, will be in the list of the first choice who has a fascination with keeping precious stone as well as on smart technology. It is so much striking that whenever it is placed on a desk, it totally enhances the beauty of that desk.

Price: Well, the cost of this striking mouse is $31840

most expensive Black Diamond Logitech Mouse

Picture: Black Diamond Logitech Mouse


2. MJ Luxury VIP Mouse

 This one is another awesome creation by MJ studio. This fascinating mouse is inlaid with the diamonds on the superior part fully. The diamond also used on both flanks of the mouse & here the expensive white strass of Austrian.

Like other exclusive one, the mouse has a laser system. As it is wireless, one feels ease to use it & like the normal one it has two push-button in the middle present scrolling wheel.

No doubt it is also the most expensive one that only a few people can afford it. Indeed the price is too high that out of thinking.

Price: The cost of this exclusive one is $34840

most expensive MJ Luxury VIP Mouse


Picture: MJ Luxury VIP Mouse

1. The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse

Here comes the most expensive mouse in the world that you have ever dreamed of.

Yeah, this one is the most expensive one for its wow shape. The shape of this mouse is a brick-like. Whenever you will hold the mouse, you will feel that you are holding a gold bar as the mouse is confined with the 18 karats pure gold.

The working system of this mouse is very praiseworthy. It has three buttons & a scrolling wheel by which it follows its instructions like other normal mice. As it is wireless one feels comfortable to use. It can be used on PC as well as on MAC also.

The attractive shape & shiny eye-catching looking makes so expensive & exclusive one in the world. Obviously it will be the first choice of ones who actually wants to be the most fashionable one on the whole on a technological base.

Price: The price of this wonderful mouse at $36835

most expensive The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse

Picture: The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse.


So, we are on the end part now. I tried my best to address these world’s most exclusive and expensive mouses with you. However, my efforts are nothing in front of all these awesome mouses because when I learned about them, it was a gratifying experience for me.

If you really can afford to buy, I will suggest you choose one from this list. I’m quite sure that you won’t regret it.

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